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  1. Replaced my driver's side window... This happened at work Thursday night. It wasn't a break in, but someone was screwing around with a BB gun I guess. I was thinking an animal originally or an errant object tossed up by a car, but the other day my coworker noticed two cracks in his windshield with small impact points. He claimed he hadn't seen them before and could only assume they appeared at the same time my window got broken. FWIW, my window was broken towards the bottom of the sill near the mirror, and the impact point didn't knock a hole in the glass (the large hole looks like the glass just fell out by weight alone). Based on his windshield and my window, someone was being an ass. Since I didn't have time to wait for an insurance claim to fix my window (and today I knew it was going to rain), I paid $20 for one from the junkyard. I grabbed a good, unscratched one from an '07 Crown Victoria. It wasn't a hard fix, but not exactly a job I ever expected to have to do. It's the principle of the matter that someone was going around dicking with other people's stuff and causing trouble. If anyone has had to deal with broken safety glass inside of a car, you know the fine fragments get everywhere and you find bits of broken glass in odd places. It took several rounds of vacuuming to get everything out.
  2. The Official Dang Near Anything Thread

    Got a set of trim rings. They haven’t been touched in a while, decided to clean them in the sink. Well, I flipped one over to clean the retaining ring area and a live, angry scorpion fell out. Saw another pair of pinchers sticking out of another end. Hella nope. I sent the one in the sink down the drain and doused the damned ring with brake clean and tossed the lot outside on the deck. These things are staying outside and I’ll clean them with the hose instead.
  3. Finally installed a receiver. Been meaning to do this for a while. Install wasn't that bad. The slowest portion was drilling the 1/2" holes for the bolts closest to the bumper. I used the jack to hold the front portion against the frame after bolting the rear up so I could easily drill the holes. Then I let it down some and loosened the back a touch for final adjustment and to make it easier to get the front bolts aligned. The only tools I needed was a drill with a 1/2" bit and a 3/4" wrench. I'll be picking up a transmission cooler and a flat 4 brake light plug-n-play harness soon. Hopefully I'll get started on installing my air ride swap once I get done with this semester. That'll give me more time to work on that project since it'll be an involved process.
  4. Or, uh, a really grumpy 302 while attempting to keep pace with some Fusions...
  5. On Sunday I ripped out the '87's single diaphragm booster. It was on it's way out giving me an awkwardly stiff pedal and constantly hissing when depressed. Ratty, rusty thing: I really don't know who was in charge of harness routing on these cars, but they routed three major harnesses, two important vacuum lines (cruise and reservoir), and the cruise control cable across the booster. Vacuum lines are easy since they just pull apart. The cruise control module unplugs and can be swung out of the way. The harnesses, not so much. It takes some unique maneuvering to get those where you want it. And to top it off, the booster can't be pulled straight out because the wiper motor is in the way. You got to pull it forwards as much as possible, then take the right hand side and pull that forwards and keep turning it, angling it, and turning it until it slides out from all the harnesses. Getting the bolts out under the dash were less annoying than the physical removal. Anyway, the replacement booster resolves all of those issues. It's one spec'd for a '92 Panther, but it's better all around. It's half the diameter, but a dual diaphragm setup. It offers greater effort than the original one. Even though it sticks out a bit further, it easily just slips in between the harnesses and such. If you look above the main harness that goes over the booster, you can see where the plastic cowling has a rounded edge where the old booster would have fit into. The brake pedal feels so much better now and gives a more confident feeling when slowing down. Anyway, that's crossed off the to-do list. Still need to get the exhaust system finished up. Duals are in place, but over the axle pipes need to be welded up along with some appropriate hangers. It also is awaiting a top end refresh since it's believed to have a burned valve on cylinder one (the exhaust will suck in paper when held a 1/2" away). I'm recording 10 PSI on that cylinder and it runs with a dead miss. But, since the heads are coming off, there's no sense in not giving it a small power bump. Another 302 around here that's getting it's own top end refresh will be donating some parts along to fix another 302. Once that's all said and done, maybe I'll start driving it again. I've been very limited when I take it out since I don't like driving on seven cylinders and it's absolutely killing the gas mileage. I've driven it so little the last time I put gas in was January, and it was finally low enough to fill up on Sunday.
  6. DTC P0740

    Wonder if the solenoid is faulty or there's some communication issue. I'm wondering what the internal parameters are for it to set the code. How long does it blink at you?
  7. DTC P0740

    Weird. I’d try some fresh fluid and see if anything changes.
  8. DTC P0740

    Easy way to test if it isn’t locking up (and it’s not obvious to you that it isn’t) is once it’s warmed up and you’re crusing in overdrive, just lightly touch the brake pedal to get the lights to come on but maintain speed. RPMs should increase when the TC unlocks. If it’s not locking up, I’d just try changing the fluid, even if you can’t flush it. Worst case, see if the TC lockup solenoid is a replaceable unit. You might be lucky and get it fixed without overhauling the whole thing.
  9. Carquest Branded Spark Plug Wires

    Folks use aftermarket wires all the time. While you’re installing them, just make sure they seem to be clipping onto the coil and plugs okay. FWIW, I’ve got Standard Motor Product Wires on my ‘97 and Ultima Select on my ‘87. No troubles there.
  10. Got bumped in traffic. Exchanged info with the other driver and got back to my day. Rather minor, and the scratches were easily buffable. I'm sure an electric buffer could do a better job, but I don't have one. I'm not going to bother making a claim on something that isn't super noticeable unless you're close. On top of that, the bumper already had some minor scratches from luggage from years ago. It's really not that much worse.
  11. Tried to get the exhaust fixed at a shop on the wagon but they were a bit busy. Said to come by Monday, so I went over to the mall and helped make up a beater squad. Nothing like an ex-police Tahoe, Cutlass Supreme, and a Colony Park parking together.
  12. Questions about 6g altenator

    4.6s don’t have a cradle. The 3G and up series bolt onto the area above the water pump and a bracket goes on top that bolts to the intake manifold. There’s a 6G for reference. Given the SHOs mounting type using the three holes with bolts passing through it, maybe you should check out some non-Modular applications. Some PowerStrokes used a similar setup, and so did some Rangers. Something tells me you’d be doing serious fabrication to make a later Panther alternator work.
  13. Haven’t heard/seen anything. When you say “new” , what models are you talking about? The last new Mercury was built in 2010 as a 2011 model year Grand Marquis. Mercury was cut as an underperforming brand that was badge engineered for so long, you really didn’t get much more out of a Mercury than buying a comparable Ford, especially towards the end.
  14. Questions about 6g altenator

    So the mounting is totally different between a 4.6 V8 and the SHO V8. You’d have to do some serious modification to the case to make it even remotely close to working. I know 2vModular was working a module to generate the signal to get the later PCM style alternators to charge on a non-PCM controlled Panther, however I believe he passed away before that project was fully completed.
  15. Presently going over my wiring for my ride air swap on the '97. I wound up grabbing a RAS/EVO module from a Town Car, oops. It's setup somewhat different from a CV/GMQ in terms of wiring pinouts. 99% of the wire color matches my '97 EVTM, which is good. I did get some help on CVN and found out what that one wire I couldn't ID did. I forgot that '95-'97 Town Cars have a steering power adjustment switch on the dash. You can vary the assist somewhat using it. That might be a hard item to integrate, but would be totally worth doing since I'm already going to be fairly deep into this job. Assuming I get this package together with minimal kinks, I'll have most of the options available on a similar year Town Car, save for the memory seat option (very uncommon) and the lack of a digidash.