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  1. Thanks to all the help in giving things to look for and check. I will be getting a 3 day weekend here soon and will be investigating this soon. Is there a diagram available that shows motor and trans mounts? This has the DOHC and big heads, does this make it harder to change mounts if needed? Since this has struts, what is the best way to check the ball joints? Could the rack & pinion cause any of this steering / torque problem? I ask because it seams to be leaking a little oil and the boot on the drivers side is loose.
  2. This is my first post and need help. My 1999 Sable with DOHC and automatic with less than 85,000 miles seams to jump / pull sideways during an acceleration. I notice this mainly when starting out from a stop and when it goes into overdrive, it seams to pull or jump sideways enough for steering correction by me
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