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  1. 96 Taurus has been donated to Breast Cancer Charity. It was a good ride while it lasted. 130,000 miles needs too much to keep going. Radiator, waterpump, timing cover, possible head gasket, oilpan gasket, struts, transmission slipping. Looking for replacement.

    1. TaurusDailyDriver


      Gettin another Taurus, right?

    2. Josh_GL_Limited
    3. JohnTaurus


      ^^Right? LOL I wish I could have had a crack at that car. I bet it had a lot going for it despite the problems.

  2. I'll just leave this v6 burnout here... If I'd attempt that in my Taurus the ax4s would explode.
  3. The old bull wouldn't start this morning. I had it jumped earliier in the week and it seemed ok. I am now the proud owner of a brand new battery.

    1. Jeff


      Congrats. I've found once you have to jump them from something that can't be explained or a source found...usually they go not long later. If it warms up they will generally last until the next really cold weather. Just put one on my 09 today too! I didn't wait for it to leave me stranded though because I've been there before and it's not a good feeling! Here's hoping the new one lasts for years to come!!!

    2. mh488


      The car sat for a few days in bitter cold ans snowstorm. I could tell for a while it didn't seem to start the car as it should. With the new one it it fires immediately, big differnce .

  4. Lmao it says my car is 64 % front. 36 % rear, a tad less than the ideal 50/50 weight distribution. With a larger rear overhang.....Ooooh dat arse.
  5. Agreed, I stumbled on the site, and although I'm not a huge fan of body kits these are kinda nice.
  6. Check this out. http://www.3dcarbon.com/style_kits.asp?ID=41&l1=0&l2=2&l3=15&l4=36 They have a nice kit for the focus as well. Wonder if this Milan kit would fit the sable? http://www.3dcarbon.com/style_kits.asp?ID=49&l1=0&l2=7&l3=25&l4=48
  7. That is a good point, any movement forward or back would mean pump still operating.
  8. I was thinking it was the strut after seeing how the rears looked. Taurus are known for breaking the coil spring in odd places and sometimes you can't look up and see the break.
  9. Low speed turning causes a grinding type noise = cv axle. How is your steering? If the car wanders around a little it could possibly be inner tierod.
  10. I am shopping for a suspension overhaul for my bull. Also looking at replacing all of the hoses, coolant and air. The old Vulcan runs great and the body is rust free. Also starting to collect replacement parts such as fuel pump, alternator, power steering pump, timing chain, and cover with gasket. My 96 is at 127k miles and she needs some love to be at her best.
  11. Similar issue happened on our 06 Jeep commander. Day after Xmas went out hopped in, started it, put it in drive, nothing, reverse nothing, any position, nothing. For us it was the hydraulic pump failed. 2500 dollars later she was good to go. Good luck with your tranny, probably time for overhaul.
  12. Acura is japscrap.

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    2. breeves002


      IN total agreement. Our Acura sucks ass.

    3. Josh_GL_Limited


      Sam and I + a few others had a huge argument with one of my friends (Honda lover) on fb about why FoMoCo was the best, needless to say we won lol

    4. mh488


      My kid has a friend with an accord wagon. I was told how great Honda is. His Honda has had a head gasket blown and now is parked with a blown transmission, my 96 Ford keeps trucking all original. Probably just luck but if I had the money I would buy a new Ford to replace my Bull.

  13. I had a Lebanon convertible. It was awesome riding with the top down.....till the head gasket blew.
  14. If I had tons of cash I'd buy it then videotape it being blown to bits buy a tank on an military range. Then send the video back to the owner.
  15. Looks good but a ton of miles. My kids jeep has 200K miles and runs good, not sure about exploders with that mileage. Does it have a detailed service history?
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