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  1. I love the Gen 1's, the best example of them is a 90 or 91 Sable. The cleaned up exterior refresh in 89 really made it look great (and finally lit the entire light bar) plus the 90/91 interior gave it a more elegant look. I remember that when the FWD Continental came out in 1988 it immediately got an updated interior in 1989 (or maybe just dash and steering wheel?) which I thought was weird to do so quickly after being introduced.
  2. If you have that "little black dome" you very well may have Auto Lamp. If so you would just need to swap in a headlight switch that has an "Auto" setting (one click to the left of auto) and it'd be plug-and-play if so equipped.
  3. Holy hubcap, what the hell happened to that passenger rear hubcap? Sheesh!
  4. That was the color of my 1990 Sable. Oddly enough in the brochure it says that color (Something like Rosemist or Rosewood?) is only available on LS models. But I swear I've seen more GS's with that color than LS's. Obviously I'm too classy for GS so, yes, mine was an LS. Hey, most of you hate me here anyway so why not have fun with it?
  5. I've been able to get remarkable mileage out my mom's 2013 Escape with the 2.0 Ecoboost. Don't know about the rest of you all but yeah.
  6. Whoops, looks like I spoke too soon. Here are more shots of the damage to the Milan.
  7. Ah yes, the good old days where his car was whole. HEY...wait a minute. That picture is from my Fusion. "But Dave... your car doesn't have a backup camera!" you're probably saying. Well, IT DOES NOW. That is, on the left, a combination camera/license plate LED that Anthony and I put in. While he did 99.9% of the work, I did, at one point, provide beverages during the install. This had been a topic of discussion for a while and it turned out looking almost stock. The camera is wired for power to the reverse lights and the screen is, well you see where the screen is. Pretty slick. I added the warning to make it official looking: I'm glad they're fixing Anthony's car because we spent WAY too much time installing Sync in it. Even though so many folks online have claimed it isn't possible, we added Sync to it. See: He also added smoked corner lights, too: And so did I: Go ahead, make fun of us, I understand... but our cars look good together so shut up. Granted, however, the Milan almost goes with anything (minus a Tahoe/Suburban on its ass but that's neither here nor there): That's Michelle's Sonata (his fiance) and also making a sneak peak is the almighty Taurus which, thanks to Sean T, works again. And kinda thanks to me but mainly Sean. Yeah. Sometimes the Sonata doesn't like to deal with her pesky American counterparts and sits alone. But usually the cars are all pretty much a close knit group. For example: And just to continue down memory lane here is a time when both the Taurus and my uncle's truck were both still daily driver's (well, not for the Taurus but yeah) We also know how to decorate for Halloween at our building: WAIT A MINUTE, HOLD THE PHONE. What's this? Oh yeah, Anthony and Michelle got a Sorento. Here it is taking a s**t ton of corn stalks and bales of hay. Here it is just chilling in their garage, ready to pounce on the garbage can apparently: Speaking of SUV's, my mom finally ditched our old 2003 Taurus and got a 2013 Escape. But it is not just an Escape...noooo, it is an Escape Titanium. Anybody need to parallel park? Cause I can show ya how with the auto park. The Escape, which my mom named "Dolly" because the paperwork said the trim level was "Tit Wagon" (Dolly....Parton) only likes to play with the Fusion... or the Sorento, but that's IT: Don't believe me about the Tit Wagon? These 2 are not the only SUV's in the family, too. There's also Anthony's mom's Envoy: And there's also more Ford products. Michelle's sister has a downright acceptable Focus: And, of course, my Aunt's 03 Sable: So there you go. Happy holidays, Merry Christmas, etc etc etc.
  8. So this happened: Anthony had to do an emergency stop, a Subhoe (suburban/tahoe) slammed into him. Never being a good photographer, he didn't get a good pic of the back bumper on the driver side flapping in the wind and the C-pillar on the passenger side being shoved forward. It is currently getting repaired and, as of this publication looks a little like THIS: It is pretty dang close to the point where they would declare it a total loss. Currently Anthony has a nice, used 200 as a loaner. Why a 200? Because his original loaner car, a new Malibu didn't have heat or a working inside passenger door handle. What a picky bastard, he wouldn't drive around in sub-zero temperatures in a car simply because it didn't have heat. Guess that's typical of a new GM with <30k on the clock. While this is going on, my aunt and uncle who live upstairs got into a fender bender during a bad ice storm we had here. His truck also was close to being totaled out, but it is being fixed currently. He has a nice new Altima as a rental. CVT's are so weird, though: Speaking of loaners, between Anthony and I we've had 3 Edge's in the past 2 years. Don't believe me? Aww what the hell, I'll give a nice review of everything that's been going on while I'm at it, see the next post:
  9. http://cgi.ebay.com/...#ht_1130wt_1165 I love how every picture is of another Taurus. And is that trunk a gen 4? And since when are two wiper blades $84? And it is a 1999/2000 model? Huh?
  10. Sean I could've swore this was a video of you just trying to park your car...
  11. One of the best looking gen 4's on here! Glad to see my shifter mod still being done years later!
  12. Keep an eye on Millerstown - they usually have older models there but every once in a while a newer one pops up.
  13. Matt - Akron Pull-A-Part is showing a 2004 Sable on their lot, I bet that'd do the trick.
  14. A fine example of a gen 3 - such a shame considering it had a moon roof and everything.
  15. Oh god the new Focus' auto tranny just does not feel right at all to me. They really dropped the ball with that, no offense to your Focus at all but sheesh!
  16. when the Windstar was introduced for the 1995 model year it came solely with the 3.8 Essex with the same hp rating as the Taurus/Sable. The following year the 3.8 was updated and the horsepower got bumped up to 200, thus qualifying it as the most powerful minivan on the market at the time. That version of the Essex was used up through 2003 and, if I remember correctly the 4.2 used in the Freestar was an enlarged version of the Essex. In 1996 the Vulcan became the base engine in the Windstar. If you stepped up from the new "Base" (that was the name of the trim level - no badging on the tailgate other than Windstar. the spot that would say GL or LX was left blank thus showing the world you couldn't even afford a second emblem) up into the GL then the 3.8 became standard. In 1998 when the model was slightly updated before the 1999 redesign it came with the model badging of "3.0L" on the tailgate. We had a 1995 with the Essex and did not have a problem with it until the tranny started to slip around 120k. That being said, the 1995 model was covered under that "secret" warranty Ford had through 100k for the head gaskets. The 1996's with the updated version were not. I bet Ford went with a different design and/or manufacturer for the gaskets but that's just my guess. We also had a 2000 Windstar (and, at the same time I had my Sable then my Taurus - it was a nice looking driveway) that we got I think around 90k on ... then it got brought in for the recall about the axle rusting in half. Sure as s**t ours was almost completed rusted through. Ford bought it back from us and my mom took my dad's 2003 Taurus. The 1995 was my mom's, the 2000 was my dad's. When the 1995 had to go she did NOT like anything out there (she didn't like the Freestar) so my dad got a car and she took the 2000. They were solid vans and were honestly fun to drive!
  17. Sable rims on a 4.5 Taurus like that came on fleet queens, I do not believe those were typically available on retail 4.5's. So if you see one with those rims you know it has done its duty in the trenches of rental car warfare.
  18. This is why you should never let Ed drive your car, it'll end up like this after he's done... haha jk
  19. There's some on eBay now and then, give that a shot. Just keep an eye on curbs, they'll kill ya! There's a huge one down the back alley from my building, I once saw a newish Accord lose its front bumper when the guy jumped it. The whole bumper just ripped right off somehow. I also smacked my tire off it in my old car once and had a nice big bubble in the sidewall. Now we all take that turn nice and wiiiiiiiiiiiiide.
  20. My aunt and uncle had a first year Quest, it was one of the few (if any) minivans I can remember that had those god-awful motorozied seatbelts. I think the following year a driver's side airbag was standard so the motorized belts went away. Comfortable ride, but I'd rather have the ever-elusive Nautica Villager (oh la la!)
  21. FYI 2008s and up have tire pressure sensors and the Car is calibrated to the wheel size. It does not make sense to go down two inches, this will make the speedo and everything else off unless you get tires big enough to offset the difference in wheel size. Plus you will have to pay more money to retrain the pressure sensors on new wheels or buy more and have them put on. You may be able to find some nice 500/Motengo/Freestyle/etc rims, too, for pretty cheap. Just doesn't make sense. I think you should go Oops and if you find a replacement rim fine and if not go oh well. Its only a car... ya know?
  22. The Mercury Villager and Nissan Quest were the same vehicle for the first two generations. The Quest got that cluster, a Ford 1.5 DIN radio and various other Ford items. They were some of the most car-like minivans to drive, it is a shame they really never caught on.
  23. Yes for Sync. That was the same with his Milan. The radio might do one of two things if you get the kit. It might just work or possibly it might need programmed to work because it is nav. But his radio just worked when you pressed the phone button once the sync kit was hooked up. Other than a separate control for voice commands it works perfect. But non nav could be different but we aren't sure.
  24. I bet that's it.... You should put those speakers back in, unless your replacements have tweeters built in. I bet your sound is a little more muffled now.
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