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  1. Tossed on the radio bezel and worked on wiring up the autodimming mirror in the '87. The mirror itself is from a '90 or so Continental. I pulled some wires that were initially ran for one but never completed. I didn't use those since they were rather large speaker wire. I ran two new wires down to the fuse box and got them wired in. I assume I wired it backwards because my multimeter shows power at the connector on the pins and I've tested it using those two wires, but I never defined power and ground and it doesn't dim when the photocell that faces the windshield is covered and the photocell on the glass has light shined on it. I'll swap the wires and try that when I work on it on Wednesday. After that's working, it should be ready for my trip this coming weekend.
  2. Saw a post on CVN regarding wagon weatherstripping, so I started looking again, but going through tons of various vendors is difficult. Anyway, along time ago someone GMN found some stuff that was rather close. I'm just tossing this out to anyone who would be willing to see if they might recognize or know of a manufacturer that makes weather stripping with this particular cross section: If anyone finds that particular one, you win all the internetz, forever, and would do Panther wagon owners a huge favor. The newest wagon is 26 years old, and our parts dried up a while ago, so finding NOS, good condition used stuff, and stuff we make work is about the only way.
  3. Took the old radio out of the '87 along with the radio bezel. The clip mount broke, so I need to glue that back on. Fun with 30 year old plastics... I have another Pioneer head unit that was laying about that will be going in. I will need to get the connector out of the '97. Hopefully I can wire the replacement in without too much frustration given the kuality wiring job done some time well before Nick or I ever got the car. Maybe I'll find the clipped wires for the door speakers later on and get that 6-speaker setup working again. For now, I'll live with the two dash and two rear cargo area speakers. Also decided to take out this old lunchbox that was under the pop up rear seats. The mistake was opening said lunch box and finding what was once upon a time banana. It was some tiny, shriveled up, blackened object with a Chiquita sticker on it and it smelled terrible. It promptly was hurled into the trash can.
  4. Those Volvo wheels turned out great. With the SVT center caps, you would think those were newer Ford wheels. Maybe it might be worth undercoating the car to protect your replacement patches.
  5. Sounds like a lot of the old builds on CVN. Go to see something that sounds cool and the page is rendered generally useless. Just going based on the text only gets you so far. I feel your pain there. They're either reliable or bitchy. Hopefully it'll act nicely once you're done.
  6. That thing is almost as long as the nail I had in my tire some time ago. Always a plus when it's patchable, since no one likes having to get a new tire when it's not quite time yet. BTW, was the return trip any better with the adjusted TV cable?
  7. It didn't fold in half, did it?
  8. Sounds like your solution would be more than fitting given everything else done with that car.
  9. I was going to upload the footage of Sean driving through this puddle creating a huge spray, but I found out my dashcam hasn't been loop recording properly. The type I have is a capacitor model, and it fully discharged and reset the time over a month ago, so it thought it was 2014. It only records over old footage. The footage on it previously was from February 2017. Essentially it kept recording over the same three minute file for at least two weeks. I'd be SOL if something happened. Anyway, I enjoyed the meet a lot. Really wish I could have also made it up on Saturday, but coming for Sunday still made it great. Hopefully when the next one rolls around I won't be playing the whole thing by ear. Hopefully next time the weather is a bit more regular. No one would ever expect this to be March in South Carolina: Sure it was gone by mid-afternoon, but still irregular. I feel the next meet should have reasonable weather. We can just blame Brian for bringing that Midwestern cold. It could have been avoided if he brought a four door car!
  10. Updated the instrument cluster from the '87. Weak incandescent bulbs, color filters, and black needles made it hard to read the speed at night. White LED bulbs, removal of color filters, and orange colored needles should make reading the gauges easier now. The only backwards move was switching the LEDs out of the turn signal indicators for incandescent ones since those were really bright and would mess with your eyes while driving at night, especially when paired with a dimly lit panel. Re-done needles: I really want to see how it looks in car at night with the lights, but that'll probably wait until this weekend. Some people might find the orange to clash since the original theme was black and silver, but it should help the needles stand out a bit from the back ground markings.
  11. A little rain hasn't stopped us before. I'll try and bring some extra bag chairs in case anyone needs one.
  12. I will be there Sunday! I'll bring the wagon in case anyone is needing to carry anything large from the junkyard.
  13. My ISS gave me the same advice when I mentioned it. I'll see if I can warranty out the pads for something higher tier. I believe the fronts are of the MKD variety. I'll likely look into the Wagner line or the Performance Friction line. Apparently the Sheriff's Office garage likes using nothing but those Performance Friction pads on the Chargers. They were also using Wagner OEX pads on the Crown Victorias. I'm curious of the composition of those NAPA pads I had. They were marked as semi-metallic, generated little dust, but had barely worn when I removed them and always resulted in a really hard pedal. They also didn't have really good bite, either.
  14. Washed the Marquis down. The front brake pads I have are super dusty. The amount of black that ran out from behind the hubcaps was amazing. Plenty of that stuff on the white walls, too. I like how good the pads work, but not a fan of the dust. I might try ceramic pads next time or see how Performance Friction's carbon metallic pads are. The NAPA semi-metallics weren't this dusty when I had them. The ones I have now are BrakeBest semi-metallics. Pads are cheap enough for me that if I actually get fed up enough I'll deal with it. It's merely an appearance over function thing right now. I also stopped by and tensioned up the alternator on the wagon to get rid of the belt squeal on start up. Nice and quiet now. I grabbed its ancient spare from the back so I could air it up and clean it up. I've painted the rusty steel rim dark gray so it looks a bit better than before. I also cleaned the tire and scrubbed the white wall. I'll probably grab a new tire to replace the aged Michelin XH4 on there. It's a 205/75R15 tire with a DOT code ending in 5, so I reckon it can't be any newer than 1995. Also, this weather is super nice. Pictures always look nicer with leaves on the trees and the warmth of things having color in the spring and summer.
  15. Do you know this from experience?