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  1. In today's world probably Tor Browser seeing all the nasty crap that goes on there. (drug trading, human trafficking, etc)
  2. Is that why you like GMC vans Kevin?
  3. Transmission by Bic, as I recall. Something about shifting performance being roughly equivalent to moving a baseball bat in a barrel full of coconuts.
  4. Factory Centi's provide the best factory light output on a Gen 4. Not that that's saying much.
  5. At some point I'm going to need an oscilliscope, my other LD player needs a laser tweak and servo adjustment, and to get it to Pioneer specs they expect you to have one. Sadly I saw some at the thrift store a few months back, but I wasn't looking then.
  6. Haha Kevin, mine does more than yours. Got that at the thrift store this morning.
  7. I didn't realize at first, I just grabbed the unleaded nozzle. Then I noticed the car was running like complete crap, then I saw the 85 sticker. Apparently it worked better in carbeurated cars. Of course the gas companies love being able to sell 85 for 87 prices.
  8. Utard is 85-88-91. I ran 85 when I first got here and Holly about died, poor girl.
  9. You don't see a lot of Gen 4's in SGM with Centennials. As for the rear, AZ plate and Gen 4.5 tails on a Gen 4 help too. Plus my tint isn't Utah spec, so that helps. Hence why the car will stay registered in AZ.
  10. "Premium" here is 88, it's about $3.10 a gallon. Of course, back home 87 is about $2.40.
  11. I've done both lol. For me, the electronic throttle is too touchy, and it feels too closed in (yeah, new vehicle blues, it does have curtain airbags).
  12. Also a tank. My parents hit a deer in theirs and by and large the damage was modest. I wouldn't own one personally though, I don't like the driving dynamics.
  13. Depends on how well it was done. http://youtu.be/I6iksKTURlA?t=20s This was still drivable afterward.
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