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  1. I drove the Town Car yesterday. And on Thursday of last week.
  2. I wondering how folks here would take this. Ford is taking an enormous gamble here, I think. They kind of set themselves up for this to happen, in a way - the Focus, Fusion, Fiesta and Taurus (Especially) are long in the tooth. The Fiesta is the basis of the Ecosport, Focus is the Escape, the Taurus is the Explorer. I could see them being able to bring the Mondeo back as the Fusion if there is another enormous demand for a sedan. But just like when they dropped the Panther platform people crapped their pants and yet the sun still rose and set. The Accord is being outsold by the CR-V.
  3. The time had come for the Edge to go since the lease was just about up. Got an '18 MKC with the 2.3 It's not Edge Sport quick but it does the job.
  4. A detuned, early 90's engine vs a modern day V6? Of course the V6 is more powerful.
  5. Congrats on the new-to-you Vibe!! Treat yo'self to some new driving gloves for such a special occasion. It's a shame your dealer wouldn't find you a stick shit one but I've always had a soft spot for those.
  6. And also lest us not forget Sean had them for several years. The last time I checked he was a bonafide resident of Michigan. Now everybody leave me alone I'm going to do a 0 to 60 in my 4 cylinder mustang and will obviously need at least a full week to hit 60. Somebody hand me my driving gloves
  7. Lest us not forget Brian is perfect so obviously it is my fault.
  8. That was ME, not "we". And DON'T DO IT - Sandy was ticked at me so bad for that.
  9. Oh I'm always the real deal it's just you folks who can't handle it.
  10. Much to like 2 people's disappointment I can't make it. My cousin is getting married and I'm a groomsman. The bastard wouldn't reschedule. I asked because The Price is Right Live is in Pittsburgh that weekend. So, in reality, this meet is like #3 on my list of things going on. Sorry!
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