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  1. Do you have pics and what is the weight. shipping would be to 67037
  2. What color and what do you want for it?
  3. you could simply have a faulty temperature sender.
  4. Thanks, Yes gen 3 or 4 both will fit. The one in the picture is a gen 4 console installed in my old gen 3. Whatever one I get I am going to need to paint it with colorbond plastic and vinyl paint since ford never made the console in chocolate to match the dash of 96-97s
  5. I circled the spot in the pic where the bolt threads into.
  6. I am looking for a center console like in the attached pic. Color doesn't matter.
  7. I would second grinding a slot and trying a flat head screwdriver.
  8. The bolt goes through the alternator bracket and threads into the head.
  9. I assume the circled bolt is the one you are talking about? I think you are going to need to drill it out and get an easy out in there. Your problem is going to be access. Your probably not going to be able to drill it unless you have a right angle adapter and I would remove the alternator, idler pulley and coolant overflow bottle for access. Heat won't do you any good since it would need to be applied to the head where the bolt threads into and that it blocked by the alternator bracket.
  10. Still have the leather wrapped wheel that is in the list of photos?
  11. In my last Taurus I made a later model changer fit. I did have to mod the brackets a little to make it happen.
  12. All of the arrows are pointing the wrong direction. The flow direction is to the intake manifold.
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