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  1. Definetly wheel bearing, I just had mine replaced. Heard the noise took it to the shop had the right side done. Got the car back and it still made noise, you guessed it the left was bad also. Throw in a balljoint, the tie rods and the bill was salty. I need new struts, and all the Bushings made in 1996 have seen there better day and squeak loudly. Without a garage or driveway the car is starting to quarter and dollar me. Thinking of replacing it in less than a year.
  2. Good things take time. Take your time, do it right, and we know you will! Good luck with this excellent project!
  3. Good job on fixing that ac. Now that my car hit 100k plus it seems like one thing after another needs replacing, almost like it was planned that way so I'd go buy a new car. Only one problem there, can't afford 30 grand for one.
  4. What is wrong hmm....everything. It needs complete suspension replacement, new struts, springs, and all bushings, control arm bushings, subframe. Needs waterpump and cooling hoses replaced. Possibly heater core as well. Not sure the state of the radiator, may need replaced also. Car on original alternator, fuel pump, ac compressor. Brakes need to be done, fluid flush is in order, and maybe new calipers and brake hoses. Transmission service is coming due, now that weather is warming up it can be done. I need to get new tires inspection coming up and they are at wear marks. Passenger
  5. Found another candidate! More my price as well. http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale/vehicledetails.xhtml?endYear=2008&zip=19609&photosOnly=true&sellerTypes=b&showcaseListingId=342567202&mmt=%5BFORD%5BTAURUS%5B%5D%5D%5B%5DMERC%5BSABLE%5B%5D%5D%5B%5D%5D&modelCode1=TAURUS&makeCode2=MERC&modelCode2=SABLE&sortBy=derivedpriceASC&showcaseOwnerId=71391&makeCode1=FORD&startYear=2003&maxMileage=100000&searchRadius=100&listingId=340149099&listingIndex=3&Log=0
  6. Good eye! I hadn't noticed that before, my guess rear end collision. Ugh but that should mean a lower price. The emblems can be replaced but how bad was the damage? The search goes on.
  7. Welcome to Pennsylvania! http://www.wfmz.com/news/news-regional-lehighvalley/Mechanics-say-salt-brine-is-causing-brake-lines-to-rust/-/132502/19498116/-/jbsa6y/-/index.html Time to inspect brake lines, replace rotors, pads, and hardware.
  8. Nice looking gen3! I am looking at a gen4 Sable LS to replace my jellybean, just out of budget right now. http://www.montgomeryvillenissan.com/type/used-inventory/2005-Mercury-Sable-LS-4dr-Sdn-LS-Gas-V6-3.0L183-520205856
  9. They are out there if you look hard enough. I was looking at this one myself, nice shape! Body looks straight and interior looks nearly new as well! http://www.automaxxsales.com/newandusedcars.aspx?MakeID=46
  10. What a nice way to accessorize the Vulcan! I have the yellow cap so I will look for yellow wires at tuneup time!
  11. If the bearings have been worn or wearing for thousands of miles, wouldn't the wrist pins on the pistons and cylinder walls be worn also? How any miles can one expect to get From replacing the lower bearings without polishing the crank? I had an 85 Mustang that spun a lower bearing. I sold the car to a mechanic friend and weeks later I saw the car being driven by a young kid. Apparently the mechanic replaced the bearing and sold the car. When I sold it to him he said I could replace the bearing but likely another would soon fail. Since I couldn't afford all of them, polishing the crank a
  12. Typical appliance, not unlike it's sibling, the yaris.
  13. I was reviewing my maint records for the Bull and just realized I haven't changed the fuel filter for 55K miles! Car runs perfectly no hiccups, steady 24 to 26 mpg mixed driving, mostly highway. Guess I have been lucky.

    1. Shade


      she'll prolly run even smoother haha

  14. Wow what a difference, the first guy would probably sell anything to his own mother and convince her she was getting the best deal around!
  15. Either that or the department ordered the super base model cruiser...l.couldnt spring for the optional wheel and tire package. Tirerack here we come.
  16. Car 34, car 34 there is a report of a robbery at 2nd and penn streets. Cop grabs radio and runs out ....car 34 respon.....unable to respond. Lol cop rolls up to the scene in his wife's Prius.
  17. You are right sir....but at least I have my worn out 96 Taurus to get to work in....because racecar! Time flies when your having fun so make it happen as often as you can while you are young!
  18. I wouldn't mind having those chromies but it's a bit too far to drive.
  19. Happy Birthday Sean! You go to bed in your twenties.....and before you know it your in your 40s with two kids, a dog, a cat, and two guinea pigs ( all of which the kids beg and plead and promise to take care of...but guess who does it now...you). I wouldn't have it any other way. Ok now that I shared a little bit much I'll say have a great day and have a drink on me!
  20. mh488

    Hi Everyone

    Wow! That is great news! Congratulations Rusty! I have two daughters, and I can tell you with confidence.. Get ready your life will change forever, for the good of course!
  21. Looks even better cleaned up! I think that is the nicest color for the late model Sable.
  22. Gotta love that garage...3 Taurus and a drum set! Oh and I used headlight lense restorer on my headlights today...have to see those deer way ahead of time!
  23. Find yourself a roadsign, preferably not a stop sign. Then get some tin snips, a drill, and a pop rivet gun. Cut away rust till solid metal, sand it down ......ok just kidding I can't go any further. lol. Looks like its time for a new floor pan.
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