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  1. AT KodakChrome: I am thinking about refurbishing "Oliver", the trusty Orek up right we've had since I convinced my mom to buy one in the mid-to-late 1990s. Original motor, runs strong. Rubber "bumper" occasionally comes off, easy fix. Handle broke a few months ago. Still using it though it hurts my back. She's bought half a dozen vacuums since to "replace It', but it keeps outlasting them all. It's still the best performing unit we have. One head light is out, other than that, it's been so reliable I think it may outlast me. I want to replace the handle and keep it going. I'll take it with me when I got my building construtcted. It's handled so much and never had an issue (including new carpet in several houses, which they say will kill a vacuum due to the level of loose fibers). It's counterpart, the handheld, was an ammature detailer's best friend. It could reach into anywhere, and like it's big brother, NEVER had an issue...until the switch became intermittent. I was looking for a replacement when ****SOMEBODY**** threw the guy away on trash day (insuring I couldn't rescue it as I had Oliver when it was "traded in" on some door-to-door-sold POS that died early a few years prior). "I just don't like electrical problems, they scare me!" My response was: "Ok, the next time the Taurus loses a headlight bulb or the radio gives out in the F-250, we'll just have 'em crushed."
  2. LOL "risked my life". As if that isn't going to happen every time an idiot like that wakes up in the morning. I've seen the type, they're so oblivious to the world around them that they really are a danger to themselves and others, just as if they were a scorned lover with a passion for sharp shooting.
  3. They got the AX4N, and I think (with some revision?), that it was pretty much the same AX4N Ford put in V-8 SHOs and V-8 Contis, not to mention its in your Duratec Sable. I wouldn't buy a gen 2 SHO with one out of my preference for the manual shift* in a sports sedan (when one was available). Same reason I wouldn't want an Acura Vigor with an automatic: not due to reliability, more due to the fact that it was a decent car to drive, much sportier than Lexus or Infiniti at the time (or nearly any of them now, it was deemed "too hard" for its segment), as it deserves manual shift, just like the 2nd gen SHO. Back to the Vigor, Honda placed the inline 5 in the car north-south, though it was FWD, so that it would have better balance and handle better. I've always admired that car as I have the SHO over the years, though the SHO is more of a screamer obviously, lol. Should I find one at some point (an early model with manual shift, before they had to "soften" it to compete with ES300), I plan to de-Acura-ify it and give it a JDM Honda appearance (grille, badging, etc., perhaps wheels but I wouldn't convert it to RHD, nor rice it out). Another point to Honda's design: My 1996 Chrysler Concorde LXi had FWD with a north-south engine, and it handled okay for it's size, just not in the snow or ice LOL. Edit: I also prefer the '95-99 Maxima (out of any generation) with manual shift, though I'd be likely to consider an automatic one. All that being said, I do really like the AX4N in my '95 3.0L Vulcan, It's a lot more responsive and shifts better than the many AXOD cars I've owned and driven (some with low miles as in my mom's Sable, though it was a '97, didn't have an AX4N), and this thing has 190K on it. It was certainly the best FWD 4-speed automatic Ford put in any of our car's relatives. When I worked at the L-M dealer in the early 2000s,I never felt it was lacking in the many FWD V-8 Continentals I've driven (every chance I got), a car a I deeply desire in '98-'02 form. Even on my high mileage '95, if you're "not crazy" on the throttle, the expected upshifts come but are hardly felt. Start picking up the pace, and it downshifts quicker, and with more authority. Almost like it really was made to do that some times, not just something it had to do lol. *Such as it was, lol.
  4. I couldnt disagree more. Id rather deal with a bad TFI module (out of the dozen or so Tauruses Ive had, only one had an issue with it, a very high mileage 86 LX) than I had warped heads or serious knocking before or near100k on an Essex. The woman I bought the parts car from spent $1,300 repairing that cars Essex right around 100k. Id still rather have my 190k mile Vulcan than I had that 132k mile Essex. When I worked at the Lincoln-Mercury dealer in the early 2000s, every week we had another Essex come in with major issues. Most had repair bills in excess of $1,000. Most were dealer maintained cars driven by adults mostly in their 50s or older (so I highly doubt the cars were abused). We had several custumers abandon their cars when we told them the cost of the required repairs, some elected to take our $500 minimum trade in allowance and bought another Ford or L-M vehicle. I heard several swear off Ford products for good due to the excessive repairs they had to deal with. Its kinda hard to blame them in some cases, like dropping $1500+ into the engine, only to have the tramsaxle fail 5,000 miles later, or when the repaired engine starts knocking louder than a 7.3 PowerStroke less than a year after they paid out the ass to have the top end redone. I like the 88-94 Continental (especially a 94 with floor shift), but never could talk myself into pulling the trigger on one. The Mexican guys who bought my 92 for its engine were planning on putting it in a "low mileage" Conti that was knocking bad, they said.
  5. Ive used rubbing alchohol to remove glue residue, it works pretty good, and its cheap. Pour some on a rag, then use the rag (with your fingers pressing hard from the other side) to remove the glue. Ive never tried to remove pin striping, but my buddy had a Mazda B4000 4X4 with graphics on the side. It took us a while, but we got them peeled off and used rubbing alchohol to remove the leftover glue residue. Edit: it doesnt hurt to sorta soak a section of the glue usung the rag amd applying light pressure first. Then, start at one end and work your way back, one panel at a time. Ford dealers usually will do a full (113 point? Iirc) inspection with an oil/filter change. Theyll use Motorcraft oil and filter, which is what you always should use. If youre a do-ir-yourselfer, you can usually find fantastic deals on eBay on a lot of Motorcraft filters. Your car uses an FL-400S filter, by the way. Theyre also avalable at Walmart and AutoZone, the latter being much more expensive.
  6. I thought about Gorilla glue (or similar), but decided against anything that smelly and permanate. BTW, I like your SE. Nice looking car. My mom had a 97 Sable the same color. On a lot of cars, silver looks bland and boring (like my meighbor's Altima...wait, maybe because that car IS bland and borimg!), but gen 3 (like yours) and gen 4 cars make it look good. You may want to consider doing a fluid, filter and pan gasket change on your transaxle. Ive learned (as have many others) that doing this about every 30K miles greatly prolongs the life of the trans. DO NOT have it flushed (without filter change). Thats worse than doing nothing at all.
  7. Washed the 95 yesterday, cleaned the carpet a little. Stupid tree keeps dropping these tiny little brown specs on the car, they only come off with intense scrubbing. I specificly avoid parking under the tree, but I guess the wind blows it and it gets on the car anyway. Was really bad on the deck lid. I didnt have the energy to get it all off (spent most of the day detailing a Chevy 2500 Silverado, which is why the vac, bucket of carwash soap and hose was already out). The carpet keeps coming up in places. I thing the backing is crumbled, which is why it isnt as stiff as it should be. I do my best to tuck it under the trim, but its still an issue (really irritating when the vac pulls it up). Still, I love it and wouldnt go back to that nasty and ripped up rug i had before. Was thinking of trying double sided tape to correct the problem eventually.
  8. Ive always wanted to visit one of those. I used to watch The Adventures Of Merlin (or whatever it was called) on SyFy channel, I enjoyed the show mostly because of how it showed what life was like back then (magic excluded).
  9. Lol that happens to me everytime I go to a junk yard! Hey! An Escort Diesel! And look, a 5-speed 2-door Tempo with a tach! Wow! A 95 Contour SE! And now I see a first gen Civic CRX Si! Lol
  10. Aww geeze, I want to SO bad. SC isn't that far (used to live in Greenville and, later, Easley), but my finances probably wont permit it. Story of my life, lol. If something changes, I'll let you guys know and do my best to be there. I trust the '95 to make it, but it'll need an oil change first, and then maybe a windshield (cracked RIGHT in my line of sight ). Nick, I haven't seen you since, when? 2006 I think it was? When we toured the Hapeville plant shortly before it closed. I didn't even have a Taurus then (well, mom still had her Sable that I drove quite often). You didn't either, IIRC, you rented one. *Edit: Perhaps if I do make it, we can put our collective heads together and figure out why my parking brake is as weak as a kitten. Rear brake shoes were just fine when I inspected them. Gotta need an adjustment somewhere, or a diagnosis. It'll probably require some part I failed to remove from the '92 LOL.
  11. Same planet this ass hat is from, obviously: http://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/4701428666.html Seeing that car, then looking outside the window at mine....yeah, my busted/half-ass-fixed bumper doesnt look so bad after all!
  12. This one is calling my name, loudly! I talked to the owner a little, it is a Duratec. I do NOT have the ability to do an engine swap, but, I could easily put it on the back burner for when I do come up with the money (for the engine and the labor). http://mobile.craigslist.org/pts/4699162598.html The hispanic guys I sold the 92 to could do it for me. Maybe.
  13. Ive driven Duratec cars, and yeah, its one smooth (and powerful) operator, but my love for the Vulcan goes beyond Tauruses. Ive had every car Ford put it in (except for a Probe) and Ive come to appreciate its strengths, notably its durability, low end torque, and that glorious song it sings as it breaths deep when you plant your foot in it. The Tempo, being the smallest/lightest car with a Vulcan, is where it really comes alive. Ive raced and wiped the floor with all kinds of cars that had no business getting their ass handed to them by a Tempo. My 95 isnt exactly fast with the Vulcan, but it does alright. After removing that intake silencer, it sounds pretty good, too. I cant wait to get my exhaust done. I dont know if Ive mentioned it before, but I was quoted $100 to have it done (straight piped to a single stainless steel performance muffler). Im going to get my plate, first. Then, a new winshield, and finally the exhaust. Dont know when ill be able to get the front bumper/headlamps/marker lamps done, all in due time I suppose.
  14. The 95 rolled over 190k miles today. I drove it almost all day (150+ miles). I love this car. Im determined to get a vanity plate for it, which will be "3L AX4N". Its due for renewal next month, perfect time to go ahead and get it. I called, its only $36. To my surprise, the tag is avalable (yes Im beimg sarcastic lol). My favorite engine in my favorite body style with the best possible transaxle, who could ask for anything more?
  15. Well, an 88-94 Continental is a good car, when its working right. Very nice ride, Im partial to the 94 with the uniqe front/rear and the round aitbag instead of the Square Bag (edit: meant to say with floor shift option, which I like). Its like the ultimate luxury version of a late gen one/gen II car, a design I really like. They screwed up the styling in 95, though theyre not terrible.Anyway, these guys evidently do engine swaps all the time. Theyd just finished a B3000. Besides, the engine was low mileage (132k miles), and had reman'd heads. They said the Conti's engine was knocking.
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