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  1. Tried to get the exhaust fixed at a shop on the wagon but they were a bit busy. Said to come by Monday, so I went over to the mall and helped make up a beater squad. Nothing like an ex-police Tahoe, Cutlass Supreme, and a Colony Park parking together.
  2. Questions about 6g altenator

    4.6s don’t have a cradle. The 3G and up series bolt onto the area above the water pump and a bracket goes on top that bolts to the intake manifold. There’s a 6G for reference. Given the SHOs mounting type using the three holes with bolts passing through it, maybe you should check out some non-Modular applications. Some PowerStrokes used a similar setup, and so did some Rangers. Something tells me you’d be doing serious fabrication to make a later Panther alternator work.
  3. Haven’t heard/seen anything. When you say “new” , what models are you talking about? The last new Mercury was built in 2010 as a 2011 model year Grand Marquis. Mercury was cut as an underperforming brand that was badge engineered for so long, you really didn’t get much more out of a Mercury than buying a comparable Ford, especially towards the end.
  4. Questions about 6g altenator

    So the mounting is totally different between a 4.6 V8 and the SHO V8. You’d have to do some serious modification to the case to make it even remotely close to working. I know 2vModular was working a module to generate the signal to get the later PCM style alternators to charge on a non-PCM controlled Panther, however I believe he passed away before that project was fully completed.
  5. Presently going over my wiring for my ride air swap on the '97. I wound up grabbing a RAS/EVO module from a Town Car, oops. It's setup somewhat different from a CV/GMQ in terms of wiring pinouts. 99% of the wire color matches my '97 EVTM, which is good. I did get some help on CVN and found out what that one wire I couldn't ID did. I forgot that '95-'97 Town Cars have a steering power adjustment switch on the dash. You can vary the assist somewhat using it. That might be a hard item to integrate, but would be totally worth doing since I'm already going to be fairly deep into this job. Assuming I get this package together with minimal kinks, I'll have most of the options available on a similar year Town Car, save for the memory seat option (very uncommon) and the lack of a digidash.
  6. Gathering bits and pieces for my next whacked out adventure: Add Ride Air Suspension To Factory Coil Spring Car. Assuming my info is correct, I need the stub harness that runs into the trunk to essentially control the sensor and solenoids. All the other wiring is present in the car, simply dormant. Outside of the airline that runs the length of the frame, I can get everything from the junkyard. I would fish the air line out, but it’s run with the brake lines and super tight up against the body. Air brake tubing in 3/16” size seems to be a match to the factory stuff, so it’ll be used instead.
  7. Found why one of the wagon's tires keeps losing air. Either corrosion got it or some debris is in there. The problem just manifested itself within the last month, so I'll need to have it dismounted and get the edge cleaned.
  8. What’s broken, if you happen to know specifically?
  9. It's back! Here's some "detail" shots from the garage just to show the color match. Obviously more can be seen during the day. When I picked it up, it was still in the building in a well lit bay, so I was able to do a very thorough look over. One thing I didn't catch before I left was a harness left disconnected (I wasn't thinking about using the turn signals in the building, because, why would I? ). Once I went to make a right turn onto the road I got hyper flashing. I quickly found out nothing was illuminating on that side other than the headlight. Thanks to the help here, it was just a little harness right behind the corner light. Someone probably just got sidetracked and it took all of five minutes to pop out the corner light, so NBD. FWIW, they did respray the inside of the fender along with doing the outside. It's a small touch that I really liked seeing. Something to note is that this fender did come off of a 1993 Grand Marquis. 1992-1994 Aeros have fender mounted antennas, while '95-'97 (and essentially all the other years except '05s with their rear quarter panel ones) are in the glass. In my case, this left a hole, but surprisingly Ford did offer a antenna delete cap, most likely aimed at fleet Crown Victorias with a radio delete. Ford P/N F2AZ-18919-C. They're still out there if anyone ever needs one. I can't say I've ever seen a Panther with this delete cap, so I was surprised when I did find one had been offered. They blended the door and fender together and re-pinstriped that area. It's rather hard to tell where the blend starts and ends. They did not blend the hood, but I'd say they did a really good job with the color match to the rest of the body given age and fade. Under the right light angle I can tell where the fender has a slight difference than the hood, but for the most part many people won't catch it and quite frankly it doesn't bother me since it's damn close. I'll try and get day light pictures later on. I'm just happy to have my car back since they've had it since last week and they were closed Christmas.
  10. Finally fixed my mother’s MKZ mirror properly. A few years ago I was backing out of the garage and smacked the garage door frame with the mirror. The mirrors on those are fixed and it destroyed the glass, which was heated and electrochromically dimming. At the time, replacement units were regularly $90+ used and the glass was about $30, but only available as heated. I still don’t think heated and electrochromic replacement glass is available. I was able to replace the glass, but the housing was never quite “secure” and felt loose, and the motor liked to click and bind when adjusting the mirror. Anyway, I decided to check eBay a week ago and found a seller who had one for $35 with free shipping. I haven’t had any luck in the junkyard, and most of the other sellers wanted $50+, so I bought that one ASAP. Swapped it in today, it moves flawlessly and the dimming function works well. Hopefully I’ll not need to swap it ever again.
  11. I was a bit surprised they didn't do a side exit exhaust since you can drop the rear window on those. I think that's the reason most older station wagons had side exit exhaust to reduce the likelihood of exhaust getting back in the cabin. The only thing with you putting it out the side on that 4Runner is there's still the notch in the bumper. I figure that would be a little hard to cover up. Anyway, the roll down rear window is so nice on anything that has one for the most part given how well it ventilates the cabin as you described.
  12. But can it open like a door and open like a normal tailgate? #fordmagicdoorgate ’97 rolled into the body shop. Hopefully it be back before Christmas.
  13. Jesús Gonzales, that stupid Duratec hose setup makes no logical sense. I won't lie, I helped someone with a broken one many months ago, just not as bad as that. The main portion wasn't busted, but that little return line that comes off the top did and they were losing coolant. A small straight plastic heater fitting with barbed ends that I had fit snugly in the hole where it broke. A little PlasticWeld and a little time, it set hard. Ran some new coolant hose to it, no problems AFAIK. Not recommended personally, but something tells me that fix would outlast the part given how they fail. IIRC, the replacement thing is like $120 and most auto parts stores usually stock the Dorman one, which I've heard hasn't held up well for some people in terms of longevity.
  14. '96 SHO Engine and Trans $700. Gray 96' SHO attached for free

    TSOC Racing team. Just need to glue some horns to the roof for that “Bull” look.
  15. Tossed on new wires, spare cap and rotor for the '87. Seems to be running smoother than before, so that's a step forwards. I'm thinking there may be a small vacuum leak on the booster. I can manipulate idle speed given how hard I press on the pedal, and at a certain point, a hissing noise can be heard. Lower intake may have a small coolant leak at a gasket. Coolant pooled to the right of the distributor near the water pump I think. You can see a damp area coming down from the intake area. Nick recommended I try tightening it down some more and see if that helps. I guess that'll be the job for next time. '97 got washed for a trip to Columbia tomorrow. I also got an estimate and date set for the repaint on the fender. They'll be realigning the panels and will be adjusting the bumper some beyond just painting the affected area. It goes in December 18th. Depending on how quickly it gets done, I may have it back before Christmas.