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  1. Is it just me, or does it look like the smaller lines are reversed from each other? Like they should swap sides?
  2. There's a '49 for sale just down the street. Been there a while. Nobody seems to want it. I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. Never seen or heard of one before it, now that one is the second.
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    Is it possible to change usernames without changing accounts?
  4. Over the weekend, I had close to 700 lbs on the passenger side of my car for about a 45 min ride over a two lane, 55mph County Highway. First time I've had that kind of weight since rebuilding all the suspension. I was really impressed with the way the Moog struts held the weight. Poor car though, I could hear the unibody flexing with some of the bumps. Lol but she otherwise held it great. I was happy with the result.
  5. Did the sound change much with the swap?
  6. Anybody know of any other seats that would fit right into a 4th Gen? Maybe escape, or crown vic or something? Just kind of curious.
  7. Did 4th Gen ever have a power passenger seat? It dawned on me recently I don't think I've ever seen one.
  8. What's the curb weight on a '12? If be surprised if it was actually that much more, with so much plastic being used on today's cars.
  9. That is very cool. Sounds like mine, too, with the mpg. Freeway speeds of 60-65mph I get a solid 29mpg. I like to drive at 75mph (it just FEELS better), and I still pull 27mpg every time. Has since the day I bought it 8, almost 9, years ago, with 41297 MI. Now it's got 163,XXX.
  10. I have yet to drop my subframe bolts.
  11. Hey thanks. But I didn't use Ford stuff. I replaced mine with all moog strut assemblies, "Quickstruts" as Monroe likes to call them. Extra coils in the springs for strength. And while it may be possible on a 2nd gen to fit a spring compressor on the strut still attached to the car, it certainly didn't seem to be on my 4th Gen. Thanks for the input though!
  12. Came up on a few unexpected dollars, so today I ordered new window modules. The new modules will allow me to remotely vent or roll down completely all four windows, and have one touch down from my door controls for all four windows. Pretty stoked. Wanted these for a while.
  13. Cool thing about all manual cars is less crap to go wrong. I like power everything a little more, though. Haha
  14. Weird. I've got my back end on my sable converted to LED, and was looking at doing the fronts as well. Hope I don't run into this same issue. I will mention superbrightleds.com though. I called them with an issue I was having regarding my leds, and they were knowledgeable, and very helpful. Maybe they would know why you're having this issue with all LEDs...? If you even care, that is. Sounds like you're fine having two and two.
  15. FWIW: If you put these: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DCULNXS/ref=cm_sw_r_udp_awd_DZt7tb0715VR4 In line with your leds, your factory flasher should work just fine. Or go to autozone and pick up an led compatible flasher.
  16. I have enough mechanical sense to understand that. Interesting.
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