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    1. mh488


      Basically a long recovery in hospital or worse. These bacterial strains are a real threat to us all.

    2. mh488


      I apologize for the doom and gloom. I read the article and knew some members were fromi Illinois so I thought I'd post it.

    3. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      I'm Superman. I don't get sick. ;)

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  1. Your alternator is going, my power steering pump is starting to groan more than usual. Nickle here, dollar there, the joys of older car ownership :-)
  2. Wow that is scary. This is why I get my bull inspected at least twice a year, I would hope they would notice something like that. That could have been really bad if failed at highway speed.
  3. Hopefully it is just the extreme cold. I hate it when there is a issue and it's difficult to pinpoint.
  4. Took the dog out for his morning walk, got about half a block.....too cold. -17 wind chill too cold for Brody and my hands. Started up the cars just to make sure they were willing after minus temps all night. Fired up after a little fight.
  5. Aftermarket high end components are better. I had Polk system in my 92 Daytona years ago, component sets with twin twelve inch pro subs, absolutely rocked the car with clean distortion free sound. Jbl is a good name as well, had a JBL system in a 3.0L 93 duster that also rocked. Two ways and a ten inch fourth order bandpass sub. I must say though, the infinity system in our Commander Limited rocks pretty good for a factory system, they have gotten much better from 92 till 2006.
  6. I've always liked the continentals as well. Very classy with plenty of power as well.
  7. That's the wierd part, they were all at the same warehouse and in stock. Two shipped and the other two were listed as left at the warehouse. What should have taken a few days took over a week. No huge deal but unexpected.
  8. Thats wierd. We ordered tires for the commander from tire rack. Two shipped within a few days and the other two were left at the warehouse. they were tracked as four different packages and it took a week and half till all four arrived at install shop.
  9. Lol I deserve a warning I admit that, thanks for your help!
  10. Agreed you can only beat a dead horse so many times before you realize it is still dead.
  11. Wow OP, that car looks like a great deal if you can get a title for it.
  12. 7 degrees now, forecast for 3 down to -8 tonight.
  13. Take the Compass, Patriot, the Libertys, and the new Jeepster and get rid of them. They are all poor excuses for SUVs and should disappear.
  14. Thanks for the get well wishes, I appreciate them. Its amazing how strong we feel untill a little microscopic issue takes hold and wipes us out. That salt water rinse sounds like a good idea, time to get out the neti pot. Sounds like you had it much worse than me Chart. I have on and off fever, pressure in face and can't breath out of nose, as well as No energy at all. Nap helped a little.
  15. Bitterly cold, plowed in vehicle, and full blown sinus infection with 100 plus fever. Hooray for winter! Took meds and going to bed.
  16. Wow looks like a bomb went off in that thing! Looks like it dented the tailgate also, that'll be a few bucks to repair.
  17. Wd40 worked for me so far. I sprayed the latch mechanism, let it sit a little then wiped it out with a rag. I removed all the grease I could from the latch then resprayed it. So far this has worked but I am thinking that the power latch is on it's way out and will need to be replaced. Probably has just gotten weak over time. It might also be more of an issue for you as I'm assuming it is much colder were you are.
  18. If this car sat for months the gas in the system and fuel tank should be drained and filled with fresh fuel. Just a thought.
  19. Read this at Jaylopnik just thought I'd share the news. http://jalopnik.com/michael-schumacher-in-critical-condition-after-cerebral-1491287759
    1. The White Falcon

      The White Falcon

      But still nice, I would add. Just expect to lose some stuff, like footwell lighting, the tweeters, etc. can be added back in.

    2. mh488


      I have the tweeters and premium audio in the turtle now. I would like the dual exhaust but not a deal breaker. The 99 looks like the duratec motor that would be a step up from my Vulcan.

    3. JohnTaurus


      Looks like the first owner kept it for 12 years, the second one dumped it after a couple thousand miles. Weird. I'd have it checked out by a independent mechanic just to be safe. Also, yes it does have the 'tec.

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  20. Lol "If the woman don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy" Red Green
  21. I've seen a few pics of broken bull springs....it can get ugly fast. Cuts the tire down rips it up, car drops on that side. If your lucky no accident.
  22. Thanks for the info, I'm not sure what to do yet. Not sure about our money situation this year wife might be looking for new job. Kinda puts the brakes on fixing up or replacing the old bull.
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