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  1. Its mercedes, BMW, and BroDozers in my town that will make you want to throat punch someone....
  2. Are you telling me a I can have memory recall seats in my sable?
  3. It wasn't Highway. Here's the story behind it: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/83974286/
  4. Wow, awesome video, and that car is right up my alley. Very cool. Totally dig the tuxedo color scheme. Congrats on getting that thing moving again.
  5. $2?! Wtf? Seems everything is so much more expensive out here. I'll have to check around.
  6. So not so rare. I had heard somewhere that they were, but I must have gotten mixed up from an earlier generation. Might take the deck lid liner at least though. Not sure I can fit the inner piece due to my amps being hung there. Dude said $20.
  7. Stopped by the local JY after work today, and they got in a new bull. It's a 2000. It has the liner on the trunk lid and ceiling of the trunk itself. Are these rare? My 03 Mercury doesn't have them. Should I go back and get them? What are they typically worth?
  8. I got pissed at some stupid. ... well anyways, I punched a dent into mine. Is that hard to change? I'd love to change mine, but was sort of under the impression you had to change the whole wheel due to the airbag.
  9. Guys! The Free Candy van just pulled into my work parking lot!! WHO WANTS CANDY?? That's my pretty lady two cars to the right. ...
  10. Saw this on a job site out in BF nowhere. Liked the wheels. Had a giant ding around the front door though.
  11. If that car were a stripper, she'd have my bank account.
  12. Since changing to white faces/blue lights, the factory green cluster looks so. .......... WEIRD. ...
  13. I took mine off my 03 about a month and a half ago. I noticed right away the extra sound, but really noticed it more recently when climbing mountain roads when torquing uphill. Definitely dig it.
  15. Finally got my door triggers figured out for my alarm. Whoever said the black/orange wire monitors all the doors is quite mistaken. I have no idea wtf that wire does. Had to grab each individual door trigger. Also got my dome light/puddle lamps working properly upon unlock/disarm of my alarm. :-) Also, I hooked up the tach wire due to a charge issue killing the remote start. It's a quick fix to allow my remote start to work, but the charge issue is still there.
  16. I recently did mine, and there was definitely no way to get the ball joint out of the knuckle without removing the knuckle. The press that you can rent from AZ had to go through the strut hole in order to properly push the ball joint out. And for what it's worth, removing the rear bolt from the LCA gave me plenty of room to remove the knuckle. If you put an open end wrench on the front side of that rear bolt and pin it against something, then a series of (18" or more) extensions and a U joint on a socket wrench for the back side, it's actually not too bad.
  17. Awesome. Now to figure out how to see the regulator without removing the alt.... Yes, as soon as I tap the throttle, the voltage increases. 650-675 rpm: 11.7 volts under load. 850 rpm: 12.5-12.8 volts. 1000 rpm: over 13 volts. By the time I hit 1200 rpm, it's 13.5 or more, and any higher rpm, especially while driving, I get 14.3-14.5. I've ran some other tests with charts help, and it seems the alt does work at low idle, it's just being told not to. I cut the PCM control wire and tried grounding both, one at time, sides of the wire. Ground the alt side and it pegs the voltage to 13.0 volts,
  18. Go to Amazon and get a cheap ELM327 obd2 adaptor. I found mine for $11.33. You can get them in bluetooth, WiFi, and USB type connections. Mine is bluetooth, it works nicely as it's wireless, but the range leaves something to be desired if I step out of the car. WiFi may or may not have a better range. Then, go into your play store, and just type obd. You'll find all sorts of apps to run. I personally use Torque pro for my monitoring. There's a free version, but the pro version at about $5 is even nicer.
  19. That's something to consider. Although i ordered the ** alt because I was noticing a similar pattern with the factory alt, which would lead me back to the PCM. Is there any way to tell what year the new alt is?
  20. I've got just about 160,000 on my coil pack. Is that something I should consider replacing? Or is it one of those, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" things?
  21. Good call. My CDO would explode knowing different sides have different parts.
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