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  1. Agreed and agreed, my Bull's a/c works great nice and cold really quickly even on these 90 degree days!! And I too like those wheels on the Grand Marquis, very nice!!
  2. When did BullGeek get the warp drive installed in his Bull and why wasn't there a thread on that?? #1 ENGAGE!!
  3. OuCH!! I guess a piece if hose cut in half and slid over the sharp edge would have helped, but noone thinks of THAT untill we are bleeding!!
  4. Hello everyone!! I'm here to make a few friends and learn how to keep the Bull on the road and not at the repair shop!! Anyone can be a friend I am open to any suggestion/advice as well!

  5. Money is nice if you have it, but I must say that I feel rather "Kingly" driving my little princess around in my Taurus!!
  6. West Lawn, Pa .... in da house!! Ahh I see fellow Pa residents that like to repair there cars often, lmao Ford Taurus drivers.
  7. Here is a pic of the front end of my bull, maybe you can use it!! We all know what the back end looks like!!
  8. Interesting idea I like it. hmmmm now how to photoshop it.
  9. Nevermind, i tried it and didnt like any of the attempts, dumb idea to have two logos anyhow.
  10. I was thinking of the Ford Emblem and the outer ring "oval" was made from the words of all the taurus models like ses, se, sho, gl ...etc. That would be for the Bull members, and the same design for the Sable crew, the mercury symbol with the models as the circle GS, LS, etc. Just an idea. Ill try to drawl it up or photoshop it and post back.
  11. going out for a headshot of the Bull, post back later.
  12. A little off center lol I can never follow directions.
  13. WOW Five more times your rear springs will break!!! Now would be the time to switch to airbag suspension!!
  14. Looks really good!! If you wouldn't have told us I would have asked you where you bought it!!
  15. We will forgive you for posting your NON-Taurus, NON-Sable ride. Nice looking car, you are right she cleans up real nice!!
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