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  1. wendorms

    Sable Duratec Chime Sound from Engine

    Way to stick with it, Khemykal! Now you can enjoy your Sable like I do my ‘04 Taurus which is one of the very best Fords I have ever owned.
  2. wendorms

    Sable Duratec Chime Sound from Engine

    Does your new belt have as many ribbs as the old one? I’m just guessing at the possible cause. Here’s another; Is your power steering pump reservoir full?
  3. wendorms

    Sable Duratec Chime Sound from Engine

    Then the noise is from either the new clutch or the belt. Hopefully it is the belt which is easily replaced by whomever installed it. It could be one rib off and is rubbing against something. Do you smell rubber burning?
  4. wendorms

    Sable Duratec Chime Sound from Engine

    Did it make that noise before the belt was changed?
  5. wendorms

    Issues with HIGH RPM

    Absolutely. My '04 takes a $50 PCV that is wired to the ECU, but it really made a big difference.
  6. wendorms

    Issues with HIGH RPM

    Thanks for that info but a vac leak can cause high idle problems the same as in carbureted cars. Yes, his ICV might be gummed up.
  7. wendorms

    Issues with HIGH RPM

    You have a vacuum leak on your intake manifold. There is a round valve on it close to the firewall which you can seal with silicone sealer as a temporary fix. The permanent repair is to replace the O-Ring that is in the valve which has failed.
  8. wendorms

    Bad idle

    That sounds like the same problem that I had with my '04 Taurus which was a heat destroyed O-Ring on it's intake manifold runner control (IMRC) valve. It's a bit of a pain in the back to get the valve out but it is doable. The O-Ring is nothing special and can be bought anywhere where O-Rings are sold.
  9. "I can't see addressing the transmission shift issues being of benefit now versus after it fails." I would have an honest (if u can find one!) trans guy take a look at it immediately. Your bull could leave you stranded for something as simple as a band adjustment and fluid/filter change!
  10. "Is there a way to install a recirculating heater on the vulcan block rather than a block heater?" I wud look in Amazon or ebay for something like that. J.C. Whitney is another good source.
  11. "the ugliest rad cap" Get a new Motorcraft or Stant cap and make sure it is rated at 16 psi or higher.
  12. The sqeeking that you are hearing are probably your dry/worn out front sway bar bushings. Lift the car's front wheels off the ground then give those 2 bushings a thorough soaking of silicone spray. At best it will stop the squeeking for a long time, and you probably know the alternative.
  13. wendorms

    Cabin Heater Improvement?

    Eric, on really cold mornings (this is really old school here!) put a piece of cardboard in front of the radiator....just remember to remove it when the day warms up! If we lived where it is really cold, you would want to leave it there all winter.
  14. Hey Shirley, do you have an induction timing light? If so, you can check for spark by clamping the sensor onto one of the spark plug wires and watching it to see if it flashes as you crank the motor around, then you can be assured that the problem is not in it's ignition but is in it's fuel delivery system.
  15. wendorms

    No Forward Gear, Very Little Reverse.

    1. Did you look to see if your trans dipstick is all the way pushed IN when you check the fluid level? I found out the hard way that my 2004 Taurus' trans fluid dipstick can be pushed back into it's tube incorrectly, getting caught on the tube about an inch short of being seated correctly.....your problem sounds like it is low on fluid. 2. Are you checking the fluid level with the engine and trans up to operating temperature and in PARK? Let me know...