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  1. Good man, avoid the fad! I personally haven't updated anything on my facebook account in years. My profile picture is still from Christmas '07 with me holding my shiny new front rotors!
  2. My credibility eh? I wonder what BS you are talking about. It would only be BS if it was untrue. Judging by what 00tec-saTX has to say about it, I think that i represented things pretty fairly. Speaking of LED mirrors, I got mine made up and installed. They work like a charm! Thanks for turning me on to the liquid electrical tape and sending me all the info! (I wired them in through the turn signal indicators on the cluster harness.)
  3. I should give him a call to see how that rebuild went on his VW Bug. I thought he would have junked it by now, but better the devil you know I guess...
  4. You have to love that some people get a small taste of success and then think that they have the right to treat others like dirt. Too bad there wasn't more money involved, since then they could have opened up a can of fraud investigation on him. I had a similar experience with a computer I tried to buy on ebay several years ago. By the time I got done with the seller, he was practically begging me to take my money back just to call the cops off! True though, Larry's method was both scary and impressive. He must have ponied up for one of those peoplefinder licenses to look up public record
  5. Wow, my warn status went up for that? I guess: "Respect my authoritah!" or else...
  6. It should bolt up the same even if the transmission's innards are different (AXOD-E vs. AX4S) because they share much of the same construction. I won't even try to apply sense to between-year changes, but it's probably a safe bet that they didn't change the bolt-up pattern between '92 and '95. The mounts should be the same as well. If you really need to know, just hop on over to Rock Auto and look up the part numbers for the mounts for both years. If they are the same, you are in business!
  7. Man, I can't say that he wasn't begging you to do it but I'm not sure who won the argument here. Anybody seen/heard from 00tec-satx lately?
  8. I would use the sensors and such off of your current engine, just to make sure that there aren't any computer problems. Otherwise, it should bolt up and function the same mechanically and electrically.
  9. Should be okay, but I would remove the window from the car and do it inside your house so that the temperature difference doesn't "blow out" your rear window like you are afraid of. If you are worried, just make sure that you heat up the pad and don't directly touch the window when soldering it.
  10. Maybe when my wife and I make a trip to Japan this spring I will try to dig up some info. (Or take some pictures if I happen to see one!)
  11. Those Ghia models were probably like the Japanese ones in that they have the power folding mirrors right?
  12. Maybe somebody wanted to do the LED-Turn-signal mod and just needed the glass so they could break the old ones without worrying?
  13. At what mileage was that? I'm guessing a rod bearing let go.
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