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  1. The TSB was for cars built before December 2007, so yours wouldn't have been affected. Dorman was what all was readily available unfortunately.
  2. Replaced the seat cushion heater element. Didn't fix my inop heated seat (common issue as per a TSB for all Gen 5's built before 12/2006) so I've ordered the back rest heater element.
  3. No it wouldn't surprise me LOL. However I tried the Motorcraft part (#YH1769) offered by O'Reilly's and the bolt holes did not line up to reinstall. It's an easy repair if it goes bad though and the part has a lifetime warranty.
  4. Replaced the blend door actuator with a new dorman part today. No more thunk thunk thunk thunk for 45 seconds upon EATC start up!
  5. Made my first payment (about 3 weeks early) on the Sable today. Little over 2.5x my normal monthly payment. Going to keep doing just that to pay it off sooner.
  6. Took a day trip to Portland on Wednesday. Left at 8:00AM and got back at 1:45AM. 6 total drive hours and almost 430 miles round trip, in the pouring rain. She averaged 29.2MPG! Yesterday's weather was actually pretty nice so I cleaned the whole car up inside and out. Turned over 110,000 on the way back up from Portland as well!
  7. Damn... Well I did find one from 3dcarbon that has the 3rd brake light in it. But it's well over $300 for just the primed spoiler, so that' a no-go...
  8. Any idea on the part number???
  9. I have the Voga grille in my eBay cart! I was looking on both Amazon and eBay for the FH spoiler but I couldn't find one!!! :'(
  10. Last pics of Betty White without window tint! Goes back to Fugate Ford tomorrow for 35% all around and they're giving me a loaner car for the day! I've put almost 1100 miles on it in 2 weeks and have never been happier!
  11. Thanks! Didn't trade anything just bought it, eventually the Grey 03 V8 is going to be sold because I can't keep more than 2 cars at the house and Barney isn't going anywhere. Very happy to be in a Gen 5! Jeff, that is Betty White! Family friend owns that dealer and gave me a fantastic deal on it. It belonged to one of my father's mutual friend's mother and they traded it in on a new Fusion. The seat belt still smells of perfume haha.
  12. Brought "Betty White" home for the first time <3