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  1. Sean, I'm getting most of these parts for free or very cheap and I need something to pass the time when I'm not at my station. Also I decided to take this to AIT with me down in GA instead of buying another vehicle.
  2. Mike, one possible reason that the bed is bent is because in it's past life it was used by a construction company. All I know it rides fine and it drives down the road straight. Also I order a new floor pan, new fenders, new rockers panels, and fender flares to cover the rust up the rust on the bed. Next plans are getting new speakers for it and just driving it till I get shipped to BCT.
  3. Everyone is getting trucks now . Nice pickup
  4. Mike, I don't see any busted spring or shock. It rides great. Also the frame is completely straight.
  5. All nice and tidy up front now. Next week I'm heading to the junkyard with Don to see if I can find any good F150's there.
  6. Hey Devin there's a sho for you
  7. That color blue is so awesome and nice pick up Kevin. I wish I had a blue vehicle again so I can have a patriot driveway.
  8. I went with Sean's idea today. I'm doing the exact same theme as the blazer on this truck.
  9. Maybe Sean, I'm still debating on painting it camo once I get the cab corner and fenders fixed.
  10. Kevin I did to. Problem being is that I could see crap with em and they had huge cracks in em. I got these headlights for 30$ off of craigslist. Mike, I'm just getting black wagon wheels, I really don't want to spend more money then I have to. I'm still working on the sho . Alex
  11. Quick update on the hunting/work vehicle. I flushed all the fluids out and put new in. Got a new belt. And today got new lights on it. Next up is to get a new fender, fix the cab corner and get new wheels.
  12. Back when I was doing my internship at the state police. People always got out of my way when they my taurus coming out of the post. And some people still do .
  13. If these are still around in may of next year I'll pick em up off of you.
  14. Paint the front grill to make it look like a Sport. I'm trying to get my grandma into a new fusion.
  15. Well I went and fixed the front bumper and rear bumper. I cleaned off all the rust and painted it dark grey. Looks 10x better, just need to fix the fenders and it'll be presentable.
  16. I got new headlights coming in the mail right now. I'll pm you about the grill.
  17. Some not a lot, btw devin did you get my text?
  18. That sir, is an excellent example of Michigan salt on roads and being a work truck.
  19. While the sho is out of commission for the winter, and I'm trying to keep the interceptor miles down. I decided to pick up a truck. I actually got it for 1400 with 224196 miles on it. The engine and tranny actually have 50,000 miles on it which should last for me quite a while. Well off to the pics. Devin I can't make fun of your rusty durango anymore Alex
  20. x2, If that doesn't work for me I always use wax and grease remover from my body I used to work at.
  21. Looks great on it Dennis. I need to clean up mine before this winter. I'm just going to put a under coating on it since it's no show car. Alex
  22. I'm trying to figure out a new plate for my truck and can't decide on it since I'm not that good a creativity . Anyway Mike and I decided on this last night http://services.sos.state.mi.us/plates/myPlate-new.asp?phrase=1FIDDY&plateType=SPECIAL&plateID=vet&vType=auto&hndCap=false (Wont let me put it embedded) What do you guys think about it? If you any other cool/brilliant idea for a plate please feel free to input Alex
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