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  1. In the past few months I sold the 2002 Jeep Liberty to a private party buyer whose kid needed a first car, traded in the gray 2015 Mustang coupe for a 2016 Explorer Limited, and still have the red 2015 Mustang convertible I bought last summer.
  2. I realized I haven’t posted here for a while, and didn’t update last September when I got this vehicle. The 2015 Mustang has been updated in several ways, including a Borla catback exhaust installed this month.
  3. Earlier this month, I bought a Jeep to serve as a winter beater and a workhorse making runs to Home Depot for house projects. It’s a black 2002 Liberty Limited 3.7L 4x4.
  4. Pretty sure it was the 5-speed transmission from a first gen Taurus SHO that he used.
  5. I paid off my 2015 Mustang last week. 😎 Should have the title in the mail any day now.
  6. I spent the past couple of days cleaning my stuff out and preparing the ‘04 Sable wagon to leave for it’s new home this weekend.
  7. I wouldn’t be especially worried, even if the ABS isn’t functioning your hydraulic brakes will still work. It’s just a little more old school in the mean time.
  8. Yesterday I bought a place for my Mustangs and Sable to live, and it even came with a place for people to sleep! 😛 It was finally time to upgrade from my condo to a new house. The Sable wagon will be earning its keep now by hauling a lot of stuff to the new place.
  9. My Sable wagon currently needs a new air conditioning compressor and a cylinder #5 coil pack.
  10. Well holy crap, I didn’t realize that it had been a year since this topic got a last update. 😯 This morning I changed the Sable wagon’s transmission fluid and filter, and swapped pans for a new one with a built-in threaded drain plug for more ease and cleanliness when draining it in the future.
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