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  1. Looking for rear roof rail covers for wagon 98+? left and right
  2. Looking for a parts from Gen2 with column shift (full vacuum line, valve from steering column, pedal) to make auto release parking brake in gen3/4.I not sure in Gen2 pedal, it seems pedal from Continetal wil be better.Picture 3 - left - Continental, right - Taurus gen3Also looking another set of parts form Gen2 with floor shift (full vacuum line, valve, pedal) to put in Gen2 without auto release parking brake.
  3. I have a non folding mirrors on my car. I took the power folding mirrors with heat from Japan version of Taurus. One mirror with glass, one without. I cant find glass and heat module in Japan. And the mirrors in Japan is different, they make for right hand driver position. pm sent
  4. Looking for Gen3 side mirror glass, from folding mirrors, heated, left and right
  5. Hello. Unfortunately the yampp-3 is too old project and it is only for mp3 format. I need also support FLAC format. There is a another project based on Arduino http://www.instructables.com/id/Ford-CD-Emulator-Arduino-Mega/?ALLSTEPS. This project is based on yampp3/acp firmware for yampp3 from url that you post in the end of your message. I also found some info about FordACP protocol. I have a parts (amp/console/cd changer wire) for make a test system on the table. But i dont have a wire for connect console to amp. I planning try to make cd changer emulator in the near future, but i dont hav
  6. JBL system i already have. Need only wire harness for visors. I live not in the USA, but i have a US shipping address. I can pay with paypal (i pay paypal fee. I dont have a Gift option in may paypal account)
  7. Still looking wire harness for lighted visors for Gen3.
  8. looking a gen3 wiring harness for lighted visors
  9. looking a gen3 side mirror, right, power folding
  10. Looking Gen3 JBL amp and sub
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