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  1. Well, I joined this forum because my daughter bought a Taurus, I only lurked and read maintenane/repair stuff. I am sad to say I won't need it anymore. Praise my Daughter and 19 mo. grandson survived with just bruises. She was struck in the side after not seeing a aproaching car on a 55mph road and pulled out. The frame started to rip at the rear wheel and the fuel line severed at the filter and the pump tripped off. the restraints did there job, no side impacts installed and front clip was fine so no activationof airbags. Grandson was strapped in car seat, rear center seat facing forward. If she decides on another, what years are compatible parts wise from this car? it is a 2002 and it is sitting at my property
  2. I was not ready to post a link until now, but here is a link to the Taurus I am looking at for my daughter. Good tip on the pan and the trans shudder. One of CVN members said you guys would help , Thanks any more comments are welcome http://www.chicagomotors.info/2385/2000-Ford-Taurus-SE
  3. if the trany fluid hasn't been changed is it too late to start? I am not going to know how it was serviced but it was in a fleet gov/railroad admin cars.
  4. Hello, new here and to taurus, I currently have owned my first ford for a year now, its a 07 CVPI. I am considering a 2000 taurus with either 76 or 95 thousand miles. Both cars have been regulary maintained and look from the pictures really good. If I continue to maintain it is 200,000 miles a crazy thought?? they do have the 3.0 vulcan engine. One final thought does anyone have a small" dirty laundry" check list directly for a 00 taurus that I should look for?
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