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  1. I replaced the fuse last weekend and started it several times over the weekend. My son drove it back to his house the next morning, about an hours drive. The next morning, it wouldn't crank and the the fuse was blown again. It blew a few more times after that also, but after driving short distances. Maybe, this will make it a little easier to pinpoint the problem. He left it with the mechanic that replaced the starter in April.
  2. After thinking about this, in your opinion, what would be the most likely cause for the fuse blowing? I'll keep some in the car now in case it happens again. When I had the starter replaced in April, the mechanic said that the old one was shorted. The car acted the same. It was driven during the day and parked until 10pm. When attempting to crank it, the lights came on and the starter wouldn't engage. It makes me wonder if the mechanic may have replaced the starter, then the fuse afterwards. I guess I'll know if the fuse blows again. Again, thanks for your input.
  3. The fuse 21 was blown. I replaced it and the car cranks. I really appreciate your help.
  4. As you stated above, the theft light comes on for a few seconds, then goes out when switch is on. The car will crank when the mechanic connects his starter button to the solenoid and battery. He tested the neutral switch with something, I don't know what. I know he said that the readout would show each gear shifter position as it was moved. Because of that, he thought the neutral switch was ok. I'm going to send this info to him and see if he may be able to go further with it. Thanks for your help.
  5. About 6 weeks ago, my 2005 Sable wouldn't crank. The dashlights and headlights worked, but the starter wouldn't engage. I had it towed to a mechanic who diagnosed a bad starter. That seemed to correct the issue until last week when after driving the car and parking it for a few minutes, it wouldn't crank again. I'm in another town so I had it towed it to another shop thinking the new starter may be bad. The mechanic can engage the starter and crank it with a button that connects to the solenoid and battery. The ignition won't energize the starter relay. He says the neutral safety switch is good and thinks that the theft deterrent system is the problem. I have three keys, two are OE keys and one is after market. I've used all three previously with no problems. None of them work now. The theft light comes on when the ignition is turned to crank, but goes out after a few seconds. This mechanic doesn't have whatever is needed to program or diagnose the theft deterrent system. He has checked for broken wires in the steering columns. I just wondered if anyone has any ideas about how to troubleshoot further. Thanks in advance.
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