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  1. It shouldn't matter whether you are using the tape or CD because they both use pins 9, 10, 19, and 20 for output from the ICP to the RCU. Did you disconnect the wires from the ICP or leave them attached and just spliced in? They need to be removed from the ICP so the audio from the ICP is not going to the RCU.
  2. Kevin, Donation made. It should be enough for another year. Let me know if it came through okay.
  3. It sounds like a loose wire at the ICP. Pull the ICP and check integrity of the connectors and the wires in the connectors
  4. Brian, Glad you are okay. Its a shame NOSHO is now DOA. Hope you get another vehicle you like as much.
  5. Yes. Yes there is. http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  6. Just ran across this. https://autolightclaims.com/mainpage/Notice.aspx I know a lot of us have purchased these bulbs. I'm okay with free money. No receipts are required. Class Members who submit valid claims are expected to receive a minimum of $10, depending on the number of claims filed.
  7. I think I still have an RCU and tweeters - I'll check.
  8. From experience on my 2002, timing cover gasket leaks and coolant tank leaks. And both are well documented as problem areas.
  9. It works for '96 - '07 My writeup - http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  10. I seem to recall a friend having that problem several years ago. I don't remember the specific fix, but it was in the cluster and there was voltage being back fed to cause the lights to come on.
  11. http://twentytwowords.com/2013/12/12/how-to-turn-left-in-michigans-upper-peninsula-while-going-down-a-hill-in-the-winter/
  12. Ford Wiring Pigtail Kits Identification Guide Contains pictures of Ford wiring pigtails with 1 to 98 cavities and their WPT number. Listing in back shows WPT number, Ford service part number, and a list of what the connector is used for. Hope it helps. Ford connector catalog.pdf
  13. I did the '95's bushings one at a time. I did loosen the other bushing on the same side to make it easier. I also used Gen 3/4 rears for the front.
  14. Only 2 hours from me. Too bad I don't need SHO parts.
  15. That's what I thought when I stopped to take the picture.
  16. And its only $4000. It has a custom welded diamond plate dash.
  17. Never seen a steering wheel like that. Looks out of place. The car may only have 70000 miles, but I bet they were hard, and who knows how many idle hours it has.
  18. Man rips off part of own *****. You just cant make this s**t up! http://on.wzzm.com/14uFjg5
  19. No special tools needed - just a little patience. Make sure the cable is secured where it passes through the firewall.
  20. Sorry I can't be there - off to see new granddaughter in Virgina Beach.
  21. I agree with Dennis. I had changed the cable twice on my '02. Its fairly easy. Here are the shop manual procedures. There are two, one for Vulcan and one for Duratec. 2V accel cable.pdf 4V accel cable.pdf
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