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  1. My 2015 Mustang now has Sync 3 infotainment with embedded GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and numerous other added features the car didn’t have before including EATC and a functional drive mode selector switch (Normal, Sport +, Track, and Snow/Wet).
  2. CL, Old Taurus Folks. Body good, Roof Atrocious

    Oh damn, I’ve seen that car out driving around before. The Taurus looks awful with a landau top.
  3. Panther bodies, racking up insane mileage since 1979.
  4. Done with Ford

    The current gen Focus will end production in May 2018, the Taurus and Fiesta in early 2019, and the Fusion has no set cutoff date yet.
  5. I swapped out some of the original trim parts and upgraded to OEM brushed and machined aluminum replacements on the ‘15 Mustang.
  6. Yeah, how long after we replaced those two busted front windows on your 2005 Taurus did we still find fragments of Redneck Diamonds inside?
  7. I don’t have to imagine that. Now, you imagine an extra 100HP from it’s Ti-VCT cousin.
  8. 1989 Ford Thunderbird Supercoupe

    It’s weird, the video link you included would only reopen this exact TSOC post. Here it is in case anybody else has the same problem. Bump!
  9. Recently, my new car got some cosmetic and functional upgrades. New wheels and tires, a spare tire/tool kit to replace the inflator mobility kit that comes standard, LED interior and reverse lamp bulbs, door latch striker dampers, and hood lift struts. And I stopped by so another TSOC member who recently bought a car could see it too.
  10. Yeah, I think it’s reached that point where 2007 and older Tauruses and Sables are no longer the most reliable or cost effective choice of transportation for many of us.
  11. Once the 5.0 comes back in the spring from getting an engine rebuild, these two cars probably won’t be too far apart in performance. However the 2015 does have Track Apps in the instrument panel that will count elapsed time for 0-60, 1/4 mile, braking distances, includes a full accelerometer, etc.
  12. Well, now I’m gonna have to join the ranks of those who recently bought themselves new cars. Today, my Sable LS wagon was finally replaced as a daily driver. Here is the new baby... It’s a 2015 Ford Mustang 3.7L V6 fastback coupe with 18k miles. For those who may be wondering, the Sable wagon wasn’t traded in... however, I do plan on putting that car up for sale in the near future.
  13. My Mustang will be undergoing some significant engine upgrades. Today was the “before” dyno pull to establish the stock engine’s baseline power output. When everything is completed sometime over the next several weeks, there will be an “after” pull to show how much of an improvement there is.
  14. No of course not, only the pedals are being swapped out. Nothing on the engine side of the firewall.