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  1. 3 car washes in and my Edge still has pollen all over it.  This madness will never end #DeepSouth

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    2. TaurusKev


      I'll take pollen over road salt :P

    3. Bull Geek

      Bull Geek


      If you saw how much pollen was on the TC a week ago...(the blue car) it looked yellow.  it gets bad here.

    4. mmmfloorpie


      There's not even buds on the trees up here year let alone pollen, lol.

  2. My new kitty litter just arrived.

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Hope it's the odor absorbent kind of litter.

  3. OK We're up to 2 folks who have removed me from Facebook, do I hear 3?

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    2. DLC360


      LMAO Oh come now Devin, just trying to make Dave feel better, knowing more would drop him if they could. LMAO.

    3. daveromanjr


      Its therapeutic, actually

    4. DLC360


      LMAO... we all need therapy from time to time.

  4. Anybody else wanna remove me from their facebook?

    1. Sean T.

      Sean T.

      Oooh!!! I can do that? How?

    2. Rusty
    3. Spridget


      Delete Facebook. Life is so much easier.

  5. December COTM Voting is now open! Vote today!!

  6. December COTM Voting is now open! Vote today!!

  7. Quality vs quantity, my friends.

  8. Quantity vs quality, my friends.

  9. Uh oh! Gentz and I will be living in the same Apartment Building (yes, this obviously needed capital letters) at the end of next month!! Dun Dun (again, capitals) dunnn..... how 'bout that!

  10. April COTM Voting is now open! All 3 are awesome submissions, place your vote today!

  11. MMmmm long day of random road tripping. Love it!

  12. OMG New mirror motors hopefully soon, I can actually drive teh Taurus again!

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