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  1. Would the automatic climate control unit coincide with the trunk mounted CD changer?
  2. The module that is in the car does have the electronic climate control, and it does work. Is that EATC you are referring to? Aside from the controls working, is there any other way I can determine if the car originally had elec controls? Is that a given considering the trim package? Thanks for the help. I am very happy with my mechanic. Been using them for 13 years now. They advise and consult about half the time I need work (so I don't really screw anything up) and I make sure they do the jobs I cannot. Pretty good relationship.
  3. Ok, this is my first post, so I will try not to sound clueless. I purchased an 04 Sable LS Premium with 90k miles at auction a couple weeks ago. Issues are being resolved right now that I could not manage (rear cat before the y-pipe clogged and needs replacing). However, my mechanic tells me the Airbag Warning light is on, in part because the car has an older (2001) radio in the dash. I knew the radio was not working and it is on my list of things to do, but I never would have imagined that any of the circuits for the Airbags would go through the radio. Maybe it is some kind of anti-theft thing? I knew a previous owner had done something with the sound system, as there is a Sirius antenna on the roof and I found a manual for a Sirius system in the glove box. My mech says it looks like whatever was previously installed was removed, the wires cut, and this radio was just put in to fill the hole. He did say the OEM wiring is still intact and should just plug in once I install the correct unit. Does this make sense? How do I determine, assuming I can find one that works, if I am getting the right radio/stereo etc to fix this? Does anyone recommend a source for this part?
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