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  1. I'm registered to go do an autocross event in the morning, co-hosted by Chicagoland Mustang Club and Windy City Miata Club. #killconesnotpedestrians
  2. Haven't done much with the Sable wagon lately except drive it, and this morning I helped a coworker bring home a new lawnmower from Lowes... he has a sedan and it wouldn't fit. She's just now rolling over to 119,000 miles.
  3. Should change that car to a 5.0 HO. 24 Heures Du LeMons' rules do require that the car was purchased for no more than $500, not counting the cost of safety equipment. Sounds like you'd need to write up an appropriate bill of sale for these prospective racers...
  4. A friend of mine lives in Oswego, one of the far southwest suburbs of Chicago and about as close as you get around here to being "out in the boondocks"... there are roaming flocks of wild turkeys there that apparently chase and harass the neighbors and sometimes even pets left outside in their yard.
  5. So you want to drive something the size of a Nimitz-class carrier, but not if it also rides or corners like one.
  6. About 20k miles on the 05 Taurus and 35k on the 04 Sable.
  7. The Sable is getting four new tires installed today. The P215/60R16 H-rated Michelin Pilot Exalto's that I've had since 2012 on both my '05 sedan and '04 wagon are now down to 3/32nds or 4/32nds each and are showing cracks and signs of dry rot. This time I've decided to go with BF Goodrich G-Force Comp-2 performance all season tires, which are P225/55R16 and W-rated. These are my old Michelins, minutes before they're about to be dismounted for the last time.
  8. This all makes me feel even more concerned about ever having to get new windshield glass on either car. I don't want someone fucking up my dashboard or any wiring in the headliner or A-pillars on the wagon, and it turns out that nobody even makes new replacement windshields anymore for Fox body Mustang convertibles (the hatchbacks and coupes use a different, taller piece of glass that is still available).
  9. I can't make it this year. Planning tentatively to come in 2018 with the Mustang.
  10. A Matador Red Taurus SEL with floor shift, sunroof and even a power passenger seat. http://www.autonationhyundaiohare.com/used/Ford/2002-Ford-Taurus-211b31090a0e09901c878c6f4b27e6f0.htm And a low mileage Sable LS... with rare black leather interior. http://www.autonationhyundaiohare.com/used/Mercury/2004-Mercury-Sable-2b62765c0a0d0cc72311eac1e3d92604.htm
  11. Those two new Motorcraft COPs definitely took care of the problem. Getting access to them on the rear bank was a colossal PITA. Maybe Vulcans do have one or two advantages over Duratecs...
  12. Especially with that shifting adjustment Gary did.
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