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  1. How much room would you have if you hugged the outside walls with the cars!? And Kev, I think you are missing some gutters
  2. Thank you!! Honestly for me the front end of the MKS I love so much more than the Taurus. I've gotten so many compliments at work for it to. My wife calls it the Pap-mobile but you know know ecoboost, messaging seats, pano sunroof and the moving head lights are just so nice it makes up for it. But I will say as clear as THX is I miss the base from the Sony in my Fusion.
  3. Okay i'm changing threads for this! So last Monday was my final ride in the Fusion. I have been searching off and on for lease replacements for, ... well Dave would say for 3 years since I got the car, but for a few months. In searching I found a couple cars, suvs, trucks, and sent some emails and no one could get me out of my lease without trading in the car and me taking in a horrible hit because Ford gave me an insane residual of $21k. I was hell bent on a Flex but unless I went super high miles i was not getting one for the price I wanted. I thought about looking at an MKT becau
  4. Some one take Nicks Ice Cream since we can't be there!
  5. Only thing I will say in the Hyundai mount is different its a lot higher than normal fords and the base is special so you would have to take the glass mount off the windshield too.
  6. Its actually an OEM Hyundai mirror came out of a junk Sonata. I like to live on the edge. Its actually a curve in the road haha
  7. Finally pulled the Garage queen out and got a new battery and oil change. She is going back to DD duty while the Explorer gets to sit in the garage. I need to get a stubby antenna so i don't have to remove it from the Explorer to make it fit. Either way my wife would never even attempt to pull it out because she is afraid of hitting the mirrors but still. I am now working on getting the Sonata back to working order totally. A new flex pipe is getting ordered since the old one has a pin hole. Only thing that sucks you can't just order the pipe you have to order back to the cat. Lucki
  8. DAMNIT SEAN! All those SES lights are still his fault. Why did you tear the garage down?
  9. Okay i just started watching this and he sounds pissed as shit that it is now a manual and he didn't have to push the clutch down.
  10. Well I was 100% correct about the Explorer. The transmission seal was indeed leaking where i thought it was. So for that time i got an Explorer rental and then i got this 17 Escape Rental. Not a bad car but I was driving it cause my wife hated it. While the Explorer was out I made a deal with a guy on craigslist. I was able to get the OEM Explorer branded Cargo Mat for 45 dollars on Craigslist. After a good hosing it looked brand new. Next on Saturday I started on cleaning the front floor mats. During the deal I asked them to clean the mats because the script was d
  11. I feel like My Taurus had that same cut out in the headliner. I bet when they pulled down on the head liner it is no longer tight and its hanging down showing that mark now. Is it dead center?
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