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  1. I'm not a srt 4 fan but I would venture to say that it weighs a ton less than a diesel pickup and would most likely defeat it in a drag race and around a tight turning road as well. By the way, the way he parked that car qualifies him as an asshat. I despise people that do that.
  2. I too would like to see how it compairs to a SHO. And my numbers were for a stock srt4, how that compairs to a 500 hp power stroke is beyond me.
  3. We are on docsis 2.0 modem with Lynksis router. Both iPad and laptop on wifi. I guess I could hook it up via Ethernet cable for a test when wife is off laptop. I thought our wifi seemed slow, maybe time to upgrade modem and router soon.
  4. Android jealousy is an ugly ugly thing. Lol I love my iPad, just need to upgrade to retina and more memory...money is the issue unfortunately.
  5. Not sure if this is acceptable or not, high speed Internet from Comcast. Test Date: Aug 18, 2013 11:11 AM Download: 20.18 Mbps Upload: 4.42 Mbps Ping: 22 ms Connection Type: Wi-Fi Server: Harrisburg, PA Sent from my iPad
  6. Ricey yes but that neon stock makes 230-238hp. and 250 to 262ft lbs torque. It would leave even a tech Taurus standing still.
  7. My daughters exboyfriend mr Honda fanboy, is driving accord wagon that blew its head gasket around 100k. My Vulcan still running great at 120k. I know I'm tempting fate by saying that, but life isn't without risk. Lol (Sorry for just jumping into your conversation)
  8. 3.8 is a big v6 for a Taurus, our old Cherokee is a 4.0 190 hp. for a heavy 4x4.
  9. I had mine up near 90 the other day, I know it's unsafe but I had to clear out the carbon.
  10. I didn't know the Essex had a propeller mounted to the pulleys, so that is why it is soooo much faster than my Vulcan. (go ahead, call me a smartass). :-)
  11. Wow that thing is in really bad shape. It is a shame cause the engine runs good. With that frame damage I wouldn't even spend five bucks on it. I agree with the others, This Jetta must become a Lemons racecar!
  12. http://www.kbb.com/volkswagen/jetta/2001-volkswagen-jetta/gls-tdi-sedan-4d/?condition=excellent&vehicleid=5266&intent=buy-used&mileage=265000&category=sedan&options=202113%7ctrue&pricetype=private-party#survey You are correct sir, he is 2 to 3 k too high on his price.
  13. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1999-Volkswagen-Jetta-Diesel-TDI-5sp-Good-Condition-4dr-Sedan-/161084060862?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item25815bb4be#ht_512wt_1021 265,000 miles and they are asking 5,500? Your Jetta might be worth fixing, a few balljoints, struts, motor mounts, etc. engine sounds like it runs good.
  14. What the heck happened to the steering wheel? Did something climb in and chew on it. Lol It's not an impossible task but it'll take a lot of effort that's for sure.
  15. Wow that's a lot of work right there. Looks like definetly a new carpet, headliner, door cards, probably electronics, switches etc. might as well just gut the interior and head to the scrapyard. I don't think a few seat covers and some febreeze will help.
  16. I had to replace our hp laptop less than a year ago. Same problem. Yes, the new one is not an hp, a toshiba, with windows8 which I'm not totally sold on.
  17. Looks like a few yard runs for a new/used interior swap. Hopefully all the parts you need to get it running and usable won't cost more than its worth.
  18. Just reached 120,000 on the gen3 slo Vulcan with the axode/ax4s. Trans could use a rebuild but still works ok so I'll keep rolling on.
  19. Now that was unexpected, a trunk in the trunk. All I can say is that's a lot of trunk! :-)
  20. Fifty six hours of hard work in the bag, TGIF !!! The arthritis in my back is yelling at me but the bills are paid.

    1. TaurusKev


      Know that feeling all to well... Nice to pay bills, but not nice to push ourselves to make bills paid.

  21. My wife likes zombie movies so I have watched many of them also. I do not think zombies as depicted in these films will ever be a reality.
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