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  1. Jas anyone ever wondered about how much horsepower the Yamaha 3.4 v8 can put out. What's the difference between the: 96 -99 sho v8 Yamaha 3.4l 235hp and naturally aspirated engine 05-10 volvo xc90 4.4l 288 -311hp naturally aspirated engine 09 up Nobel m600 4.4l twin turbo 450 550 650bhp 13 volvo polestar s60 5.0 620 - 640hp naturally aspirated All of the above motors are all based on the v8 Yamaha 3.4l blocks I believe bored out. The only difference I see is a 1l to 1.6l difference with or without a turbocharger. Is there a way we can mod a 3.4l sho motor so we can get better horsepower using the same or similar parts to at least get 350 hp.
  2. Hello current and former Taurus / Sables owners once again I'm here to ask some much needed questions. Only electrical questions. I'm doing a lot of mods to my 97 Sho and I need your help to finish it. A little later I am going to make a build log to show my process and completion. I have remove the battery sometime ago and removed the floor shift. At the moment I'm at work and not near my car. 1 I'm installing a backup cam in the rear of the car and would like to know which is the reverse wire or wiring color. 2 For the 3rd brake light I need to know which is the positive and negative wires so i can install my gen 4 Taurus leds. 3 Where should the resistor be put on the gen 4 led 3rd brake light board. 4 Installing a gentex 453 mirror that has auto dim, compass homelink and I want to wire it to the A pillar wiring. I need to know which wires are constant switches and negative. 5 I was on v8sho forum and read there was a unused 12 volt plug in the dash. Has anyone used this plug. I removed a switch from a gen 3 wagon and only want to use the connector. This is because I want to wire it to my wireless charger. Does anyone know the wire polarity of the unused 12 volt plug. 6 I have a 96 cluster from a Sho and plug and wiring for the led shift indicator lights. I would like to know how can I wire it so the cluster and floor shift read the same. 7 Can a 96 degas tank and washer fluid tank both with sensors be wired to my 96 sho cluster in the 97 sho. How would this be done and wired to the cluster. 8 How to wire the oem under dash courtesy lights in a car that doesn't have them. 9 How do you wire Lincoln nav power folding mirror switch to the door for the Ghia mirrors. 10 If I got front door panel wiring harnesses from a 96 Sable with the key pad and courtesy door lighting is it plug and play. 11 What is an easy way to replace door led with a different color. I ordered to led bulb sizes 5 mm and 3mm. 12 Will my power antenna still work if I use my carpc instead of factory rcu. 13 How to install an antenna switch. 14 Can I remove factory rcu without having problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I want to do the big 4 upgrade with 0/1 wire. When I do the upgrade do I have to remove the positive and negative wires from the battery terminals and replace the with 0/1 guage wire. Also when I upgrade to a high output alternator what size fuse would I need for the alternator maxi fuse slot. I'm looking into getting a 250 - 325 amp alternator.
  4. I have a Gen 3 Taurus and I want a new steering wheel with steering wheel controls. I want a wheel that is lighted, has cruise control, tilt, and radio buttons.(climate controls would be a plus). The steering wheel need to come from a car or truck with floor shift. I need the radio buttons because I am installing a carpc and would like to use to control it. I would like to find a Ford steering wheel since I drive a Ford. If I cant mod the new steering wheel to the existing steering column I would need a wheel and column that would fit in the gen 3. Does anyone have any suggestions on what type of car or truck that I can get a steering wheel and column from.
  5. What year Crown Victoria would I be looking for. Did the Vic have a column or a floor shift. If the Vic has a column shift maybe I can a delete the column shift and patch up the hole. For the radio controls on the steering I'm using a joycon exe to use the button like a keyboard for the carpc.(On off vol up down switch other funtions on PC)
  6. I have a sho 3.4 engine in the garage on a pallet and I want to put it on a engine stand. I need to know the size bolts and length to attach the engine to the stand. I have a harbor freight stand. I think its rated 500 pounds or more. I have a engine hoist also. Is there anything else I need besides the bolts.
  7. I have a 97 sho with an etac control's and I want to remove them from the radio. I read some where you can separate the 97 etac controls from the radio. I would like to know can I replace the 97 sho etac controls with the Taurus / Sable 00 03 etac. I know they make a car kit for the 00 03 Taurus with etac. Will the 00 03 Taurus have the same plugs and harness the the sho would. The reason for this is I want to install a 10 inch carpc monitor in the place of the football face and I want to locate the ac controls by the flip out ash tray. I think the 00 03 has a smaller footprint than the 97 controls.
  8. I have a gen 3 Taurus and I want to reupholster the headliner and my double sun visors. Does anyone know the best way to reupholster the headliner. Should I pull off the old headliner material or should I glue the new headliner material to the old. What is the best easiest way to take the visors apart to install to install the headliner material.
  9. Thanks guys for the replys. When I first tried to reupholster the headliner I messed it up. Like Zen said it headliner material over foam over fiberglass mat. I did it Kevs way months ago thinking I could scrape off the fiam and it would be fiberboard or something. Once you remove the foam you remove the strenght from the mat and its like a sheet of constrution paper. I was tempted back then to use resin and hardener but I thougth how could I get it in the car. I going to go to the jk and pull doen a scape headliner and peal off the carpet material. If the foam stays on ill do it like that if foam comes off in chunks i will do it zens way.
  10. I want to add lighted cruise control and radio funtions to my steering wheel. Can I find a car simular to mine and remove the clocksping and put it on my steering column to have the funtions work. If the clockspring fit can I depin and repin the connection to the airbag horn radio and cruise funtions to work in the car. If that will not work does anyone know of a Ford that has the same leather wrapped steering wheel as gen 3 sho but with lighted cruise controls and radio functions. Will a 00 - 07 taurus or a gen 5 taurus column and steering wheel fit the gen 3. Will the parts be interchangeable and or have the functions I want.
  11. I heard that a member was modding the window and door switches with leds. I tried to contact that member I dont belive he posts on any Taurus forums anymore. Does anyone know how to swap leds in the switches and what resistor ohm is needed for the leds. I already have 2 size leds 3mm and 5 mm hope they fit. Just don't know what ohm resistor is need. I just have the regular leds not the 12 volt version.
  12. Thanks thats what I was looking for. Bullgeek your like the parts locator guru.
  13. Does anyone know what cars besides the 96 Taurus/ Sable had the same type and kind shape of lighted reflectors in the front door panels.
  14. No my door panels don't have the lights in them. I know that a lot of things got deleted in 97 on the Taurus and Sable. What I was trying to find out was does Ford Lincoln or Mercury have any other door panels that have the clear center lighted reflector would be the same size and shape. I was in a Lincoln Mark vii or Mercury Cougar and it that a lighted reflector, the reflector looked like it could fit in a gen 4 Taurus.
  15. Thanks for the help everyone i'm going to grab 3 cans.
  16. Like many gen 3 owners I have a gray interior that I want to change to a black interior. The rear deck has some kind of carpet material covering it . I would like to know now is there a way to paint it or cover it with carpet. If covering it with carpet does any one know what kind or type. Also I tried using spray paint to paint a rear deck before and the paint caused the carpet to flake . I think I used and interior vinyl spray paint. Does anyone know a way of dying the rear deck, painting it or carpeting it to get a factory oem look.
  17. I want a cheap way to upgrade my alternator to a High output alternator without the big price tag. I was thinking about getting a 6g alternator from a police Crown Vic 04 + that puts out about 200 amps. My question is would an 6g alternator from a 04 + Crown Vic would fit in a 97 sho. My other question is the Crown Vic 03+ alt is pcm controlled can it be converted to work with our cars with a voltage regulator. I came across these article on crown vic website about install 6g alts in different Crown Vics. http://www.idmsvcs.com/2vmod/alternator/convert4g6g/index.html http://www.idmsvcs.com/2vmod/alternator/mitsubishi/upgrade/index.html
  18. These are some of the pics of the voltage regulator they made. So I would have to take the gen 3 alt cradle bracket and the crown vic alt cradle bracket and see how to mod them.
  19. How many cans of spray fabric dye do you think will be need to complete color change the rear deck. Is there any prep needs to be done to the rear deck before painting.
  20. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm going to look up a good spray on carpet dye.
  21. I have a gen 3 Taurus that has two incandescent bulbs in it. I want to convert the 3rd brake light in my Taurus to the gen 4 Led 3rd brake light. The gen 3 has two positive wire and two negative wires one for each bulb. My question was can I connect both positive wires together and both negative wires together and connect the to the gen 4 led brake light without over voltage. My next question is what is the resistor everyone talks about you should add to extend the life of the gen 4 led brake light. Does anyone know what the ohms of the resistor I need or where too place the resistor on the led board.
  22. I would like to know can I add gen 4 Taurus adjustable brake pedals to a gen 3 Taurus. If I can can I use this guide to install them I was on the Crown Vic website http://www.idmsvcs.com/2vmod/powerpedals/index.html and was wondering are the parts the same as in the gen 4 Taurus. By the same I mean the same types of parts that I am looking for in the gen 4 Taurus.
  23. Do I need to get the brake booster and master cylinder when I do the pedal swap. If a brake booster is needed from the donor car do I need to get it from a duratech model.
  24. I have a 97 Sho and I bought a 96 Sho dash cluster with the transmission range selector in the cluster. I wanted to swap the clusters the only problem I have is I don't have the wiring or connector for the 96 transmission range selector to plug in. I trying to find out what cars had the same gauge cluster connectors in the the rear as the Taurus . On the cluster it is the middle connector that I need and I don't know the part # even if I tried to order it. I was trying to upload the pic of the rear slot for the connector , but the site says I have a 2 mb limit.
  25. This is the rear of the cluster I am talking about and the middle slot is for the connector I need. Once I can find the connector and add wiring, does anyone know how to wire it in so when I use the floor shift the trans range selector works in the dash cluster also.