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  1. What does it actually mean when they say "weld the cams"? What part of the cam has to be welded? What happens if you don't?
  2. Totally had that same convo lined up before we had to part ways...
  3. First v8 SHO I've ever seen in person. A little worse for wear, but he said it had 140000 MI on it. That was about all I got out of him before we had to part ways.
  4. Truest way: pop the hood. Is the alternator on top (vulcan) or bottom (duratec)?
  5. Ok, so it looks like tapatalk has decided to change all accounts to the free version regardless of whether you paid in the past or not. Thanks a lot, Jackholes.
  6. Ha! I just updated tapatalk and the ad seems to have disappeared for now.
  7. I thought so. I paid for tapatalk a few years ago. Perhaps tapatalk changed some things. I'll check it out. Thank you for keeping ad free!
  8. njackson580


    Has anybody else seen this interstate ad popping up? Or am I the only one? It's not invasive, but my favorite part of this forum is the lack of ads. BTW, I only seem to see it in this forum and only when using tapatalk. If I check the forum through my browser, I don't see it.
  9. He'll be out for a while, no doubt, but I don't think his career is over.
  10. I think I might have 2 or 3 bolts leaking myself. I might have to try this.
  11. Haha I only tease you because you're such a good sport... .... About your poopy head gaskets...
  12. Is that safe? Driving the Essex, I mean...
  13. $44?!?! I can't get out of a gas station for less than $60!
  14. I'll keep an eye out. I just noticed you're on the better coast.
  15. What kind of fuel do you prefer to fill your bull up with? I prefer Chevron/Texaco /76, with Shell being second choice. I always fill with 91, it gives me peace of mind. And I avoid Safeway and Costco at all costs, and prefer not to use Arco.
  16. Haha btw, those were from superbrightleds.com
  17. Got my new LEDs in. I was rather suspicious of them since they were clearly smaller than my eBay specials, not only in tower size, but also individual LEDs: But I popped them in, and I'll be damned if they weren't every bit as bright as the eBay specials. I'd show a video, but the truth is there's no obvious difference other than they switch between low and high properly now. And because I know he'll ask, here's the part number, Mark:
  18. Love having such... Experienced... Users on here. Thanks for the info, Chart!
  19. Just an FYI, I've got my old ones with decent bushings still loaded in them. Only downside is I'm all the way out in California, shipping could be spendy...
  20. I understand that. But why would they only do this on fuel injected models?
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