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  1. How much room would you have if you hugged the outside walls with the cars!? And Kev, I think you are missing some gutters
  2. Thank you!! Honestly for me the front end of the MKS I love so much more than the Taurus. I've gotten so many compliments at work for it to. My wife calls it the Pap-mobile but you know know ecoboost, messaging seats, pano sunroof and the moving head lights are just so nice it makes up for it. But I will say as clear as THX is I miss the base from the Sony in my Fusion.
  3. Okay i'm changing threads for this! So last Monday was my final ride in the Fusion. I have been searching off and on for lease replacements for, ... well Dave would say for 3 years since I got the car, but for a few months. In searching I found a couple cars, suvs, trucks, and sent some emails and no one could get me out of my lease without trading in the car and me taking in a horrible hit because Ford gave me an insane residual of $21k. I was hell bent on a Flex but unless I went super high miles i was not getting one for the price I wanted. I thought about looking at an MKT because I could pick up a lower priced one since they are slightly uglier but i realized it just doesn't make sense with having the Explorer already. With that being said after some more auto trader searching I went back to the car hunt. Well I always comb through Fords and Lincolns just trying to find what i like. Initially i found an 2012 MKZ sport appearance but 60k on the clock so that was a little too high for my liking. After looking a bit harder I found a car that showed up on autotrader that was just taken on trade less than a week prior. I ended up reaching out to my local dealer and said help I like this. Well after getting told let me find out and hold on I'll send you info tomorrow... well tomorrow came and then Monday came and i heard nothing. Monday at 915 i get an email sorry we can't do anything for you. Well okay then so I called the dealer that has the car and said can you do this for a certain price and they said i'll get back to you. They wanted me to just come see the car but it was on the other side of the city and if they couldn't make it worth my time I was not going. So after about a half hour i get a call saying yes we can make your price point work but you have to come see it now, some one is scheduled to see it tonight. With the mileage and the price of the car i know it was not going to last at all. This dealer ship does market based pricing on their used cars so the prices are super reasonable. So with that being said i talked to my wife, who was shocked about doing it right then and there but with time frames with life and my wife being an accountant now was a better time than ever. So I took a half day, put 5 dollars worth of gas in the fusion, and ran out to the other side of the city. So okay I've avoided what I got for long enough, when i pulled up to the dealer ship the car was just freshly washed and was waiting for me, this was at 1:00pm. Weirdest thing in life was they didn't need my license didn't need any information. I've never experienced that in my life it was so weird. But I asked the dealer if i could give it some gas, she had no problems so we went rocketing down the road. Car rode awesome and had so much power, the car has a few light scratches and a couple weird interior issues with the console but they promised to fix it. Which to me isn't a big deal when i see the whole picture. So after we came back I gave the car a once over and said okay lets figure it out. So we went and did our paper work i got a 4 years, 12k a year warranty. They got me close to what I wanted to pay for nothing down plus extended warranty and tax and title. Oh and I was out of the dealership at 4:30 pm. This dealership was seriously the best experience ever. So this car had 43,300 miles on it, has Ecoboost , AWD, adaptive suspension, and adaptive head lights. That may narrow it down. Car was listed for 19,997 which to me i couldn't pass up even looking at it. 2013 Lincoln MKS Ecoboost AWD Elite Package So I said good bye to the Fusion and said hello to this beautifully fast land yacht. Looking at the sticker with the options and price alone, going a little older and having a little bit more miles was so worth it. So technically I'm back in a Taurus but the ride and look do not compare.
  4. Some one take Nicks Ice Cream since we can't be there!
  5. Only thing I will say in the Hyundai mount is different its a lot higher than normal fords and the base is special so you would have to take the glass mount off the windshield too.
  6. Its actually an OEM Hyundai mirror came out of a junk Sonata. I like to live on the edge. Its actually a curve in the road haha
  7. Finally pulled the Garage queen out and got a new battery and oil change. She is going back to DD duty while the Explorer gets to sit in the garage. I need to get a stubby antenna so i don't have to remove it from the Explorer to make it fit. Either way my wife would never even attempt to pull it out because she is afraid of hitting the mirrors but still. I am now working on getting the Sonata back to working order totally. A new flex pipe is getting ordered since the old one has a pin hole. Only thing that sucks you can't just order the pipe you have to order back to the cat. Luckily eBay has them for only 120. Which is shocking but I’ll take it. Nick has offered to find me some parts since there aren't any good junk yards around Pittsburgh. So I will be getting fog light bezels (missing), radio (screen is failing on the old one), Rear passenger taillight (at some point years ago it took on water and i had to clean it). After that is just brakes and rotors in the rear especially the pads aren't touching the whole rotors in the rear. I did find the Auto Dim mirror with Home link that Sean and Dave got me at the October Meet. So i slapped that on but now need to figure out the wiring. There are four wires which initially confused me but this morning while showering i had an epiphany, one wire is for constant power for the Homelink, one is for switched auto dim, the other is reverse wire (who cares) and the last is ground. So once i find my wiring in the front sunroof/map light I should be good. I wonder if my wife will notice this morning if anything is different. But in 3 years we've put maybe 3000 miles on it. Since I have only some time before baby number 2 comes I want to get some shit done. So the Explorer now sits until we need the space, the Sonata now gets driven 3-ish miles a day to my wife's work and back, and my Fusion gets the beating it deserves at around 12 miles a day. EDIT: She noticed first thing this morning and called and asked if its been here for years and she never noticed. She said the mirror feels much closer haha. It is a lot more plastic around it.
  8. DAMNIT SEAN! All those SES lights are still his fault. Why did you tear the garage down?
  9. Okay i just started watching this and he sounds pissed as shit that it is now a manual and he didn't have to push the clutch down.
  10. Well I was 100% correct about the Explorer. The transmission seal was indeed leaking where i thought it was. So for that time i got an Explorer rental and then i got this 17 Escape Rental. Not a bad car but I was driving it cause my wife hated it. While the Explorer was out I made a deal with a guy on craigslist. I was able to get the OEM Explorer branded Cargo Mat for 45 dollars on Craigslist. After a good hosing it looked brand new. Next on Saturday I started on cleaning the front floor mats. During the deal I asked them to clean the mats because the script was dirty looking. Well they did one and just gave up. So I decided that now i will clean the fronts my self. The backs were fine so i didn't care to do them. I would say I did about 20 passes some with the hand tool scrubber and others with the big carpet cleaning part. I'm very happy with how they turned out. Before Dirty Ass Water: After: I also drilled out the front plate bracket, I'm still need to buff (scratch x kinda helped) and get bumper plugs. Still it looks so much better without an empty front plate bracket on it. Also on this same day I received my HID kit from Diode Dynamics. 6000K 9005 Bulbs with Smart Ballasts and Heavy duty water proof relay. Holy shit is the relay intense. After cutting the dust caps and running the wiring they were in within maybe an hour and a half. I had quite the fun time hiding the wiring. There is a lot less room in that engine bay than the Kia. Look at the braiding on the relay holy hell. First test light up on the drivers side Test on both sides And DONE ---------- Here are the Night shots! I'm super pleased with the output but i think i'm going to be adjusting these for the next year until i get the height correct. I do believe i need to send the company an email though. All in all they look great but it looks like the passenger side bulb could be bad. It doesn't light at the same time or the one time my wife thought it wasn't on when she got out of the car. The entire HID kit comes with a 3 year warranty and since i just received them I would hope they will just send me replacements without too much hassle. Car is looking great and up next I will be getting all weather OEM branded floor mats. Found them on craigslist for 30 dollars originally 100. I'm excited to get those too.
  11. I feel like My Taurus had that same cut out in the headliner. I bet when they pulled down on the head liner it is no longer tight and its hanging down showing that mark now. Is it dead center?
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