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  1. Hello current and former Taurus / Sables owners once again I'm here to ask some much needed questions. Only electrical questions. I'm doing a lot of mods to my 97 Sho and I need your help to finish it. A little later I am going to make a build log to show my process and completion. I have remove the battery sometime ago and removed the floor shift. At the moment I'm at work and not near my car. 1 I'm installing a backup cam in the rear of the car and would like to know which is the reverse wire or wiring color. 2 For the 3rd brake light I need to know which is the posit
  2. Jas anyone ever wondered about how much horsepower the Yamaha 3.4 v8 can put out. What's the difference between the: 96 -99 sho v8 Yamaha 3.4l 235hp and naturally aspirated engine 05-10 volvo xc90 4.4l 288 -311hp naturally aspirated engine 09 up Nobel m600 4.4l twin turbo 450 550 650bhp 13 volvo polestar s60 5.0 620 - 640hp naturally aspirated All of the above motors are all based on the v8 Yamaha 3.4l blocks I believe bored out. The only difference I see is a 1l to 1.6l difference with or without a turbocharger. Is there a way we can mod a 3.4l sho m
  3. I want to do the big 4 upgrade with 0/1 wire. When I do the upgrade do I have to remove the positive and negative wires from the battery terminals and replace the with 0/1 guage wire. Also when I upgrade to a high output alternator what size fuse would I need for the alternator maxi fuse slot. I'm looking into getting a 250 - 325 amp alternator.
  4. What year Crown Victoria would I be looking for. Did the Vic have a column or a floor shift. If the Vic has a column shift maybe I can a delete the column shift and patch up the hole. For the radio controls on the steering I'm using a joycon exe to use the button like a keyboard for the carpc.(On off vol up down switch other funtions on PC)
  5. I have a Gen 3 Taurus and I want a new steering wheel with steering wheel controls. I want a wheel that is lighted, has cruise control, tilt, and radio buttons.(climate controls would be a plus). The steering wheel need to come from a car or truck with floor shift. I need the radio buttons because I am installing a carpc and would like to use to control it. I would like to find a Ford steering wheel since I drive a Ford. If I cant mod the new steering wheel to the existing steering column I would need a wheel and column that would fit in the gen 3. Does anyone have any sugg
  6. I have a sho 3.4 engine in the garage on a pallet and I want to put it on a engine stand. I need to know the size bolts and length to attach the engine to the stand. I have a harbor freight stand. I think its rated 500 pounds or more. I have a engine hoist also. Is there anything else I need besides the bolts.
  7. I have a 97 sho with an etac control's and I want to remove them from the radio. I read some where you can separate the 97 etac controls from the radio. I would like to know can I replace the 97 sho etac controls with the Taurus / Sable 00 03 etac. I know they make a car kit for the 00 03 Taurus with etac. Will the 00 03 Taurus have the same plugs and harness the the sho would. The reason for this is I want to install a 10 inch carpc monitor in the place of the football face and I want to locate the ac controls by the flip out ash tray. I think the 00 03 has a smaller footprint than the 9
  8. Thanks guys for the replys. When I first tried to reupholster the headliner I messed it up. Like Zen said it headliner material over foam over fiberglass mat. I did it Kevs way months ago thinking I could scrape off the fiam and it would be fiberboard or something. Once you remove the foam you remove the strenght from the mat and its like a sheet of constrution paper. I was tempted back then to use resin and hardener but I thougth how could I get it in the car. I going to go to the jk and pull doen a scape headliner and peal off the carpet material. If the foam stays on ill do it l
  9. I have a gen 3 Taurus and I want to reupholster the headliner and my double sun visors. Does anyone know the best way to reupholster the headliner. Should I pull off the old headliner material or should I glue the new headliner material to the old. What is the best easiest way to take the visors apart to install to install the headliner material.
  10. I want to add lighted cruise control and radio funtions to my steering wheel. Can I find a car simular to mine and remove the clocksping and put it on my steering column to have the funtions work. If the clockspring fit can I depin and repin the connection to the airbag horn radio and cruise funtions to work in the car. If that will not work does anyone know of a Ford that has the same leather wrapped steering wheel as gen 3 sho but with lighted cruise controls and radio functions. Will a 00 - 07 taurus or a gen 5 taurus column and steering wheel fit the gen 3. Will the parts
  11. Thanks thats what I was looking for. Bullgeek your like the parts locator guru.
  12. No my door panels don't have the lights in them. I know that a lot of things got deleted in 97 on the Taurus and Sable. What I was trying to find out was does Ford Lincoln or Mercury have any other door panels that have the clear center lighted reflector would be the same size and shape. I was in a Lincoln Mark vii or Mercury Cougar and it that a lighted reflector, the reflector looked like it could fit in a gen 4 Taurus.
  13. Does anyone know what cars besides the 96 Taurus/ Sable had the same type and kind shape of lighted reflectors in the front door panels.
  14. I heard that a member was modding the window and door switches with leds. I tried to contact that member I dont belive he posts on any Taurus forums anymore. Does anyone know how to swap leds in the switches and what resistor ohm is needed for the leds. I already have 2 size leds 3mm and 5 mm hope they fit. Just don't know what ohm resistor is need. I just have the regular leds not the 12 volt version.
  15. Thanks for the help everyone i'm going to grab 3 cans.
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