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  1. Well, that’s quite a fuck-up. What are you driving now?
  2. My Sable was making a really irritating knocking/clunking noise recently from the front left corner, which started soon after I had the front strut assemblies and rear shocks replaced. It turns out that one of the front left caliper bolts had worked itself out and the caliper was moving when I drove over bumps.
  3. https://24hoursoflemons.com/prices-rules/
  4. 24 Hours Of Lemons is sounding tempting...
  5. Yeah, I can see that being the case. What color was the ST?
  6. Switched over to the Blizzak tires mounted on my other set of alloys to prepare for the impending winter weather. Mileage on the Sable wagon is over 124,000 at this point, and she’s driving as well as the day I brought her home from Kentucky almost 3 years ago.
  7. Here is a copy of the original ad’s text: 1996 Volvo 850R fuel: gas title status: clean transmission: automatic For sale is my 96 Volvo 850R turbo station wagon. Don't be fooled by its super aerodynamic square shape, this wagon hauls ass. It's the kinda vehicle that says "I'm responsible but after I spank your mustang GT I'm coming for your girlfriend". This vehicle literally has a powerband that comes on like a 125 2-stroke, one second of turbo lag then you're stuck to the seat like glue. It really has a lot of personality and makes hilarious spooling and wooshing turbo sounds. I love to drive this car and I'm going to be sad to see it go however I'm in a relationship now and I can't have women just throwing themselves at me when I drive this thing anymore. This vehicle has a lot of storage space, my 250 Ktm fits in back with the bars off, I've actually gone to a race like that and gotten some good laughs. Go on and ask your sister about how roomy the back is, she'll tell ya. I brought this vehicle to the drag strip just to see how fast it was and it's a consistent 14.8 at 98 which is pretty quick on the street. She won't run with the LS or the coyote but everything else on the road is your b*tch. The odometer stopped working at 157,000 so your guess is as good as mine on mileage, but don't be worried this wagon is strong like a bull on viagra. So if you're tired of everything on the street smoking your civic step into the world of Swedish boost machines and go get them balls back. This vehicle will change your life, I have gray hair and my girlfriend is super hot, 100% from the Volvo because I know my personality is shit. This is the fastest 2000$ vehicle for sale in America, if you don't believe me come grab a lane on river rd and bring your pile.
  8. https://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/cto/d/volvo-850r-wagon-panty-dropper/6385852130.html
  9. Hyundai doesn’t use belt drive CVTs. That’s from a Honda...
  10. That’s probably why the clearcoat on them looked so pitted before they got to Illinois. Pennsylvania roads.
  11. Damn, I had forgotten how many times they have changed hands.
  12. Your T-Bird also weighs over 4000 lbs and has a rear end gear that’s good for fuel economy, but not so much for acceleration. The Super Coupe would be a better comparison for performance. IIRC the Roadmaster was able to accelerate about the same as my GT when we drove them back from SC in March.
  13. Those are the same floormats I have. They look better with a red interior of course.