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  1. Sounds like its slipping under acceleration if it starting to neutral out on you. Hows the fluid level and how does it look/smell?
  2. Buddy of mine got a '99 Crown Victoria a few weeks ago. Of course, it was in desperate need of attention. Showed some signs of sitting, signs of neglect, and signs of age. Great combo! It was not safe to make it to Washington County from where we got it in Richmond County (~90 mile trip), so instead it managed ~30 miles back to my place. Tires and shocks were ultimately trash (amongst so much else). I told my buddy to drive my car while I drove the '99. At about 25 MPH, it wanted to show me it had no desire to keep traction on a damp on-ramp. Wiper motor wa
  3. Check most of the rubber stuff. Currently going through a car that sat for at least a year or two. Many of the bushings are showing signs of age or are seriously deteriorated. Also, as funny as it sounds, check idler/tensioner pulleys. Those really don't like sitting either apparently. I wound up with a squeaky accessory drive after about an hour of run time on this particular vehicle, and after taking off the belt, the pulleys were very worn and sounded like maracas if you shook them. Nice to hear a SHO is coming back! Definitely an uncommon bird these days. Keep us posted a
  4. While ShelbyRacer may not like it, I opted to return back to traditional halogen headlights on my '97. I managed to put together a set of Ford OE headlight and turn signal lens assemblies. I added WeatherTech LampGaurds to them to try and hold off chips and yellowing for a while. I just need to get a replacement set of corner lens assemblies, as those are the only ones I haven't replaced with NOS OE stuff. The ones I have presently are from a '92-'94 LS Marquis, but I may go back to the proper '95-'97 style ones. I installed a relay harness for the low beams only, since I've re-insta
  5. Hopefully the grass is a little greener this year.
  6. He came by and picked it up this afternoon. He was visiting the Pull-A-Part here snatching a K-Code (3.55 locking) axle from under a '88 Country Squire, so everything worked out very well. For the time being, it's currently back where it started in Blythewood.
  7. Supposedly broke the sun gear in the '87 a few weeks ago. Backing into the driveway and got slightly hung up on the lip near the curbside. Gave it some gas and there was a clunk and a new neutral position was made where Reverse was. Oops. Sun gear failure results in no reverse, 2nd, or 4th (OD). Essentially it has become a lousy 2-speed automatic since you can keep it in the 'D' position and accelerate in 1st, then cruise in 3rd. Definitely not ideal by any means, and I did not road test it long like that, but just long enough to confirm I wasn't getting any action out of 2nd and 4th.
  8. I think he's asking if anyone has taken a Gen III car and swapped a SHO V8 (or maybe any V8, like one from a Continental, or some other platform entirely) in place of whichever V6 it had. To OP, it can be done, however you'd need an entire donor car in which to borrow the drivetrain and wiring harness from so that it could be swapped. The issue is finding a good donor and quality candidate. Also, from a completely personal stand point, justify the cost to swap all that into a normal car over purchasing a SHO in good shape. If you're trying to re-engine the car with some other engine, I mean
  9. Did a few small things on the '97 and '87. The '97 was having dimming lights at idle speed and incandescent bulbs had a noticeable pulse to them. I suspect the regulator was starting to get flaky since it would stop with higher RPMs, so I ditched the 3G for a 6G Motorcraft reman'd unit. Also installed a new belt and belt tensioner as the old one was starting to get weak. I did have to a little work at the intake where the alternator bracket mounts since the old bolt sheared as I was removing it (??? - I was rather surprised by that shit), so I drilled the sheared bolt, filled the h
  10. The 3.0L may not be a powerhouse, but it'll outlast the sun properly maintained. The only weak spot you've got is the AXOD, but with some preventive maintenance, you can keep it going. I'd recommend regular ATF fluid changes about every 20K miles with Mercon V and adding a external transmission cooler. The transmission definitely runs a bit hotter than is useful naturally, which breaks down the fluid. If you do the above, you'll get plenty of miles out of it. There's a member around here, Double Negative I believe, that had TecNickal's old '87 Taurus wagon that got five speed sw
  11. Usually when I think of a weird, loping idle, I'd start looking at the idle air control valve being dirty or sticking, along with a throttle position sensor being out of range. Another thought could be the EGR valve sticking open at idle. That'll also cause the engine to run poorly since it should really be only doing its thing at cruise.
  12. Could flip it for some cash... Or keep coming back to wagons.
  13. Yeah, or at least they seem to. I had a customer with an '89 Mustang complain it was acting all erratic when running, and the car was only intermittently starting. We tried to salvage his PCM since it's one of the mass air cars, but this is what I found when I got in there: The leg to that capacitor was totally rotten off. I recapped the board, but the damage was done and it had no effect on it. He had to run down one, and unfortunately those mass air Fox Mustang boards aren't getting cheaper. All my boards I've serviced varied. The '87 came with a remanned PCM in it. The
  14. Haven't taken any fun videos. I've certainly ran it up to the max of 3rd gear, and it'll get into the low triple digits with ease. Haven't tried letting it go into 4th since I'm already tempting fate doing silly stuff like that. It definitely has the torque to motivate that weight up to speed, as compared to the LoPo stick that had a hard time getting motivated past 80. I mean, it could get past 80, but speed added on slowly. I've got some boring shots of yanking stuff apart. Under hood looks generally the same as it has, save for the HO firing order appearing on the distributor and coola
  15. Got the HO swap done on the '87. Spirit of a Mark VII, just wearing the wrong clothes.
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