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  1. In late '94 (like post Christmas), my late-grandfather was looking at a '95 Taurus SE or LX at Bowen Scarff Ford in Kent, when my dad suggested the newest car on the lot, a '96 Crown Victoria LX in Light Prarie Met. with Saddle Tan Leather, its currently sitting in the driveway next to my car.

    Light prairie metallic, easy to maintain color!

  2. There are two types of 99 SHO tranny - with OD button and without OD button.


    Older 99's have OD and I believe one can shift selector to D1 and D2. Newer ones don't have OD button or D2 feature.


    If older style, try D2 selection.


    Off the top of my head it sounds like a valvebody issue, maybe a shift solenoid. If the pump failed, you would not be able to use reverse either.

    That is a good point, any movement forward or back would mean pump still operating.

  3. I am shopping for a suspension overhaul for my bull. Also looking at replacing all of the hoses, coolant and air. The old Vulcan runs great and the body is rust free. Also starting to collect replacement parts such as fuel pump, alternator, power steering pump, timing chain, and cover with gasket. My 96 is at 127k miles and she needs some love to be at her best.

  4. Similar issue happened on our 06 Jeep commander. Day after Xmas went out hopped in, started it, put it in drive, nothing, reverse nothing, any position, nothing.

    For us it was the hydraulic pump failed. 2500 dollars later she was good to go.

    Good luck with your tranny, probably time for overhaul.

  5. That part of the country is gentle on cars. That's why the bottom of mine is rust free.

    I know what you say is true, my bull was my grandmothers and she lived in Arizona. My grandfather was on oxygen 24/7 due to smoking so they moved to Arizona they bought the 96. Literally only used to go out of their gated community to food store. My grandpa passed and she shipped the car and herself home to Pa. She got to the point where she couldn't drive any more and she decided to give the car to me. It had 58k miles on it then. So far it has surface rust underneath and has been fairly reliable. It let me sit twice, once for the rear brakes failing, and once for a failed idler pulley which threw the belt and she got hot.

    The point is it had literally no rust when she gave it to me, now has some but mostly surface only.

  6. I was a Ford-fanatic from a very young age. In the late '80s/early '90s, I had my parents buy me a plastic 1983-88 Thunderbird. I took it home and completely covered it in masking tape, and used permeate markers on it to put "TAURUS" badges, Ford ovals, and Taurus-shaped tail lights, doors, etc.. I played with it forever, lol! I had a toy "farm truck" from Ertl I think and I made it look like a late '70s F-series with a flat bed. They looked great next to each other to a pre-teen me, heh heh.

    That is a great thing, and you definetly belong here.

  7. http://www.pennlive.com/midstate/index.ssf/2014/01/ice_buildup_on_susquehanna_riv.html#incart_river_default

    I'm always a little awestruck by the power of nature when the Susquehanna River freezes up. Next problem is going to be ice jams when it starts melting and breaking up. Next is flooding. I live close enough to enjoy the river every day but far away from the potential damage it can cause.

    I was going to take some pics down at the boat ramp, but police where there barricading it. "Move along, nothing to see here...." and I'm getting over the flu and don't need to be out in the cold and damp. :angry: I'm sick of being sick.

    I hear you on being sick, I was ill for over a week. Fought it off pretty well with antibiotics and rest. Quite a few off from work sick as well.

    Thanks for the link to the ice pics, I liked the one with the train passing over the ice chunked river.

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