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  1. That count does include door tweeters, so two tweeters, two front door, two back door, two subs. We were able to buy a ford sync kit on ebay for 60 dollars run the kit and power it off the accessory. We then had to purchase a configured junkyard sync module. Plugged it all in and it all worked. We did have to make sure they connectors were right with an 09 otherwise the kit would not fit the module. But once that was done it all worked. But that is without nav. I would imagine it could still work even if you had nav.
  2. I'm sorry google actually says 190 Watts for Audiophile for the sable. The Milan has 170 watts with Audiophile. http://www.wingedmessenger.net/Brochures/08sable.pdf
  3. you could add in sync, anthony and I put in sync in his 08 milan. it may be different with a nav headunit though... the intake silencer pops out and can be thrown back in without any permanent change to the setup. well, at least that was the case for the mkz but the sable, i'd imagine, is the same. here is how mine sounded without the silencer
  4. You car has the 3.5 out of the MKZ, that 263 HP is so nice. Take out the intake silencer and enjoy! Also the Audiophile has 170 watts set the DSP to driver and you will love the way it sounds. Don't remove that NAV you will regret it!
  5. OK We're up to 2 folks who have removed me from Facebook, do I hear 3?

    1. DLC360


      LMAO Oh come now Devin, just trying to make Dave feel better, knowing more would drop him if they could. LMAO.

    2. daveromanjr


      Its therapeutic, actually

    3. DLC360


      LMAO... we all need therapy from time to time.

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  6. Anybody else wanna remove me from their facebook?

    1. Sean T.

      Sean T.

      Oooh!!! I can do that? How?

    2. Rusty
    3. Spridget


      Delete Facebook. Life is so much easier.

  7. December COTM Voting is now open! Vote today!!

  8. December COTM Voting is now open! Vote today!!

  9. That's weird, everytime I see you driving the Taurus I hear THIS: And that kinda looks like you, too....just taller
  10. No, sorry, we must be 250% serious at all times, Anthony. Rusty seemed pretty upset by it, too! Fial.
  11. Quality vs quantity, my friends.

  12. Quantity vs quality, my friends.

  13. lol! Hate to sound rude but uhhuh! haha I kid I kid, I like that mazda though... Nick : Think of it this way - you've not had a monthly car payment for the life of the SEL, right? Think of the repairs and upkeep that you're facing versus the cost you would've paid on another car during that time. My Fusion doesn't need any repairs but I'm paying each month for that. Six to one, half dozen to the other. From what I'm seeing the issues you're facing aren't enough to warrant the car being scrapped in any way shape or form and with the piddly amount that car is worth versus the money you've put into it I say keep it unless the damn thing blows up. At this point keep it running nicely, fix anything that's wrong but don't go overboard with making it ride better or firmer unless you're willing to see the money get eaten up if something should happen that would cause the car to be scrapped just due to the age and mileage. Thats a nickle's worth of free advice, I know, but that SEL is a dang nice car and money-wise I truly think it would be a better move to keep it.... unless the SHO seats rip at which point the car should be left for dead ... haha jk
  14. Only the first half of the 96's had that, unfortunately. I've seen a couple 96's in the yards that did have the light up "flying M" but the wiring was still there for it.
  15. Very sad, troubling news to hear. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
  16. Gentz and his girlfriend live upstairs in our apartment building (which is just a big house). We, primarily they as i helped but they did the majority of it, had the best decorations in town and that's not just my self-centeredness talking. We actually had folks stop by to do trick or treating here first to get pictures of their kids with our decorations. Each each carved pumpkins, I took the easy design it seems even though I liked him best. I didn't get many shots of the pumpkins themselves but here is the decoration setup:
  17. I see, its a snowball effect. I don't know why but when I was reading your post I was taking it to mean the removal of the wiper prohibited the rear window from opening which is an entirely different kind of flying, altogether (Its an entirely different kind of flying). Ever since we had our little AMC Concorde wagon way back in the early 80's I've always wanted a rear wiper! I understand the want for a clean-cut look though! PS For those of you who haven't seen Airplane:
  18. I must be having a senior moment. Honest question : why can't you open the glass if you remove the wiper? Its been long time since I have seen a gen 3/4 wagon up close so im drawing a blank.
  19. Happy birthday .... I guess? Maybe? Yeah, happy birthday!!! Wait, did you get me anything from Bennigans? If not I take it back lol
  20. Best movie ever! Clark Griswold for president!
  21. daveromanjr

    Spirit Day

    Doesn't the gif look good? I can't see it its covered up Oh but mmm it smells good, right? I don't smell anything Oh but its easy to pour the gif out *spills everywhere* .... *changes channel*
  22. daveromanjr

    Spirit Day

    Fixed this for ya: Only purple stuff I have is from my old company who's color was Purple... I hope that'll do. No child should go through that...ever.
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