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  1. I want my car to run afterwards ... I can't I'm not mechanically inclined at all.
  2. HAHA I know what you mean. My uncle has his eyes on it already. His lease is up in March but I'm not giving it to him. Too much money and work went into that car, and he would just drive it to the ground anyway. His 07 fusion, with only 36K miles on it already makes weird noises that shouldn't be making. All he does is put gas it in.... Besides the filth his car is in. It's like a dumpster truck lol Do you know anything about the Jasper Transmissions? Are they any good, you know? If I'm rebuilding the tranny I want to put something with better quality and improved design over the original. Update in lieu of rebuild the original doomed trans. I even toyed once with rebuilding the tranny at a pro performance shop around town. They specialize in ford racing cars, and they do rebuild AX4N tranny's that become bullet proof. The price is right around the corner too, $3K+ Yes I would regret selling it. I was very close to selling it back in 08 right after I got it. I had my eye on the STI but I changed my mind.
  3. It's hard to get rid of it huh Gentz? lol. My brother is telling me to sell it but I don't want to. You fix it and it is another couple yrs with the car without having to buy another one. All honest I just don't want to dish out that much money, I'm not even going to chain store. I don't trust chain stores. I always go to moms and pops. The $3K and $2.8K were the initial numbers I got. I haven't shopped around yet.That will be tomorrow's homework. I trust my mechanic my mechanic's word. He has always been honest and reasonable with me, but that's just too much moola. Gentz, how long ago did you say you did you transmission last? I remember you did it twice tho. Are the rebuild parts newly improved or are they the same old junk?
  4. So the highly dreaded moment finally arrived for me yesterday morning. Before I begin, I have a 2001 Taurus SES with 119K+ miles on it with original tranny and engine. I was given the car as a graduation gift a little more than 2yrs ago with 52K miles on it, and since then I've been taking extremely good care of it... oil changes every 3K and transmission fluid changes every 30K, etc etc... I was always very gentle with the way I drove, and always used the parking brake when I parked the car. I can't however account for how the car was treated and drove prior to me. So with that being said, here we go. My transmission is on it's way out. It all happened yesterday morning. I put the car in reverse and heard a big "clunk" noise, the car did a quick backwards jerk and then as I started to roll backwards it kept stuttering. My heart sank and I immediately felt that "oh crap, my tranny." I then popped it in drive and started to move forward. Everything seemed OK but it then started to make a terrible hissing, griding noise (almost like a bad wheel bearing).. I was hopping it would be it, or maybe an axle, but it wasn't. I drove home immediately and dropped it off to my mechanic so he could investigate. Just now this afternoon he calls me back and delivers the blow.... "hey Leo, bud your tranny is going. There are lots of metal shavings, and a whole carnival of metal parts on the pan." He worked a few numbers and dropped the bomb on my lap... $3K for a new Jasper transmission with 3yrs warranty or 100K miles or a rebuilt by a master transmission builder (the same guy that works on all his racing transmissions) for $2.8K and a 1yr warranty....WHATTT?? That's .... Could it really cost that much? I've never had to rebuild a transmission before but that's much I think. For that price it should be a hell of a transmission huh??? I remember GENTZ saying it cost him around $1.5K. Anyway it's decision time and I'd hate to make the decision to sell it or ever worse, junk it. I'm getting a the new Dodge Charger within a few weeks (company car) and that would be my car. I'd hate to see the bull go. It's my first car and I put a lot of work and love into it. It kinda holds a sentimental value but at the same time I don't want to spend that kinda of money, specially because I already have to put some money down on the company car for all the features I need. Any words of encouragement and advice would help. Thanks all. Funny that right now I'm thinking of Dennis and his transmission pan mod job. lol
  5. I think i finally made up my mind. Put me down for a set of in-between, if I still can do it.
  6. There you go. I'm down for it regardless. I'm game. Come on Dennis let's do itttttt! I don't give a rats rear end. I sleep anywhere if I have to lol. I Drove to to Vegas from LA with friends for a overnight trip and we just slept in the back of a Mini Van in the parking lot of the Bellagio Casino. (Free parking)
  7. I saw your post and it got me thinking now. btw your car looks amazing, with the Sable wheels... beauty. definitely beats buying new wheels. If you want to do it I'm all for it. I'll take some close shot pictures of my wheels tomorrow (it's dark already) and send them to you see if you want to do it or not.
  8. Merry Christmas to all. good to see none of the season's greetings or happy holidays business here, even though i said it on the other post i posted earlier lol
  9. No way Jose. I chickened out lol. I got a friend of mine who owns a body shop to do it for me for a 1/2 case. hahaha. I'm glad because I would have probably screwed it up. I did everything else though, like wiring, removing the interior 3rd brake light and swapping the inner parcel shelf. I got the inner parcel shelf from the junkyard, the same car I got the black spoiler from. I have to say I'm quite pleased with it. I have a new car now, and 10 more HP. Vroom Vroom . Now I'm on to my next project. Find some 01-05 sable wheels. It think they would look good. What do you think?
  10. Anyone has for sale or know where I can get 4 used sable wheels like the one below in good conditions? Every place i find they are either selling 1 or 2 wheels. I'm looking for all 4. I don't want to spend moola on new ones.
  11. Alright just want to update this old post. I finally got the SILVER spoiler mounted on the car, and all wired up yesterday. The Spoiler was courtesy of Michael who sold it to me his for a friendly price. Thanks to everyone else for the inputs and comments, and thanks to Michael for selling me the spoiler. Much appreciated. And Happy Holidays everyone. Below are some pictures:
  12. Kyle, check this LINK out you might get some ideas from here as well. It should help.
  13. hahaha that was very good. Those guys a car show comedy geniuses. Thanks for the post.
  14. Car: 01 Taurus SES Millage: 112,xxx miles (Original engine and transmission) Got the car 2yrs ago with 52K miles on it. Yes I've driven it that much. 500miles of commute every week
  15. I'm just gonna go ahead with a new battery. My CCA are really low, and with winter around the corner I don't want to get stuck on a cold morning day. Thanks for the input guys!
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