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  1. And by the way a huge THANK YOU to Nick (aka Bull Geek aka "Red") for his hospitality. I'm sorry we trashed the floor of your house and I may have left major mud pits when drifting into your lawn at speed during the Exploder's last drive. I'm also a little sorry for taking your ice cream cone out of your hands and eating it myself at dinner Friday. Your southern hospitality is second to none.
  2. Took this picture on Friday. 4 people were there (Nick, Sean, Anthony and myself). 12 cars...all FoMoCo.
  3. It was great seeing everyone and meeting new folks! I hope I wasn't too loud and brash. And Kevin I apologize about your sinuses and iced tea. "You flooring Chris' SHO caused the Roadmaster to throw the Check Engine light" - Sean
  4. *it's The grammar police will be here between 10:00 and 10:30.
  5. You're only coming for a half hour?
  6. good one, sean!!
  7. I totally forgot about Powdered Sugar. We have to go back and get that same waitress.
  8. I think it all depends on who has the nicest pair of driving gloves
  9. Give me your manager's phone number, I'll handle it.
  10. Nobody, sorry I was referring to Gentz who's real name is Ezekiel but goes by "Anthony".
  11. Make. Up. Your. Freaking. Mind.
  12. Anthony's not going
  13. You're a glutton for punishment
  14. Oh boy THERE'S a threat