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  1. I think the less information you give to somebody the better. the police officer was correct in dismissing your friend, i don't think he could even be used as a witness because he is bias already. maybe not saying he was your friend the cop may have taken his statement. when you contacted the insurance company you might have opened a can of worms, their is no way the agent did not make a note on your file, even if she said what statement. I truely will say with my insurance company I trust then 100% and have fought for me through every claim. I just had a problem where I had to have one of my
  2. i agree, she wants to act like a man she deserves the punch from hell like a man. I hope she does time.
  3. i have tried it once and never got the smoke show so i never did it again i'll just save my money.
  4. 211,000 miles on my vulcan, and the original tranny. I always say do your maintenance and go to a "great" dealer.i'm so sick of hearing of how dealers are rip off's. let's face it if you go to a dealer that runs his dealership out of trailer i would run away. I always go to Tasca in cranston r.i. and have yet to be ripped off by them. when I get my service done most of the time they say everything looks good but, a few times they have had given me advanced notice saying I need tires or a brake job. this gives me time to budget and get it done. the biggest factor is luck of the draw. some
  5. As a daily driver i can not imagine the repairs will be cheap.
  6. Sadly I have never changed my oil. I just don't think I'm saving enough money to make it worth it. Devin if he thinks it runs smoother, maybe it does maybe it doesn't , I say if you feel good then do it.
  7. my taurus has hit 211k miles and she burns about a quarter of a quart in 3000 miles. My last oil change i asked Tasca to do 5w39 but they will not. oh well maybe i'll try a quick change place but, i'm afraid to have oil changes done any where else. she has never gone to a quick change place.
  8. something about buying a car from a guy that works out of a trailer makes me nervous. i guess i wouldn't mind if it was dirt cheap.
  9. i started a fantasy football league on yahoo if anyone is interested in football. information is: ID# is 463765 and the Password is ace.
  10. at least he hosed it down before taking the pictures. makes the paint look nice. collector of SHO's why.
  11. nick i just went outside on the truck and set the a/c on brrrrr. i'll send some to you via usps.
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