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  1. Added heated seats with new Katzkin leather.
  2. Brian_05_SEL

    Look what is up for sale in TX

  3. Swapped the Mustang coupe from summer to winter shoes.
  4. The album of pictures linked below was posted on Reddit today by an employee of the storage facility where it was just found. He said that Ford Motor Company of Canada has been keeping this car hidden away in their building for several years. http://imgur.com/a/krhVwyh
  5. The labeled pinouts on the image should be correct.
  6. ForScan is definitely a cool and useful tool for working on newer Ford Motor Company vehicles. I enabled/disabled a few features on my 2015 Mustang using it already... like turning off the double horn honk when I exit the car with the smart fob while it’s running, and activating the use of the Drive Mode toggles after swapping the base Sync infotainment system for Sync 3 and the associated Mustang Premium dash bezel.
  7. I like how the work glove is basically giving the middle finger to that EGR spacer.
  8. She’s so beautiful. 😍
  9. Brian_05_SEL

    To Sable or not to Sable

    Will it join Scarlett in your collection?
  10. This weekend, after basically sitting dormant for the past 5 months, I got a warranty replacement battery in the Sable and got it roadworthy again. It was briefly used at the end of June to transport a new 36”x80” storm door kit home from the store, but otherwise I have not driven this car since February 28th.
  11. Where the hell did it flood that bad?!
  12. My 2015 Mustang now has Sync 3 infotainment with embedded GPS navigation, Apple CarPlay compatibility, and numerous other added features the car didn’t have before including EATC and a functional drive mode selector switch (Normal, Sport +, Track, and Snow/Wet).
  13. Brian_05_SEL

    CL, Old Taurus Folks. Body good, Roof Atrocious

    Oh damn, I’ve seen that car out driving around before. The Taurus looks awful with a landau top.
  14. Panther bodies, racking up insane mileage since 1979.