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  1. I totally forgot about Powdered Sugar. We have to go back and get that same waitress.
  2. I think it all depends on who has the nicest pair of driving gloves
  3. Give me your manager's phone number, I'll handle it.
  4. Nobody, sorry I was referring to Gentz who's real name is Ezekiel but goes by "Anthony".
  5. Unfortunately I won't be able to make it this year. Haven't been feeling good since last week, at first the doctor said it was a viral infection but now it's pneumonia. I'm on meds and am finally starting to feel better but I won't be back up to snuff until well after the meet is over. I know the main point of the meet was for everybody to hang out with me but please don't cancel it on my account.
  6. Nah, Sean deserves it for making Nick put up with him for another 400 week stay.
  7. Nothing says you have stay a month again.... poor nick!
  8. I've been helping my aunt who is our town's tax collector. Last night our building's elevator broke and curiously the stairwell is locked. I found that out after climbing up 4 flights and I couldn't get in. So we did the logical thing and backed my Town Car up to the door and collected from the car last night. One nice older Russian guy said "Wow this car is very presidential... VERY presidential." He knows class when he sees it, what can I say?
  9. 3 car washes in and my Edge still has pollen all over it.  This madness will never end #DeepSouth

    1. TaurusKev


      I'll take pollen over road salt :P

    2. Bull Geek

      Bull Geek


      If you saw how much pollen was on the TC a week ago...(the blue car) it looked yellow.  it gets bad here.

    3. mmmfloorpie


      There's not even buds on the trees up here year let alone pollen, lol.

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  10. I'm in!!! I will probably still have some pollen left over from the meet two weeks ago too haha
  11. I think Pull-A-Part should get you your own cupcake cake for such a robust announcement, Sean.
  12. Why is this car not for sale? I naturally assumed it was until I saw the sticker.
  13. the link worked for me... it must be Anthony's placebo pill day. Nice shots Sandy!!
  14. I'm back home and after 9 or 10 car washes the pollen is mostly gone. My shoes are still dusty yellow though. I uploaded my pictures - here's a slideshow link. Thanks for a great time this weekend, everyone!!!
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