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  1. See, I thought PA should be split, with Western PA part of the midwest and eastern PA part of the northeast. I'm more inclined to go to Michigan and Ohio then up to the northeast for a meet but thats just me
  2. Great!! If you need anything else let us know.
  3. I see your personal picture in your profile but do not see an avatar picture. Unlike some other boards, it only shows your personal picture in your profile, if you could please double check that the avatar picture is set up properly and let us know
  4. Its very clean other than that rust and hail stuff... but in no way worth what they're asking, sadly. Plus Akron cars are a little.... sketchy
  5. Only good part about Dodge are their trucks . . . . . . . . . and John at my Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep/Poop dealership
  6. daveromanjr


    I know this probably doesn't mean too terribly much but I put a thing in my sig. See : They'll probably get their panties in a twist but I'm fine.
  7. daveromanjr


    I know Gentz LOVES MW2! He's pretty good, you should see his thumbs go crazy on the controller
  8. I know that's a Ford stereo in there... but is that the one that came with the car from the factory? That looks like a newer style CD player.
  9. Its this computer: His car drives great after all the work and randomly threw those same exact codes like 3 or 4 times while we were out and about this afternoon. I vote vacuum leak!
  10. You're very right, Sandy! Later on I was driving his car and he was up front and he visually inspected every nook and cranny of his car while I drove down the street. Multiple times. I think he made need a straight jacket.
  11. God i love that interior color and the "GRAND MARQUIS" appliqué on the dash. I know its stock but its just so classy!
  12. Id say I was representing Pennsylvania but Sandy has that much more under control than any of us could
  13. Oh my good lord you non-stop play with everything. Like a little kid in a candy shop hahaha
  14. Crap, I forgot... you'll need to wire the puddle lamps into the rest of your courtesy lights if the wiring isn't already there stock. But I'm going to bet your car has the wiring there already for the puddle lamps, it just needs a mirror with puddle lamps. So I bet if you plug in the 02's mirrors the puddle lamps would work and you'd have no need to wire anything.
  15. OMG New mirror motors hopefully soon, I can actually drive teh Taurus again!

  16. Yes, those mirrors would be plug-and-play with your car... nice and easy! The heating functionality wiring is already in your car so you can just plug it in. The mirror caps are a pain in the butt to swap around. They're rather fragile to get out ... you need to remove the glass of the mirror (and even the motor if so inclined) and undo the tabs that hold the mirror cap on. Then swap them around and you're good to go. I've done a couple of these and have broken those tabs that hold the caps in place before. Some super glue will take care of that, no worries.
  17. I remember Nick saying that that was an issue w/the color of your Taurus. I've not seen that on other ones, oddly enough. PS: HI SANDY! Ed misses you!
  18. I use my droid a lot for online use when I'm not at work and was very happy to see there is a mobile setup for it. Thank goodness!!
  19. Hi! The motor in my 03's passenger side mirror is beyond repair, so I'm needing a motor from a power mirror from any color, regardless if it has heat or a puddle lamp, from a 2002 and up Taurus or Sable. I'm just going to swap motors around. So if you have a spare mirror that is maybe scratched or damaged, as long as the motor still works then I'll gladly buy it If you have a heated mirror glass, also from a passenger side mirror, even better! Thanks!
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