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  1. Well, I know I've been inactive for 2+ years, but I just wanted to let you guys know I've entered the 4wd world. I recently purchased a 2001 Chevy Tracker Sport V6 2.5L today and I already have a lot of work ahead of me. For $200 it's a good buy, 111k miles.. We're think pretty sure it needs a new timing kit to get it back into running shape, which when all is said and done I'll only be down another ~$250 and 8.5 hours of work. Wish me luck
  2. why do you have to be so far away
  3. Where in Iowa? I Live in Cedar Rapids and would be very interested in the $400 one.
  4. This is the sound from straight pipe to 05 Mustang GT muffler
  5. lol i was actually just testing out the new smiley, and it in fact does have the desired effect I was hoping for!
  6. Lets see, $50. Working full time @ 11/hr -.-
  7. Just purchased a front wheel bearing, my front left wheel has been making some pretty decent grinding for about 6 months now and I'm a little motivated to fix it finally, although from what I see it looks like a pain to do. I also ordered a used fuel pump to replace the one slowly dying I have now. I have to rev the car up until the fuel pump fully starts working lol. The fuel pump currently in my car is from my old 95 Sable
  8. LzzrdBoy that's pretty awesome, I don't play too much xbox in fact the only games I really play are Halo Reach, RB3, and MW3. Otherwise I'm a heavy PC Gamer. I use to play in tons of ladders back in the Medal of Honor Allied Assault days but nowadays I just can't find a decent team to play with competitively. I think I'll get back into it when CS:Go comes out though.
  9. hmm my hobbies? well lets see, I mod just about everything I can. I have a modded xbox, custom built modded computer (video card has a flashed bios to be better, cpu has an unlocked core) I make custom phone roms, I program Android apps, VB.Net apps, I create maps for games such as Team Fortress 2, CSS, and more, I also play games like it's my job. Here's just some pics and videos about me and my interests. I would say I'm extremely good at Rockband, this is a clone on my PC so I can play more songs: A tutorial I made for people wanting to learn how to map for Counter Strike Source:
  10. haha, I was suprised how much of a PERFECT fit the firecracker was. Well me and a friend already had our fun with fireworks earlier before it had snowed. I used my windshield mount for my phone, and had recorded video of us shooting bottlerockets out of launching tubes from my car... that was fun. Now i just scare the s**t out of the other drivers (99% of them are morons where I live) as they see me sliding around a corner thinking I lost control. I like riding with my friend more tho in his Chevy Tracker, he's mastered the 360 spin. He'll spin around, throw it in neutral to spin forw
  11. Using a firecracker to prop out the e-brake release so I can use it to drift around snowy corners, call me a noob if you must but it's dam fun
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