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  1. 20% window tint and light painting photography! Cannot wait to remove that ugly front plate! http://i1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh591/joshschmitt98/_IMG1261_zpsw2ylnqip.jpg Bonus shot: http://i1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh591/joshschmitt98/_IMG1295_zpsf5sakjxm.jpg
  2. Oh I've done something alright. Meet my new ride, a Lightning Blue Metallic 2017 Ford Fusion Sport AWD. 325HP, 380TQ. The car was on the lot for 162 days, so they discounted the price a bunch, and they were able to get me 0% APR! Dad is taking over the remainder of the loan on the Sable (it's not much) and Betty White is becoming my sister's car.
  3. I agree, they were the right people to let it go to, and that was much more important to me than the sale price! I don't think she'll end up tracking it, though as they have the '91+ for that. Considering the car has ZERO rust on it as it was a PNW car it's entire life, It'll probably take a good 10~ years for any salt to devour it's pristine undercarriage, and that's if it was daily driven and parked outside.
  4. It will be garaged next to the owner's husband's 91 SHO+ track car. It'll live on for a long time
  5. Sold Barney Kris & Andy Angermeier are the new owners, the car will be starting life in Sheboygan, Wisconsin in the next few weeks. I'm gonna miss that car....
  6. Drove Betty down to Ocean Shores yesterday morning, spent the night with a friend and his family and then headed back today, about 250 miles round trip. Since the ocean beach is a state highway, I decided that pictures were a must have. Currently coming up on 120,000 miles and chugging along with no issues *knock on fake wood*! Averaged 27MPG the whole trip.
  7. Oil/Filter Change + ATF Change & 115K Miles on the Sable. 6qts of Mobil1 5W-30 "Advanced" Full Synthetic & Motorcraft FL400S Filter and 5qts of Mercon V. Won't have to touch it until 125K
  8. Thanks Jeff! Actually Betty gets noticeably better MPG than say Eleanor. I do a good mix of city and highway driving anymore so it's been hovering around 17-18MPG which is WAY better than Eleanor ever was lol.
  9. I love those chromed out starfish wheels <3
  10. @Fusion Hybrid Ford puts that "Thanks for driving a hybrid" message in every single one of their hybrid vehicles. I can pretty much guarantee you we'll be seeing it on the Mustang and F-150 hybrid's as well.
  11. I love it here! The near-constant rain gets tiring though!
  12. The Sable's new setup. 09-12 Lincoln MKS 18x7.5" Wheels & WIDE 245/50R18 Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S Tires, finished off with 06-11 Mercury Mountaineer Center Caps.
  13. Had my shop replace the A/C Condenser, & Radiator. Bring the car home and it stops blowing cold the next day so I bring it back to them and they find one of the seals is bad. NBD, replace, recharge, test pressure, all is good, but they couldn't get the clutch to kick in. Tested high and low pressure switches and found high pressure switch was bad. Replaced high pressure switch at no charge. A/C is now frigid and no more leaking ATF from the condenser/trans cooler combo unit. En route to my house via mail is 4x tire pressure sensors, 2x MKS wheels, and 2x Mountaineer center caps. If eve
  14. Have obtained a new radiator, new a/c condenser/atf cooler, and a new expansion tank -> radiator hose. Upper and lower radiator hoses are in excellent shape and can be replaced easily at a later date. This is all to fix a minor ATF and coolant leak that I've been maintaining for the last couple weeks. Also scored these for $500. Brand new take-off 2016 Camaro LS/LT 18" Alloys & Goodyear Eagle Sport A/S 245/50R18 100V with an estimated 200 miles on them. I will be reselling the wheels after I dismount the tires, they're valued at around $400. The tires retail online between $206 and
  15. I would be more worried about Matt obtaining an ex rental vehicle than obtaining one with the DCT.
  16. Our '02 SEL is doing the same thing (we have a sunroof but it's not leaking). Cannot find the leak for the life of me. Even Gerry's fix did not solve my problem.
  17. The TSB was for cars built before December 2007, so yours wouldn't have been affected. Dorman was what all was readily available unfortunately.
  18. Replaced the seat cushion heater element. Didn't fix my inop heated seat (common issue as per a TSB for all Gen 5's built before 12/2006) so I've ordered the back rest heater element.
  19. No it wouldn't surprise me LOL. However I tried the Motorcraft part (#YH1769) offered by O'Reilly's and the bolt holes did not line up to reinstall. It's an easy repair if it goes bad though and the part has a lifetime warranty.
  20. Replaced the blend door actuator with a new dorman part today. No more thunk thunk thunk thunk for 45 seconds upon EATC start up!
  21. Made my first payment (about 3 weeks early) on the Sable today. Little over 2.5x my normal monthly payment. Going to keep doing just that to pay it off sooner.
  22. Took a day trip to Portland on Wednesday. Left at 8:00AM and got back at 1:45AM. 6 total drive hours and almost 430 miles round trip, in the pouring rain. She averaged 29.2MPG! Yesterday's weather was actually pretty nice so I cleaned the whole car up inside and out. Turned over 110,000 on the way back up from Portland as well!
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