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  1. My kids Jeep Cherokee XJ is about to pass 200k miles. Needs a new tracbar and new front brakes. Still runs great.

    1. blackout


      The few. The Proud. The 200k Jeeps. LOL

    2. mh488


      Looks like our jeep is just getting broken in. http://www.allpar.com/old/high-miles/richey.php

    3. mh488


      Blackout, that was good, my grandfather was a Marine. He had a Jeep Wagoneer, it was one cool Jeep, and he was one great man.

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  2. Honestly, you'd have to be brain damaged to miss the mark by that much. Gtr dunnnn!
  3. I finally watched that celebrity add in its entirety. About half way through I wanted to find the nearest door in my house and slam my head into it many times. I would not buy a celebrity if it was the only car availible. Chevy went for the box, Ford went for the oval. (The gen3 is not appealing to me either, my Grandmother gave me mine)
  4. Yeah I guess it's for reference only. I'd imagine some of the big cities should almost be completely blanketed with icons.
  5. That is the vent so the hamsters underneath can breath easy at wot. :-)
  6. Maybe it is a new website, or you just live in a very fine neighborhood. If its on the Internet it must be good. After all they wouldn't put anything on the Internet that wasn't true!
  7. I'd keep the Fury. They had the indestructible slant 6 225cu, or the 318cu. or the 360cu or 400cu with two or four barrel carb. The police version got the 440cu motor. That pic of the celebrity wagon in the air made me laugh hard for at least a minute or two.
  8. Want to know a general number of crimes in your area? As if you didn't know already. Check out this site..... http://www.crimemapping.com/map.aspx?aid=23ac4b1d-b05b-45a8-a77c-2f32c00216c5 Just hit the pic of the Small US map then zoom in on your area.
  9. Looks like some more police pursuit training is in order. In his defense, YouTube is full of supercar drivers with more money and less skill than this officer. I was surprised to see him actually catch up to the bike, car has power needs more handling. Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPad
  10. I agree sir. Too dangerous to the public but it's fun to consider.
    1. mh488


      IMO the latest design is better than the two previous by a mile. The last gen with all that wide slat chrome plastic grille wasn't good. The model prior with the stupid altezza style tailights and just ugly overall.

    2. TaurusKev


      The previous gen was better looking to me.

    3. mh488


      Understood Kevin, I am looking or my next car and trying to keep it ford or mopar. I do like to buy American even if some of the parts are outsourced.

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  11. I believe you are correct sir, I would love to see a perp shooting at the cops only to find the mini gun on a cobra rise above the next hill in the road and open fire! Chase over.
  12. This guy is the reason the police need a helicopter gunship! Save the taxpayers a bunch of cash and courtroom costs. Oh yeah, damn that Hemi is fast. He tagged another car and he still left the Vic in the dust.
  13. So I asked my cable company a question. Comcast cable aka xfinity, why am I forced to pay for 50 hispanic channels as part of my package? I feel this is wrong as I do not speak Spanish and will never ever view any of these channels. I am actually being discriminated against because I live near the city of reading. Comcast failed to respond, I am considering dropping them.

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    2. mh488


      Lol I bet I can get you to think you one up'd me all day long...playing you like a fiddle Brian.

    3. Brian_05_SEL


      No, not really. Just having a laugh about the typical teabagger bullsh*t that you seem to love spewing so much.

    4. mh488


      You just proved my last point derp.

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  14. A bold new plan for Detroit . The model city rose from the floor. All of this for the failing motor city circa 1990. A time when the police drove the matte black Taurus sedan. Robocop2

  15. One day on my way to work I hit a pothole. No big deal, around the next turn there was two lowered vehicles with rubber band tires, And yes you guessed it, four flat tires and four bent rims. A BMW and a Mazda 6, waiting for a tow cause they too low. Lol I laughed And laughed as I drove by.
  16. Wow that is simply appalling. Maybe he should race this guy.... Check out this video on YouTube: Sent from my iPad
  17. What color should we paint it? Here's a gallon that no one wants for anything, not even a lawn mower....perfect!
  18. He forgot the stick on Buick portholes and all the chrome like trim and stickers that pepboys sells.
  19. Ugh those TCCA members are no good! Cannot drive your Taurus when you are in jail. (lol I used to be one, a TCCA member to is)
  20. Awesome I did not know that. I really like that body kit and wheels it is a good looking car. Probably needs a restoration at this point.
  21. So I received my brand new cv axle assembly from Rockauto (shameless plug). Question is, am I the only one that gets excited when a new part arrives, kinda like it is a birthday present? This happens even though I know it will be a pita to put in the car.

    1. Brian_05_SEL


      Yeah, I feel the same way.

    2. Jeff


      lol did you see my post in my build log about receiving (4) 2040 bulbs to repair Eunice? lol

    3. breeves002


      Uhhhhhh I get super excited too!

  22. A little JB Weld and some bailing wire and she'll be good to go.
  23. The Bull has two new motor mounts, new tires, and two new inspection stickers. Cardone select new cv axle arrived, new struts to come as well. Ball joints, tierods, end links, brakes front and rear, wheel hub bearing assemblies...all new and installed. Need to repaint wheel covers with duplicolor wheel paint, do something with trim around windows and wiper arms. Soon time for transmission flush and oil change. Still running great at 119k.
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