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  1. So close! Haha I dug one up from several years ago. I usually reset the trip every fill up, but instead timed it so that this would happen:
  2. Truthfully, you're over thinking it. When you've got it all apart, I promise it'll make sense. And the back seat removal doesn't even require tools. Just two pushes and pulls with your hands. One on each side. And listen to spridget. He's done this once or twice.
  3. Tape the harness about every 8 or 12 inches so it stays in one bundle. Remove kick panels at drivers front and rear door. Once those are out, it will become apparent where it'll fit. Pull the lower part of the back seat out by pushing on each side of the front towards the back of the car and lifting. Once the seat is removed, there should be a gap leading into the trunk, but inside of the trunk carpeted wall. RCU should be mounted on back side of drivers rear fender, behind the carpet wall. Edit: stupid spelling....
  4. That bull wanted to go out.... To pasture. .... Too corny?
  5. No. The loose ends of the harness will butt connect (or solder) to the speaker outs of your new deck, and will be color coded, and the color code is mostly standard across the board. Then, the other end will plug in to the RCU (the box in the trunk) via a pre-wired plug. Hardest part is running the big loom of wire to the trunk.
  6. If that's how you choose to connect it all. Otherwise butt connectors will suffice.
  7. FWIW, when I was testing some things on my 03, I cut the middle (black?) wire from the 3 wire plug. If I grounded the Alt side, it went into limp mode @ 13volt. Wouldn't budge from that voltage no matter what. However, if I grounded the PCM side, there would be no charge no matter what I did. Maybe, if your Alt is wired the same, that wire is grounding out? It was a pretty easy wire to chase in my Duratec. Up the firewall, into a loom, over the block on the passenger side.
  8. Would a manual sho trans bolt up to the 3.2 motor?
  9. Wikipedia says they did. Hm. Might go test drive it anyways.
  10. Local car lot has a second Gen SHO that I wanted to test drive, until I saw it was an automatic... Did they come with autos? Also, I was questioning the fender badges. They looked like my Duratec badges, but thicker, like an SVT contour. Is that right? Car was CLEAN. not a ding in it. Proper wheels, all white. I'll take pics if I go back.
  11. With the days getting shorter, I've been driving more at night. I also felt like the cops are definitely eyeing me with those blue license plate lights. Ultimately, I decided I didn't like them anyways. Ordered up and installed some cool white LEDs. I like them much better. And I don't think the police will care. Win win.
  12. Never seen a bagged 4th Gen sable wagon. Just sayin.
  13. And here's an example of WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?? Yes, that is a C6 Corvette with Lambo doors.
  14. I've got plenty. That's why she still hears about it 2 years later. Haha
  15. Ya know, my wife had my car towed home after she put 16 gallons of gas in it. She said the gas guage wasn't working right. She put $16 in. Not gallons.
  16. Congrats, man! I can't say I'm not a bit jealous.
  17. A little plain, but I can't say it looks bad. It fits your "sport" theme nicely.
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