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  1. I've had zero issues with the reverse lights. That was a simple on/off circuit. They explained to me that cheap dual intensities sometimes have an issue switching between the intensities. That's why they work properly with the headlights off, because then it was a simple on/off. But once the headlights/taillights were on, they couldn't switch over to the brighter intensity. Oh well. Lesson learned.
  2. I gave superbrightleds.com a call today and they confirmed what I had been thinking. My LEDs weren't blinking properly when the headlights were on due to cheap bulbs. I ordered the originals off eBay. Ordered a new set today. Kinda spendy, but they assured me they would work. We'll see when they come.
  3. Glad you're alright, first and foremost. But it did sound exciting.
  4. Ah. I see. So does that mean if you hear the sound early, you could replace the synchronizer before it goes? Or is it already too late?
  5. What would a chirping noise signify in a Vulcan? I'm lost....
  6. Go The **** to Sleep: http://youtu.be/7sOA_U3-HOs
  7. Thats why I couldn't bring myself to let my factory Alt go! It's still in my garage! I don't know the validity of the rumors, but I hear a lot of things outlast an Essex...
  8. With everybody I've talked to, it seems almost any ** Alt has issues at low RPM. Just the nature of the beast.
  9. Dad called me this morning asking if I would help him with a project at his house. Finished his project earlier than we thought, so I snuck my sable into his garage to take advantage of his and my mom's tools (They each have their own 6 foot toolbox.) Got my alternator down to the sub frame without disconnecting any wires, or trying to spin and summersault the Alt to actually get it out. Saved me a ton of time. Used my dad's air gun to get the old pulley off. Test fit the new one, and there was a clearance issue that Quality Power warned me might be present. I had to grind that ri
  10. New alternator pulley came today: Custom machined to fit my alternator: 1.9 inches is pretty small when compared to a factory 3 3/16": Hopefully it cools down out here on this coast. 101° when I got off work at 4:00. A Duratec alternator is a hard enough job without sweltering heat trying to bake me from the inside out.
  11. Sorry for the thread jack, Mark! No hard starts, always turns right over. And I put a k&n panel filter in just a few thousand miles ago, and removed the intake silencer. Maybe my car is just a cool headed stud of a Sable
  12. I think I need to clean my intake. Mine warm idles at 650, with only about a 30 RPM fluctuation, monitored over OBD scanner. Everyone else claims 700+.
  13. Out on this coast, we'd definitely call that a Donk.
  14. The box was built with baffles to be a ported box, but I tested it before cutting the ports and decided to do what I always have done. Stuck with a sealed box. Haha its just so versatile. With the huge internal airspace (I estimate ~4cuft) it rumbles hard, but still being sealed it punches tight. Thanks for the kudos! I'll be sure to pass it on to my little brother that built it
  15. Oh and look! Your favorite shipping method! :PB)
  16. Lmfao It's a love/hate relationship. Still beats #Essexlife though, doesn't it? Haha
  17. So after talking a bit with Adio, I got a better understanding of the problem with high output alternators and the lack of charge at idle that has been plaguing me since I installed it. I decided to order an overdrive pulley for my Alt. Factory Alt had 3 3/16" pulley, the currently installed ** has 2 1/2", and I just ordered a 2" (the company calls it that, but they say it's actually 1.9"). I should have it by tomorrow, and hopefully installed this weekend. You all already know why I'm not looking forward to actually doing this project.
  18. If it's possible and easy, would you mind passing some pics of your sound deadener? I applied quite a bit, but am still picking up some rattles. Just curious how you applied it. Funny thing, I was totally commenting to myself that i needed to do thinking about 2 more screws, and that I just needed to do it.
  19. Did you find it challenging to get the sparewell to stop rattling on the outside?
  20. I did very much the same thing, leaving all the factory wiring. Even left the factory RCU in up until a couple months ago when I decided the only way I was ever going to part ways with this car was if it got totaled somehow. Sounds like a pretty nice setup you had though.
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