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  1. Went and picked up my aunt's F150 today. Always something that needs to be done with that truck when I pick it up. Today she said it sounds like there's a chain rattling about underneath. A quick trip down the road and I heard what she was talking about as I pulled into a restaurant I was stopping at. I turned the wheels full lock to the left and checked the suspension to find remnants of OE swaybar links. Just the plastic tube and some washers was all that was left. I grabbed some replacements from AutoZone (closest auto store to me at 8:30 PM). Drove back home and tossed them on. No more clank. Also, it's A/C is on the fritz like my '97. She's had her shop add R134a since it'll start blowing warm every so often. I charged the system with some R134a with UV dye and got it up to the recommended charge. Blows cold. Shut the truck down and inspected with a UV light. There's a note of UV dye around the face of the compressor clutch. I'll let her know what's up so she can either fix it or let it be since it's a secondary vehicle.
  2. Kevin, you may enjoy this article: http://www.caranddriver.com/buick/regal-tourx 2018 Buick Regal TourX Rather surprised to see GM trying out a station wagon in the states like this. According to the article, it's aiming to compete against the Audi and Volvo wagons. I wonder if it sold good enough if Ford might drop a Fusion wagon on us. Something tells me this might only fill just a niche market and probably won't become a volume seller. Admittedly, it isn't terrible looking in it's design. Being derived directly from an Opel probably helps some.
  3. On the plus side, I'll be directly across from everyone this year. On the downside, all the Fusions will be further away. Looking at the map, it looks like they just lumped all of the full size sedans together. I bet if I took the '97 it would just be lumped in there. I guess it's not too different taking the '87 since I'll also be stuck with mid-size and economy cars. I guess we should all just go get Mustangs and be as "unique" as the one next to it. /s The non-Mustang vehicles are considerably more interesting to me personally.
  4. I feel like other models may have gotten a more complete instrument cluster. The could have put the fuel and temperature together and stuck a clock in the other hole or put the readings in a horizontal style setup over a vertical one. It feels like something is just incomplete the way they did it. Otherwise, looks like a solid little thing. Don't see many Suzukis around here, so always interesting to see one.
  5. I've netted similar mileage in the wagon when I was going to Nick's for the spring meet up. I was hauling to make up for time and being hard on the accelerator and netted an average of 13.9 MPG. Usually 15-17 MPG is a typical average in town. Best highway mileage (so far) has been 21 MPG. I've never gone on a trip long enough yet with it to get just highway mileage. That'll change come June and I'll be checking my numbers. If I crack 21 MPG, I'll be happy. If I crack 25, I'll be impressed. Anything higher, I wouldn't count on happening.
  6. Were you able to single out exactly what component failed in the Buick's alternator? I just remember trying to jump off the car some time back and while trying to start it, we found the alternator started smoking and was insanely hot. Cool to see you got it sorted out.
  7. If it was a 1500 C/K series you'd fit perfectly into a large number of the demographic who visit my parts store. If the Exploder got turned Lemons, we can use that. If the Town Cah gets done instead, lets tow it with the wagon for that Panther on Panther action.
  8. Me thinks the suspension should still be in place (I don't foresee a reason for Nick to take it out unless he has some other Frankenstein project) which would make it easy to work with. Assuming the engine harness and things to run it are in place, any old 4.6 could be adapted to work. If the wiring isn't usable, one supposedly could use early Town Car engine mounts (1990) or custom fab up some mounts and a 302/351 with a carburetor could be adapted (or at that point, whatever fits and makes it go; slap in a four cylinder and see how long it takes to blow up from the weight). If you went if with the 302/351 route, a AOD from a Town Car could be used and it probably would be the right length for the driveshaft to fit normally. BTW, if this project actual becomes a thing, I'll be more than happy to try and help when I have time available. It'd be cool AF to build something just on borderline crackpipe thinking.
  9. Buy rolling chassis, get cheap engine from junkyard, run it. What's the Lemons price cap for everything? $500? I'm sure everything can be done within that range.
  10. Town Slab Racing Team - Lemons 2018
  11. 4.6 cars or 302 cars? Any specifics on which others are being replaced?
  12. Swapped in new rear shocks in the wagon then drove to the beach. Got extra lucky with the old shocks since I found I could literally unscrew them by the body while holding the nut at the top. KYBs went in just as easily, and then just tightened down the nuts with the wrench. Was done in about 45 minutes. The rear shocks were as dead as the front: One completely shot, one compressible by hand and had very slow return only to about half extension. Both were garbage Monroe Gas-Matics. It drives much better with new shocks at all four corners. Driving near the beach I had a guy from two lanes over ask if it was for sale while I was in traffic and the person in the lane beside me asked "Where's Clark?". Always fun to see the reactions from people driving around in clapped out station wagon.
  13. Got the wagon running right again. TFI module failed. Grabbed the TFI module tool and BWD TFI, cap, and rotor from work. It fired right off and did fine driving around town and on a short freeway run. I used heat sink compound instead of that little grease packet included. It appeared whoever swapped the TFI last time used some white grease compound. I know MasterPro units will include white grease, as compared to BWD using clear stuff, so I assume the module I tossed was probably a cheap one. After all that, I took it to a DIY car wash and hosed down the exterior then vacuumed the interior. Should be good to go tomorrow.
  14. Wagon decided today wasn't a good day to finish its shock job and stared cutting out on me. Managed to get it back to where I keep it and parked it. Now to start going through things and crossing out suspect components. The '97 lost its A/C driving to the store. Now I really hope I can get the wagon alive tomorrow. I figure A/C will be a nice thing to have on a long distance trip, however if I can't get the wagon going, I'll just have to deal with the lack of A/C.
  15. I like approaching a corner and not having the car turn into a bowl of jello. I like some stability in my suspension. In the same thread, you completely revamped the suspension under your Fox so that it wouldn't ride like a Fox from that era.