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  1. Here are a couple of shots that I've got so far... I have a lot more on my camera but I want to wait until I get back to my apartment to go through them all. Sean and Paul checking out my front camera Zack's Grand Marquis reflecting off my Edge Nick's back lawn as of about an hour ago
  2. Nick I really thought you would've taken better care with this weather. You have guests coming, after all.
  3. Just spoke to Nick, I'll be down there Friday early afternoon through Monday. Haven't been to a meet in years and am looking forward to it!
  4. I know others online with an Edge Sport like mine with the 2.7 have tunes putting out well over 400 hp already. They really haul.
  5. Just worth noting that the Centennial tails are OEM ford ones, not aftermarket ones.
  6. Allow me to assist: http://jalopnik.com/2017-lincoln-mkz-this-is-it-1743298643
  7. My new kitty litter just arrived.

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Hope it's the odor absorbent kind of litter.

  8. Mmm a wrecked former rental with a drivers front wheel that isn't exactly fixed? WHAT A DEAL
  9. I had mine shipped across the country and it wasn't too too pricey. I had looked nearby and it was hard to find so to me it was worth the cost to ship it.
  10. Holy crap, now that's a damn good deal there. Imagine if the guy selling the R-title white Taurus was selling it - he'd probably ask $55k for it (not including the cost of the pictures of the car at random spots across the US for his ad)
  11. Please note that this $25,000 price is FIRM!! Lord knows it's an amazing deal for an R-title Taurus SEL. Cooled seats? Nah no thanks. Navigation? Not for me! Sony audio? WHO NEEDS IT Sunroof? Nah Tauruses never had those. "On turns and over rough surface there is a noise from the undersides which is due sightly curved exhaust pipe touching the anti sway bar" How luxurious! $25,000? SOLD
  12. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/5269963248.html "EVERYTHING BUT THE KITCHEN SINK" Yup, that's your stereotypical SEL. Screw those Limiteds!!! Somebody really spent some time mastering (and I really mean MASTERING) photoshop on this nice, plain-jane white SEL. Kudos for spending 3 minutes in MS Paint to the seller.
  13. I like that the Taurus is a gen 2... except for it gets rammed into the water. Then suddenly it's a gen 1.
  14. Still doing it, my antivirus just flipped out over a link to this page.
  15. It is still happening. I've tried google links (sent via google hangouts) on several machines with several different people and each time they first click on the link it goes to adult friend finder. Then after that it works fine. I don't want any crap saying "oh what are YOU looking at on your machine! lolololol"... it's a serious issue that doesn't seem to be going away. Today proved it with multiple people encountering it.
  16. Are you sure that isn't a 2015 Fusion? Ford only offered AWD on Titaniums. Starting with 2015 it is now available on SE's.
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