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  1. I've been seeing a few of the unmarked units up here in For Drum. And damn they are sexy even when they pull you over.
  2. Lifted the jeep 3 inches, got new European tail lights, and new duratrac tires put on.
  3. Shade Got A Sho! Finally!

    I've been missing a lot since I've been training for deployment . Not a bad pick up shade. Alex
  4. Shade Got A Sho! Finally!

    I've been missing a lot since I've been training for deployment . Not a bad pick up shade. Alex
  5. What A Stupid Looking Car

    I'm not to particular on today's automotive designs. Everything is looking the same, and people wonder why I love older vehicles. Alex
  6. Lucky To Be Alive

    Glad to hear that you were ok. I personally would of been in jail if someone ran me off the road and came up smiling.
  7. Police Interceptor

    Looks sexy . I wish New York would upgrade their design.
  8. Painted the rear bumper and front bumper on the jeep gloss black and ordered new European tail lights.
  9. Blacked out the rear ambers and took an updated pic of the front of the cherokee
  10. Taurusaurus Rex's Log

    Sean that is um.... a creepy photo Alex
  11. Straight piped the jeep, got a new radiator , fixed the rust on the wheels and painted them, and finally cleaned it. First free time in a long time to play around with modding it. Alex
  12. It's a 4dr. It's already getting modify for cheap.
  13. It runs great, 1 owner jeeps are the best especially whens it was own by a elderly couple.
  14. It was straighter, filled in correctly, I might like it. Alex