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  1. Brian, Glad you are okay. Its a shame NOSHO is now DOA. Hope you get another vehicle you like as much.
  2. Yes. Yes there is. http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  3. Just ran across this. https://autolightclaims.com/mainpage/Notice.aspx I know a lot of us have purchased these bulbs. I'm okay with free money. No receipts are required. Class Members who submit valid claims are expected to receive a minimum of $10, depending on the number of claims filed.
  4. rdh2

    Mach And Tweeters

    I think I still have an RCU and tweeters - I'll check.
  5. rdh2

    2003 3.0L Engine, Coolant Leak

    From experience on my 2002, timing cover gasket leaks and coolant tank leaks. And both are well documented as problem areas.
  6. All my reference books show T5.
  7. It works for '96 - '07 My writeup - http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  8. I seem to recall a friend having that problem several years ago. I don't remember the specific fix, but it was in the cluster and there was voltage being back fed to cause the lights to come on.
  9. http://twentytwowords.com/2013/12/12/how-to-turn-left-in-michigans-upper-peninsula-while-going-down-a-hill-in-the-winter/
  10. rdh2

    Highlights From My New Job...

    How much for that cool Econoline?
  11. Ford Wiring Pigtail Kits Identification Guide Contains pictures of Ford wiring pigtails with 1 to 98 cavities and their WPT number. Listing in back shows WPT number, Ford service part number, and a list of what the connector is used for. Hope it helps. Ford connector catalog.pdf
  12. rdh2

    Subframe Bushing ?

    I did the '95's bushings one at a time. I did loosen the other bushing on the same side to make it easier. I also used Gen 3/4 rears for the front.
  13. rdh2

    Sho Part Out

    Only 2 hours from me. Too bad I don't need SHO parts.