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  1. Brian, Glad you are okay. Its a shame NOSHO is now DOA. Hope you get another vehicle you like as much.
  2. Yes. Yes there is. http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  3. Just ran across this. https://autolightclaims.com/mainpage/Notice.aspx I know a lot of us have purchased these bulbs. I'm okay with free money. No receipts are required. Class Members who submit valid claims are expected to receive a minimum of $10, depending on the number of claims filed.
  4. I think I still have an RCU and tweeters - I'll check.
  5. From experience on my 2002, timing cover gasket leaks and coolant tank leaks. And both are well documented as problem areas.
  6. It works for '96 - '07 My writeup - http://www.taurusowners.com/topic/2371-how-to-adding-aux-input-to-factory-radio-1996-07/
  7. I seem to recall a friend having that problem several years ago. I don't remember the specific fix, but it was in the cluster and there was voltage being back fed to cause the lights to come on.
  8. http://twentytwowords.com/2013/12/12/how-to-turn-left-in-michigans-upper-peninsula-while-going-down-a-hill-in-the-winter/
  9. Ford Wiring Pigtail Kits Identification Guide Contains pictures of Ford wiring pigtails with 1 to 98 cavities and their WPT number. Listing in back shows WPT number, Ford service part number, and a list of what the connector is used for. Hope it helps. Ford connector catalog.pdf
  10. I did the '95's bushings one at a time. I did loosen the other bushing on the same side to make it easier. I also used Gen 3/4 rears for the front.
  11. Only 2 hours from me. Too bad I don't need SHO parts.
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