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  1. Yes Nick Thank you! But If Sean would of GOTTEN THE SWIFFER! It would not of been so bad.
  2. And Iced Tea
  3. Ice lots of ice!
  4. Sean you stole that from me
  5. Only thing is the kit is a bit cheap for the price. You would be better off with RGB Led strips and a controller.
  6. Since Nick is Lazy I'll do this. Sorry I don't know everyone's name. Attending: BullGeek (Nick) SHO Enough Jeff (JEFF) Brian_05_SEL (Brian) TaurusKev (Kevin) DaveRomanJr (Dave) Taurusguy1 Rohand901 RedTruckChaser (Sandy) Sean T (Sean) Gentz (Anthony) Roach (Anthony) Magic Mike (I hope Mike) Taurusdailydriver (PAUL) Possibly: Kodachrome Wolf -- If he ever decides
  7. Side Note: I will be bringing the following to just get rid of if any one wants the stuff. OEM Centennial Tail lights Dual Lighted Sun Visors. 96 JBL Branded AMP with MACH Connectors. Auto Dim Mirror
  8. So what is the total 13 people?
  9. Screw you both.. I'm just gonna cancel my hotel now then.
  10. Booked my Hotel so unless something family related comes up The Fusion and I will be there.
  11. I'd want to pick up a used one, let some one else take a hit. So finding one is hard. :-) I don't want to hijack this thread though.
  12. Haha Around here I have a better chance of finding a unicorn, than an EB Flex with the appearance package.
  13. Meh that sucks.. Honestly in reverse I occasionally hear a whining with mine. If i take it out of reverse and put it back in it generally goes away. So I don't know, i honestly can't wait for my lease to be up. 2016 Flex with the appearance package here i come.
  14. Did they ask you if they could take it home? And Ehh 50 total Miles / 80 KM is a little high for my liking for some one to take my car home. But I would bitch cause you did not receive it in the same condition you left it in. And the better question, did they fix the chugging?
  15. Wow last payment!? Didn't you get yours around the same time i got mine?