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  1. I choose Ford, every time. From professional background d that has put me in the drivers seat of all 3, to my political stance pointing at the fact that Ford is the only one of the three that survived by their own means without taking Obama's buyout. Ford. Every time.
  2. That doesn't work on my 03. Even though I pulled the DRL relay. Fogs won't come on unless headlights are on. There was a wiring change in 04 to the CANBUS system, wonder if that has something to do with it...? How are you liking the sub with the Mach audio?
  3. Pretty sure he's in SoCal. Weed is near the Oregon border. Not likely to be him.
  4. An oldie, but a goldie: Android VS iPhone:
  5. No. They've been copying everybody else for at least 4 generations of ios that I know of, then tell the sheep that it was brand new, innovative, and what you need. If you can't tell, I'm not an apple fan. On many levels. Design, innovation, legal.... You won't catch apple products in my house.
  6. Check out the note 4. I've currently got the note 2.still runs great, but showing age. Note 4 has got some very nice features. Features apple is trying very hard to compete (read: copy) with.
  7. Hm. Never had that problem on my Android.
  8. With the days getting shorter, I think it's time to look at new headlights. I've cleaned mine, but ultimately they've fogged again and one has been leaning water for a few years now anyways. Anybody have thoughts on brand? Prefer not to have dormont. I notice rockauto has a pretty good deal on TYC with socket and bulb already in place. Thoughts?
  9. I know with my remote start it's a piece of cake. The cable inputs from the back of the antenna. Sorry I didn't think to tell you sooner. Hope it helps. Haha
  10. There's an opening just above the CJB. It's near impossible to find from the engine bay without removing stuff, but if you come from the inside, it's about 3 or 4 in above the CJB and towards the right side of it. Plenty big enough for any wire you're going to put through there. And yes, the LOC is
  11. A town of 10,000? Jeez, I just attended a concert with 10,000 people....
  12. Might just have to keep an eye out. Any idea what years are compatible with 03?
  13. Jealous of the sunroof. One option I really wish mine had. Looks good, man. Are your fog lights aftermarket? I notice they're round.
  14. Trace the wire from that antenna straight to the brain. Could be a lot of names, but some common ones are Viper, clifford, Avitol, Autostart, crimestopper. Can you show a picture of the actual antenna in your car?
  15. Got to find the brain. Could be under the dash. That's where I mounted mine: behind the knee plate under the steering wheel. Even if it's not there, take the knee plate and both top and bottom plastics off the steering column. Check the ignition harness for any wires cut and/or tapped into.
  16. Hey chart, here's that Road Master I told you about. It's a '49, he's asking $4000 for it. I assume it runs because it seems to move about every few days. Just thought it was interesting that I had never seen one until recently, and now I've seen two.
  17. Hey Kev, thought you would appreciate this. Look close...
  18. If just like to point out that my trans pan is stamped with a big "AX4N". Just have to slide under the car for a quick second to see it.
  19. That'll be a nice addition to an otherwise factory system. Should be pretty powerful with the Mach setup.
  20. What series Rockford fosgate is it? And how many watts are you putting to it?
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