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  1. Thanks! It was a huge decision between the PI Sedan grille and the SHO grille. I ended up spending more on the SHO grille (had it thrown in to my financing) because it flowed better with the chrome.
  2. Tinted windows yesterday Front Sides - 35% Rear Sides & Rear - 15%
  3. Tinted the windows yesterday Front Sides - 35% Rear Sides & Rear - 15%
  4. Wouldnt work on my car. The dealer tried, despite me holding instructions about how to turn them off properly. I wouldnt want the "parking brake trick" to work any way. Just deactivate them.
  5. Chevrolet does this with the Impala and Caprice 9C1 = Pursuit 9C3 = Detective/undercover I would rather just keep everything pursuit rated. Even our detectives around here tend to be in pursuits from time to time in their unmarked cars.
  6. Just to show the differences between the Police Interceptor Sedan and the retail Taurus Limited, here are pictures from behind the glove box
  7. Thanks! I was trying to avoid signing up for yet another forum if at all possible.
  8. Probably small wire for now. I would really like to drill a 1" hole but I am having trouble coming up with 1" grommets so a 3/4" hole will have to do. I am beyond pissed off trying to find a suitable spot. Everything is so tight, I cant see the other side of the firewall to make sure I dont do some damage. There is a stupid rubberized membrane on the floor pan going up along the firewall. I cant even see where wiring comes out of the cabin and in to the engine compartment. I have never had so much trouble with something like this. Where can I drill, preferably on the drivers side??? Pi
  9. Anyknow know of a good place to run wires through the firewall for a 2013 Ford Taurus Limited?? I looked at the Police Interceptor Sedan and I really dont want to go through the wheel well. Pics would be helpful! Thanks!
  10. Mods/Admins, please lock this up. Item is no longer available for sale. Thanks!
  11. Nobody? I will consider reasonable offers.
  12. Yea it does. Guess I am SOL then . Too bad. I think it would really make it look cool!
  13. Kinda like this http://accessories.ford.com/illuminated-door-sills-stainless-steel-coupe.html I didnt see any
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