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  1. Apology for jumping in, but I am considering my options and value your opinions.
  2. I was looking at motorcraft also but till you add in the bearing, mount, and spring it would cost more than the kyb quickstrut. Mine has 126k on original struts, Way overdue but money is an issue.
  3. The 2014 genesis r spec sports a 5.0L 429 hp with 15 mpg city 23 mpg highway. And costs $47,400 MSRP. I just don't think I could spend fifty grand on a hyundia with all the choices out there.
  4. With the rust issues and the size of the driver I vote either broken springs or rusted through strut mounts. The white duct tape is a nice touch as well. That poor Taurus needs repair.
  5. Dark tint, low to the ground, the hookers bodies are in the trunk. Pimpin Sable.
  6. Wow lol wood and putty to repair a bumper, how the hell did that ever pass inspection? Maybe it was a British mechanic thinking he was working on a Morgan under the bonnet and between the wings. :-)
  7. I do see some around valve cover and oilpan, not loosing any noticeable amount between oil changes. Maybe when weather warms I will consider replacing te gaskets.I am smelling antifreeze intermittenly also. Can't find any leaks, carpets dry, new overflow tank, waterpump dry. Coolant level is staying in normal range, maybe drops slightly over months time. Whatever it is it is very slight or slow leak. I am concerned and may have it pressure tested at a garage not sure.
  8. Looks pretty good for the age and mileage! It would have cost more for the head gaskets and machine work on the blue bull...not to mention downtime. Does it have a block heater? That plug in front could be for block heater.
  9. This post gives me new hope that my bull will last me a few more years untill I can maybe get a newer ride. Currently over 126k miles and counting.
  10. I left work at 2 am after 12 hrs, and my door latch was frozen also. I tried deicer to no avail. The door opened but would not latch shut. I had to drive for 10 minutes holding the driver door shut while driving.....fun. After car warmed up I pulled over and opened and shut the door and it latched. Next day I got wd40 and sprayed the heck out of the latch mechanisms and it hasn't refreezed....yet.
  11. ^ +1. I turn off the blower when I stop and turn up the radio to silence any noises. Fixes minor issues in hurry. :-)
  12. I want a small helicopter. Take off from back yard, fly to work in 20 minutes, and NO traffic! If something breaks, I'm officially retired. Lol
  13. What is wrong with my car, a few things. Last week when I left work at 2am after another 12 hour shift, the latch was frozen. The door opened but would not stay closed. I sprayed it with deicer but it was no help. I slammed the door a few times, still nothing. So I ended up driving about 10 minutes on my way home holding the driver door. shut the entire time. I had the heat on high and finally I pulled over and it closed and latched. The next day I sprayed the heck out of the latch with WD40 and opened and closed it repeatedly. Seems to have fixed the issue for now. A few more freezing
  14. I am tired of the Honda commercials featuring Michael Bolton...just saying.

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    2. TaurusKev


      In case that song sucked, here's a good one to resurrect it:

    3. Brian_05_SEL


      He's the perfect celebrity that nobody cares about to be in a Honda ad campaign.



      Honda couldn't get any other has-been singers to do it.

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  15. I'm in the same boat as you are. Like having no payments but the old Taurus needs work and is near 130k. I am tired of it, outdated looks etc but she keeps getting me to work cheaply so I keep driving it. If the tranny goes, most likely it'll be time for something newer, lower miles sportier. That fusion you posted looks nice and that seems like a decent price as well.
  16. Have a small coolant leak somewhere, I can smell the sweet aroma when I park the car. Worked 138 hours in 2 weeks, finding the leak was sidelined. Probably just a loose clamp I knew I should never ever reuse the clamps.

    1. Shade


      Ive reused clamps IDK how many times with no problems...

    1. breeves002


      That's a lot of miles...

    2. breeves002


      Notice how this person doesn't say original trans though :P

    3. mh488


      I noticed that also. Unfortunately all auto transmissions are doomed to failure at some point, seals under high pressures and clutches as well as pumps only last soo long. But over 300k on original engine is darn impressive!

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  17. Long week, 18 hrs ot in, 12 more to go, grand total of 70 hours of work this week. I'll be paying a mortgage payment with one pay and have some left. Then I'll sleep for 24 hrs. Lol

    1. Angrod


      Ouch. Sounds like you're looking forward to the sleep more. :)

    2. mh488


      We have more work than we can handle right now, which is a blessing and a curse. Big wigs want 100% ontime but now till Christmas is looking like 7 days a week just to get about 80-95% ontime.

      The arthritis in my back is telling me to work 40 hrs, but that's not possible right now. Coffee and ibuprofen are my friends right now. Lol

  18. Very nice looking T-bird! Looks like they did a great job on your car. Feels good giving a rusted car new life again I'm sure.
  19. I have always liked the volvo s60r and have looked at a few myself. I stayed away because of the reason you are finding out, cost of repairs and parts is high, too high for my budget and mechanical abilities. It is a sharp looking and performing car and I wish you good luck with yours.
  20. +1^ I got mine for $57. each from tirerack, not the best tires but good enough for dd. Oh car got oil change last weekend and trans service today, all is well.
  21. Had trans service done on my 123k ax4s. Clean bill of health, no leaks, no codes, fluid slightly darker than new that went in. Car seems to shift better now as welll.

    1. DuraBull


      Good to go then! I need to do mine soon.

    2. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      Yeah, mine shifted a lot better once I ran it for 1k miles or so. Got rid of nearly all the TC shudder when going into overdrive.

    3. mh488


      Days after service and trans is shifting nicely, albeit a tad delayed but its been that way since 58 k miles.

  22. Reading through today's post was entertaining, lmao geo metro, that's a hockey puck with a weedeater engine, I bet they get would get blown around their lane if a Taurus passed the other way. I digress, what have I done to the Bull? Just changed the oil and filter, Mobil 1 is great. It pours out as fast as it went in and no lumps, no problems, just a tad darker. Engine runs as smooth and quiet at 124,000 miles as it did when I got it at 58,000 miles. No blue smoke at startup and idles great. Oh I changed the air filter as well. Fuel filter and trans fluid probably next weekend. Tuneup,
  23. My tired ax4s has me worried. It isn't slipping at all just slow to shift. I am having the service done to se if it helps at all. Sometimes at a traffic light the car vibrates and the rpms drop, almost like stopping in a manual trans car and not pushing the clutch in. I shift to neutral then drive and all is well. Ugh soon time for rebuild I fear.
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