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  1. Well been fighting this oil leak all year, did the valve covers twice, they don't leak, put some dye in the oil and it looked like the oil pump. Fine, except no one sells a gasket. Tried ultra copper permatex, still leaks, actually got worse, (never got hard ) tried permatex gasket maker, supposedly replaces o rings, nope ( this did get hard) but still massive leak and I waited 24+ hours before starting the car. I'm leaking 2 quarts of oil now driving 16 miles to work, getting expensive and down right embarrassing plus the smoke from the catalytic converters. Last week I took the pressure washer to the engine, it was clean as I getting tired of being soaked by oil, at least it was very clean oil. Figured out the O ring is 3" cool, did the routine tonight, still have a leak. Doesn't seem to be as bad. The old O ring was probably still working. Now I'm thinking it may be the timing chain cover because I'm a really good mechanic and I have never had a problem taking anything apart and putting it back together. I've spent the last 4 weekends taking that oil pump off, it is a job on a 3.8. Disconnect battery, remove fan remove alternator and power steering pump, remove AC compressor. Remove lower radiator hose. Remove front engine mount Jack engine up Remove oil pump clean clean clean Ford wanted 500 bucks for a 3 hour job. so glad I did not take it there. Here are some pictures of the oil pump and housing, never mind no way to upload them
  2. stick with what you have been using, high mileage oil is just marketing and some people have told me the high mileage oil tends to lose pressure over time.
  3. [ thanks, I may have to try some of that Purple Royal Oil
  4. you need a new mechanic, JBL weld can be applied smoothly and if sanded no one can see it.
  5. Yes Propane is a great refrigerant and was used until Dupont developed Freon. Ammonia is the best but is only allowed in commercial systems.
  6. 134A has R12 in it. The ONLY reason there was a switch was because the patent expired and DuPont was not going to let anyone infringe on their monopoly.
  7. no, my AC hasn't worked in years. I did take the compressor off today, once the fan is removed 4 10mm bolts and the compressor comes out pretty easily. My oil problem was the oil to water cooler worked loose. I tightened it up but I need to go to Ford and see if they have the gasket for it. As it is now it still leaks but not like it use to.
  8. FYI, it appears that the oil pressure "gauge" in the gauge package beneath the radio on police cars is a fake one (just like every other Ford since the late '80s ), but the switch is a different part number than the regular one. Yep and the morons at the auto store just refuse to give me the correct sending unit. Since I moved I lost the old one so now I have a red light on my dash.
  9. I used the dye today. Found 2 leaks. The first one was easy, the pipe connecting the oil pressure to the sending unit was weeping at the block. Removed it, tightened everything back up and cleaned it, put it back together thinking since it was the highest spot and under pressure it was the leak. Started the car up and after 5 minutes big puddle of clean oil. Can't really see there but I did see a rubber gasket above the oil filter and I'm thinking it is leaking where the oil to water cooler is. (Police car option) So I guess I will be yanking the radiator out, removing the Alternator, Power steering pump (getting really easy now) and take the AC compressor off and see if I can fix it or just remove the stupid cooler. (it seems to be just coolant circulating around the oil pump). Hate to lose the freon but there is no access to the pump assembly with the compressor there. AT least removing the hoses appears to be just 1 bolt holding them on. Looks like it is possible to get the AC compressor off without removing the radiator but I would rather have the extra room. Car looks freaky with a black light on it as the underneath has a weird yellow glow lol
  10. re did the the valve covers today, torqued them at 5 inch pound increments up to 45. Also removed the alternator and the power steering pump, was going to remove the AC compressor but it looks like the radiator needs to come out to take that off. Valve cover gaskets are not leaking but I still have a massive oil leak that looks to be right above the filter. Some part of the oil pump is leaking. Guess I'll remove the oil filter and see if there are any bolts that bolt the housing onto something else. My "manual" is useless and I can't find an exploded view of the oil pump assembly online. If I had a stick of dynamite this car would get blown up right now. I can't afford to buy a quart of oil every 40 miles plus the destruction I'm doing to the environment.
  11. Changed the sending unit. Had to remove the alternator and power steering pump to get to it easily. Old one was good so I put the new one in. It was bad. Guess I'll be doing it again soon.
  12. If you have the real flu I doubt you would be able to type on a computer. From my experience the Flu knocks you down hard. I've had bad colds, food poisoning and the Flu many times in my 51 years. like the other posters have said there are different strains of flu and it mutates. I use to never get them but in 99 I got the flu so bad I thought for sure I was going to die. Had it for 5 days really bad, spewing liquids and air out both ends, fever, shakes and lost 20lbs. It took me 2 weeks to recover. I get the shots, $20 bucks as I never want to go through that again. I read all the story's and it is sad our pharmaceutical companies cut every corner possible but the flu does kill 1,000's every year and I would rather not be one of them.
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