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  1. You do need a 5.0 Fox.
  2. Just remember this one thing from my experience trying to install roller rocker arms on a Vulcan... $938. Know that there are at least 938 good reasons to take your time and assemble those heads properly.
  3. One of the best parts of this weekend, to which I think Kevin agrees, was when we made a young newly-licensed driver's day with the surprise of delivering his first car. And of course, Kevin finally got his hands on a SBC powered RWD giant station wagon, just like he's always wanted. This year's spring meet was a lot of fun with familiar faces (and some new ones too). Nothing but 100% responsible and legal driving was done. Honest. And the weather going home was fine... until we passed Louisville, at least. Spotting the only McLaren 720S currently on US soil was pretty cool and almost made the 5 hours of snowy driving hell worth it. Almost.
  4. My Mustang has arrived back home, with an additional ~2200 miles and large quantities of dirt and debris compared to when we left for the Carolinas a week ago... Unfortunately, the other thing that I managed to pick up on the return trip Monday had to be forcibly removed and the hole it left behind had to be patched. That's some kind of construction screw that apparently ended up getting forced into my right rear tire... hex-head first.
  5. But who was it that just came to one of these meets for the first time, from up north? I blame Kevin.
  6. Nice. Gary helped with my Mustang today during the meet, by adjusting the TV kickdown cable. The resulting change in acceleration and shifting gears is incredible!
  7. Took off my winter wheels and put the SHO starfish with Michelins back on. It's too warm now for driving on those squishy Blizzaks, especially on the expressway.
  8. So putting the top down would not necessarily be advised, huh?
  9. Hmm, a car meet in my 5.0... "Roll up", I shall.
  10. Today was definitely worth a few weeks of waiting... impatiently. I picked up my 5.0 GT this morning from a local specialty performance shop that I contracted to install welded full length subframe connectors, a Saleen Mustang FSTB, 1993 SVT Cobra rear disc brakes and master cylinder combined with 1986 Mustang SVO/Ford Motorsport front calipers on stock sized GT front rotors, Ford Racing proportioning valve, and rebuilding the 8.8" Traction-Lok rear axle with Ford Racing 3.73 gears (versus 2.73 stock), Ford Racing HD axle bearings/seals, and a Ford Racing carbon fiber LSD clutch kit that matches what the factory included on 1999+ SVT Cobra, Cobra R and GT500 differentials. She's putting power down to the ground much better than before, and body stiffness, ride quality, cornering and braking have all improved. Of course, this car also got new front and rear suspension installed recently so it's got the whole finished package now. Kevin also brought over the 2.3L LX since that car's interior is reassembled and the brakes are repaired and functioning properly. Both cars seem ready to undertake a road trip to the Carolinas in about 10 days...
  11. It has a Duratec, it's fast enough to get one in trouble.
  12. Bojangles, Lizards Thicket, 3 Little Pigs... we gotta try all the Southern!
  13. The Mustang is currently out of my garage for (probably) the next couple of weeks. Things are happening...