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  1. I have a 97 sho now and I want to do a steering wheel swap to get lighted crusise controls, and radio buttons. When i wanted to do ths swap for my 99 Taurus no parts were available or the price was way to high. I would like to know can I do the swap using a gen 2 or 3 Explorer.Will the swap work if I take the Explorers clockspring, and whole steering wheel assembly.Do I neex any other parts. Thesavo posted that another tcca member had done the swap not sure with what gen Taurus. I could not find any info on the post/ thread. If anyone could find the post or thread on how they did it it would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Does anyone know how to install autolamps on a gen 3 taurus.
  3. I having a little problem and would like some help. I have had to replace my factory dash wiring harness because of a bad aftermarket alarm install. While removing my alarm I decided to finally install my floor shift. I found a donor car with the same harness that mine had and decide to modify it. There are four things that I want to install the fir one is a floor shift, the second is adding auto lamps third is adding fog lights from a f150 switch and the final is add the oem under dash lights. I have been adding or tapping into the oem harness since I removed it from the car, and electrical taping the back in the oem harness. Floor shift I found a 97 Taurus with auto lamps ,under dash lighting and a floor shift. I was able to remove some of the wiring i needed intacted as a I removed the floor shifter wiring from the donor car and installed it in mine. It had four wires a tan/white dark blue/white black and a red/yellow. I installed them in a gray harness like from the donor car.The only problem i have is whe i went to wire up the tan and white wire from the gray connter to the brown one i fond out that there is no tan and white wire in the brown connector, but there is a tan/yellow wire. Is this the same as the tan/ white wire from the donor car. I think that the tan and white wire is for over drive hot. I believe the brown connector is the where all the wire go to get powered c214 or 221. The other part of the tan/white wire is not connected in the brown connector. The next is adding auto lamps. I believe i removed the sun load senor for the auto lamps 5 wires with the wiring almost intact to the auto lamp headlight switch 3 wires.The red/yellow wire the dark green wire purple/white wires. All the other wires still are connected and unbroken. I believe the reason the purple/white wires got broke spliced into another sensor. The red/yellow wire i know is connected to the instrument cluster red/yellow wire and I conneted the purlpe/white wires together. I looked in a Taurus manual and it say s that the dark green wire goes to B + supply . I would like to know can I tap into any solid dark green wire or where is the B + supply wire loctated in the harness. Do I need any other pieces to make true autolamps so the come on and stay on when it gets dark.. Adding factory styles Last I want to install fog lamps with the Ford F150 switch. I pulled out a F150 fog light switch and I also remove the fog lights and grill from an 04 Focus. I pulled the Focus fog light wiring out as a whole so the actual fog lights are still connected to each other. http://v8sho.com/SHO/F150 Fog Light Switch with Auto Lamps Into a 96-99 SHO.htm I also found this not sure if its for a gen 3 posts for diagrams at bottom of the page taurusowners.com/topic/4484-headlight-switch-interesting Under dash lights The under dash lights i pulled out intacted two bulbs and 4 wires. I removed wire pin from pin 27 that runs to cjb the gem There was a blade for it in the cjb.the two black wires that are connected the black wires i think are ground wires im not sure. I would like to know will this setup work.
  4. Is there a way I could a lighted cruise control buttons to my gen 3 bull with out swaping out the steering wheel.
  5. I don't like bringing up old posts. I just came across this one. I had a 96 Ford Taurus GL and believe I had the lighted crise control buttons. Now after reading this post I want to have lighted buttons. I have a 99 Ford Taurus Se with no shifter console and would like to have lighted buttons again. The question is how can install them and from where can I get them. I read a post can i get them from a Windstar and if so what years or do I have to get a new lighted steering wheel.