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  1. Having the same problem as you and Rusty. No forward or reverse gear. No engagement. Good fluid level. After digging and doing research on mine (before even coming here actually...), the problem is DEFINITELY IN THE TQC. Rusty is correct. The teeth are stripped out. Did you have major shavings or chunks in the pan? I didn't, and I could spin it freely by hand. Highstall from SHOSource. I'm leaning towards heat treating all my components as well. Torque + 30% more shift pressure = required.
  2. Actually Rudy had a good comeback. not directly harmful, yet funny. its called being Snarky google it.
  3. Its not me, Tim. And supposedly the Bull Pen moderator, though I'm never involved, whatsoever. Mainly its Devin, Anthony, and Dave Roman who are over moderating EVERYTHING. TSOC is worse than TCCA . That is my legal opinion that am privledged to post here, and does not harm others.
  4. Ashley is getting a mobbed-out, mudered-out, sister? Oh the joy. I must come down and visit when Ashley hits pavement again. Jen wants to go shopping down that way sometime soon. Can't wait, Luke! Black V8 Twins.. This is gonna sweet...
  5. Clean car!! Good luck with the sale!!
  6. 98.SHO

    New Project

    Another rat rodded, modified, Doodle bike??
  7. Thank you k8crd for your information. Being a certified diesel technician for the last 5+ years, having 4+ cars of my own, and 10+ in my family; this was something I was already aware of. EDIT: Because they deleted this post, then the post stating I was truly thanking k8crd for his input, as it confirmed my point. Thank you again, if this is not obvious enough.
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