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  1. Thanks all, I will continue to keep up on it's mechanical needs and lucky for me it was a garage kept car most of it's life so rust is limited to the bottom door seams. Stopped or slowed it down with a good sanding and POR15.
  2. Greetings all, I have not posted in some time. Have been lurking but things have been fine Taurus wise. My question is very general. Have had the 95 wagon for 3 years 2 months and have it up to 145364 miles. That's about 56K in my hands. The transmission was redone when purchased and its been just normal maintenance so far. What is the expected lifespan for the Vulcan V6? Just curious. It still averages 22-24 MPG on the highway loaded up with gear and dogs on the weekend trips to the shore. I love this car. One more question, I was given the opportunity to purchase an 05 wa
  3. Greetings! I have not posted since 6/9/14! At that time the wagon had 90K on it. We are now at 111560. New tires were needed so picked up some old Windstar rims on CL. Running General Altimax RT43 205/60/16, pleased with the tires. Did not want to go much over stock size so these worked out well. Had the hood repainted/cleared since the clear coat was all but gone and I can say I am pleased with the service this car has given. It goes to the beach every weekend loaded with us and dogs and does not miss a beat! Oh and for those kind enough to help with the dreaded ping. It is now go
  4. Thank you all, I am going to borrow a timing light from a friend and give it a go. I did it years ago on my Bug and on my Olds so should be able to figure this out. Chart, I will have your info for back up. Will keep you all posted. Again, thank you.
  5. Ok guys, I feel like I am in the twilight zone. I can do a lot of things to my car but do not have a timing light etc. Walked over to the Sunoco to ask how much and they told me it can not be done. Some BS that made me zone out and not hear a word he said after that. Then walked over to the tune up joint on the other corner who I would never use but figured I would ask. Can not be done. Needs heads redone. Am I living in rip off land? Can anyone direct me to the link on here or another link with proper step by step instructions? Thank you, Chuck
  6. 95 GL wagon, 3.0. Since putting the wagon back in service it has pinged like no tomorrow. It would ping even while you were at a steady speed on level ground. So did the following. Full tune up, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, also did the fule filter and PCV just because I had no idea when they changed. Also have run 3 tanks of high octane Sunoco and the pinging is not as bad but still there. Now it does it mostly just under load or if I am running the a/c. From what I have read you can not set the timing on these correct? If that is the case I am open to all input on how to get this beast to
  7. Ok, looked at all the lists and all the types of wheels and to say I am confused is an understatement. Will these work on a 95 wagon? As always, Thx!
  8. Thank you all, I am going to do a full tune up on it soon. Already did the 93octane and it has lessened the pinging, and have done belts, hoses, flushed cooling system, brake system, going to do the PS system as the fluid is very dirty. Will keep you all posted on my progress. Again, thank you!
  9. Greetings all, I have been a lurker for a bit but now that I have the car back its time to get busy! Quick update, purchased at 95 GL wagon, 3.0 Vulcan, 90k original miles. All was well for the first 1k miles, then the trans went, not surprised are any of you? Got that taken care of as the car was purchased for a very low sum and I figure I am still ahead. For the moment. Car does show some dings and dents but the guts are perfect but for the headliner. I am getting about 26mpg on the highway loaded up with dogs and passenger so I guess that's good? One thing that I did notice, it is pin
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