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  1. DAMNIT SEAN! All those SES lights are still his fault. Why did you tear the garage down?
  2. Okay i just started watching this and he sounds pissed as shit that it is now a manual and he didn't have to push the clutch down.
  3. Well I was 100% correct about the Explorer. The transmission seal was indeed leaking where i thought it was. So for that time i got an Explorer rental and then i got this 17 Escape Rental. Not a bad car but I was driving it cause my wife hated it. While the Explorer was out I made a deal with a guy on craigslist. I was able to get the OEM Explorer branded Cargo Mat for 45 dollars on Craigslist. After a good hosing it looked brand new. Next on Saturday I started on cleaning the front floor mats. During the deal I asked them to clean the mats because the script was dirty looking. Well they did one and just gave up. So I decided that now i will clean the fronts my self. The backs were fine so i didn't care to do them. I would say I did about 20 passes some with the hand tool scrubber and others with the big carpet cleaning part. I'm very happy with how they turned out. Before Dirty Ass Water: After: I also drilled out the front plate bracket, I'm still need to buff (scratch x kinda helped) and get bumper plugs. Still it looks so much better without an empty front plate bracket on it. Also on this same day I received my HID kit from Diode Dynamics. 6000K 9005 Bulbs with Smart Ballasts and Heavy duty water proof relay. Holy shit is the relay intense. After cutting the dust caps and running the wiring they were in within maybe an hour and a half. I had quite the fun time hiding the wiring. There is a lot less room in that engine bay than the Kia. Look at the braiding on the relay holy hell. First test light up on the drivers side Test on both sides And DONE ---------- Here are the Night shots! I'm super pleased with the output but i think i'm going to be adjusting these for the next year until i get the height correct. I do believe i need to send the company an email though. All in all they look great but it looks like the passenger side bulb could be bad. It doesn't light at the same time or the one time my wife thought it wasn't on when she got out of the car. The entire HID kit comes with a 3 year warranty and since i just received them I would hope they will just send me replacements without too much hassle. Car is looking great and up next I will be getting all weather OEM branded floor mats. Found them on craigslist for 30 dollars originally 100. I'm excited to get those too.
  4. I feel like My Taurus had that same cut out in the headliner. I bet when they pulled down on the head liner it is no longer tight and its hanging down showing that mark now. Is it dead center?
  5. Maybe I will this weekend just do it leave it off over night. I hate the placement I had to jump my wife's sonata off it pain in the ass to get to the ground. Also no i don't have a problem with it. Browser History?
  6. Honestly not in this car, I hate the placement of the battery so i just don't try. I did just did a reset of all the stored stuff in the car with Forscan the other day so maybe that will help. But i'm not sure. And Ehhh this early is probably the best just getting in to work not actually doing shit for an hour.
  7. Ehh my 08 Milan with the Asian Transmission was reliable and I flushed that every 30k. The 6F35 honestly i hate it, its too clunky. It can't get out of its own way and doesn't know how to shift when you need it to. I also can't stand the down shifting when going down a hill coasting. I don't trust the transmission and i'm glad its a lease. I'd say out of 5 days its shifting smooth 1.5 of those days. When i get transmission flushes I don't do power flushes I do what ever flush Valvoline offers. Its seriously the best one out there. Dave can attest. I think what ever my next car is I will make sure to buy a CPO again just to have the 100k Powertrain warranty. I would honestly look in to it with these transmissions.
  8. Maybe it was just the transmission and i heard what i wanted. They initially wanted me to come back next oil change. Umm our last car we went 8 months before hitting the 3k mark. Normally we don't do 5k a year on her cars. Bought the Kia with 30k on it in 13 and traded it in 17 with 49k. Worst part about that, is that's still driving it daily. So I told them nope but since we don't drive that much they wanted enough time to circulate so i settled for the 11th. Honestly its not my problem, I just bought this car its a CPO fix it and give me my loaded 17 Escape courtesy car again.
  9. Yeah i know. I think when i took that i had 10 miles left. The fusion needs a good interior cleaning that's for sure. I hate that sticker. I was going to pull it off the other day but it started coming in pieces so I have to get the blow dryer. Side note the Explorer went back to the dealer for a possible leak. They put dye in the tranny and engine to see if they can figure out what type of fluid is leaking. I thought i noticed it the first few days and when i had them re-detail their shitty job the first time they looked and said it was residual fluid. Welp sorry I put the front of the car off the driveway and climbed under and it looks like there is a leak where the engine meets the tranny. Now there is a piece of plastic between the two it looks like so it might be a sensor or a gasket. I found a TSB that says it could be a seal where the two meet but of course i can't find the damn thing now. Dealer took the car in the next day got me a fully loaded 17 Escape for the day and did all the dye. Car goes back the 11th after the dye has enough time to circulate. While it was there I had them adjust the head lights, I kinda thought a candle would do a better job lighting up the road. Of course certain little things can't be done correctly unless you do them your self. Thank you service tech, I really needed the tops of street signs lit up and none of the road. So i guess I'll have to be fiddling with those headlights a few times this week. I adjusted them down and the road seems brighter but my neighborhood only has lights on certain streets so its hard to tell since its so dark. The original adjustment at times had me getting more light from the car behind me. Honestly this is nothing major so what ever I'm just glad the dealership acknowledges the leak and i think in the end i'm going to get a tranny fluid change out of this a least. I guess i can't complain.
  10. I do hope you are still blaming Sean for all Roadmaster issues... Since he did make the check engine light turn on.
  11. Okay Since Nick is doing this I am too. Yesterday on my 15 Fusion i finally enabled the Digital Speedo, AWD Gauge, Auto Mirror down in reverse, and TPMS. Speedo, Mirror and TPMS all work but the AWD Gauge is just there. It doesn't seem to actually work. Its something with the firmware in the cluster. Still need to enable global close on Daves Edge along with Climate Control on the right screen. Also two weeks ago weeks ago we traded in my Wife's 2011 Kia Sorento EX V6 with 48k for a 2015 Ford Explorer XLT Sport appearance Package with 34k on it. My wife a few days prior called me saying her car smelled like plastic (which ended up being out side) so I jokingly sent her some Santa Fe's and she said no more Hyundai/Kias. She sent me one Explorer that was nice but not what i would want her to have - so i started looking and found this. She liked it and I started my deal that went on for 4 days. I made my dealer hide the keys while i drove it and brought it to my wife and we made our decision. The Explorer just came off a lease and came in from auction and I spotted it 3 days after it came in. It is a Tuxedo Black XLT N/A V6 with the Appearance grille, mirror caps, rear trunk bar across the hatch, Explorer hood badging, body colored door handles, 20 inch wheels, Black roof Rails, Suede Leather Seats and a black center stack. Also Sunroof, Nav, 2nd row buckets, Trailer Tow Class 3, Power Lift gate, Remote start and Premium Sound 9 Speakers (Which sounds better than i expected). The car is a CPO so it comes with a limited 7 year 100k Powertrain warranty and i also got an extended warranty for 8 years and 75k since we don't drive far. The 8 years was only 10 dollars more than the 7 years. Only thing i feel like the Explorer needs is HIDs which I will do soon. My wife was used to HIDs in the Sorento and these stock bulbs are like using a candle. Sad Days to see the Sorento go but i'm glad I have something reliable with another child on the way that doesn't clunk up front even after replacement suspension or that whine that the dealer could never find in the rear when it was cold. The Sorento was a solid AWD car but the quality of some plastics was just super cheap and the sunroof plastics rattled. http://www.woltzwindford.com/used/Kia/2011-Kia-Sorento-1252cc8c0a0e0ae85b8927d01926573e.htm?searchDepth=2:2 Go buy the Sorento if you like! 2004 Hyundai Sonata V6 - This car is just in the garage waiting for spring to be cleaned up and get a flex pipe put on it. On a side note I also Enabled Nav on my Dads '14 SHO for his birthday. Following instructions the job took about 45 minutes with the longest time was Sync updating to 3.8. Only problem is that when i enabled the right screen to Navigation the speed limit icons are Euro style. I will have to do more research but not that big of a deal.
  12. Yes Nick Thank you! But If Sean would of GOTTEN THE SWIFFER! It would not of been so bad.
  13. And Iced Tea
  14. Ice lots of ice!